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30 days challenge (About me 1) (Day 11)

by on November 11, 2015

October 11th, 2015

Salutations to everybody!
How’s it going? I trust this week is coming along well, and that you’re having a great time. This month might be the month of finals, exams, or midterms, but… well, WE CAN DO THIS!! Let’s talk about today’s prompt:

Day 11: Your current relationship, if single, discuss single life 

Well, you should already know by now that the Incompetent Lover (Ponyta)‘s boyfriend [that’s right, a shameless plug, right there… but yeah, check out my series] is an imaginary boyfriend, so this means that basically, that relationship I illustrate is completely unreal, and I’m single.

I really like my single life, because, as described in the first episode of the Incolo series, I’m so busy: I have work, coupled with school workload, and my personal life revolves around reviewing shows, watching such shows, catching up on YouTube videos, which is why I like to recommend some channels on my review blog… and mostly I like reviewing, I guess… but not only that, I have the time to draw, and to write, especially for Nanowrimo…

As I’m a pretty clingy person in real life – many people can attest to that – I believe that I would be a clingy girlfriend, and if I try to distance myself, I might distance myself for good [I’ve illustrated this here and here]… haha!

But yeah, single life is EXTREMELY awesome for me right now, and I absolutely love hoarding the money that I could be spending on a romantic relationship with a person (man or woman, mind you, I don’t discriminate!!) to whom I would freaking feel very indebted to… (I mean, hey, I really don’t want to waste money that I can be using on me, I’m that selfish, that’s right). I sort of wish that my family members understood better, haha, and stopped lecturing me about finding a significant other…

All right, there you go,
You know a little bit more about me!
What about you?
See y’all tomorrow!!
image Ponyta’s out! image


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