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30 days challenge (About me 1) (Day 21)

by on November 21, 2015

October 11th, 2015

Hey there everybody!
I do hope this post finds you in good health! There’s about 9 days left to Nanowrimo, let’s hope that I have what it takes to finish this year as well!!

Day 21: Something you can’t seem to get over 

…so, what’s “to get over,” exactly?! “to start to feel happy after something bad has happened to you” or “to get over someone, to forget him/her and feel happy again after a relationship has ended” [from this, indeed].

All right, it’s probably the fact that I was never able to get the things that I really wanted. I guess it’s because my goals have had to change, because of the limitations that my stupid brain put on me, haha. Maybe I’m just mad at myself, too, and that’s why I can’t let go of these things, because I’m a perfectionist to a certain degree, and it’s difficult sometimes to not reach the potential that I see, haha. That might be just me being a baby, and not accepting to change and get over the things that upset me (I do hold a grudge, too, so maybe there is a lot of things that I can’t get over…), haha.

Oh, here are other things I can’t get over, and yes, this is related to how I’m too much of a baby to let things go: the fact that there’s still no Season 2 of Liar Game (of which I’ve yet to make a review post on my review blog, shameless plug right there) tumblr_nl75nvckcd1r89o1go2_500and the second thing would probably be Young Justice not getting a Season 3 [as you can see from the various tags on my Young Justice related posts on Tumblr, I’ve never really truly forgiven Cartoon Network and others for having canceled the series]. It was such a great show, and it had heart, good characters, character development… and then it was replaced by freaking Teen Titans Go! Not just Teen Titans (which was a great show and I would’ve been okay with that), but Teen Titans Go! *shudders* It is a dark age for cartoons.

I’ll see you all tomorrow!
image Ponyta’s out! image


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