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30 days challenge (About me 1) (Day 22)

by on November 22, 2015

November 2nd, 2015

Hey there everybody!
How’s it going since yesterday? Yep, we’re going to be continuing that 30 days challenge that we started yesterday! Today’s prompt is the following:

Day 22: 10 things about people that you don’t really expect

What do you mean by things that I don’t expect?

  1. I no longer believe people when they say they’ll be there on time? I guess? I guess it’s because people that I know *glares at the people (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)* are not capable of being on time, even though they promise that they’ll try and be on time. Sometimes, the more they promise, the worse it gets: they’ll be even LATER or they haven’t even woken up when the agreed time comes.
  2. Don’t collaborate with people you’re not comfortable with…? I don’t know… the level of dedication for anything with anyone will be different.
  3. For them to tell me their grades? Like… grades… I don’t… I don’t want to share my own grades, so I don’t expect them to share those with me. It’s not really something that I want to advertise, I feel like if I say that my grade is higher than theirs, I would be bragging? And if my grade is lower, then I already feel pretty inferior (darn my inferiority issues). You could also consider it as me being humble? Haha.
  4. To be there when I need them to be. Not always because of them, but mostly because I have difficulties communicating, and I’m too stubborn to want to change. Hahaha.
  5. I no longer expect people to tell me that they have superpowers. I mean, I would understand: if I have difficulties keeping things secret, so… I understand you, friends, if you have superpowers and haven’t told me.
  6. I no longer expect people to tell me that they’ve somehow taken my letter to Hogwarts and have taken the classes under my name.
  7. I no longer expect people to read my posts (actually I never have), just because, especially for these kinds of posts, I just ramble on and I just don’t make sense anymore after a few points.
  8. I no longer expect people to censor themselves when they speak. Some of them use really vulgar words, and/or will have no filter when they talk… I can tolerate TMI though, but… I guess not as much as I thought I could?
  9. I don’t expect people to follow the same TV shows that I do?
  10. Speaking of which, I definitely don’t expect people to watch the superhero movies that I watch and understand the same things that I do anymore… It’s… It’s sad, really, but it’s reality, haha.



Whew, that took me awhile to sort through? I guess that’s about it. I think you can tell that by the last 5, I was just fishing for things to say… sorry…?!

What about you?
What don’t you expect from people anymore?
See y’all tomorrow!
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