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30 days challenge (About me 1) (Day 17)

by on November 17, 2015

October 12th, 2015

Hiya there!
How are you doing, all? I trust this post finds you in great health! This week is Jolteon‘s birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL!

Day 17: Things that make you scared 

I’m scared of things that pop out of nowhere…

I’m scared of blood…

I’m scared of… being in the crowd, but ironically, I’m also scared of being alone for too long, but then again, I LOVE being alone… I’m… I like contradicting myself, it seems…

I’m scared of heights…

Probably commitment…? Yeah, I’ll add commitment in there, but I’m not scared of committing to things that I have control over? Like a blog… for example!

…but yeah, I’m mostly scared of a lot of things… you don’t want to go to a Horror movie with me, and you most certainly do not want to go to a haunted house with me, and you do NOT want to play a Hidden Object Game with “horror” related theme with me, because I’ll scream in your ear drums…  MunchlaxBayleef and Mewtwo can attest to that, hahaha. Also that’s why no one rushes to my room when I scream anymore, they know I’m probably just playing a HOG and they’re like: “shut up, Ponyta, let me sleep“.

I’m going to get going now,
There’s not a lot to expect out of me in this 30 day challenge, it seems…
I’ll try and do the second 30 day challenge that Munchlax asked me to do for next month or January, to make up for it, I’m so sorry…
Ponyta’s out 


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