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30 days challenge (About me 1) (Day 23)

by on November 23, 2015

November 3rd, 2015

Hiya there!
How is everyone doing? There are about 7 days to the end of this challenge, AND there are 7 days to the end of NANOWRIMO… and so far, it’s going well! Here’s the 23rd prompt!

Day 23: Something you always think “what if…” about

I think our brains always work out scenarios of “WHAT IFs” for everything, so what in the world could I always be thinking “what if” about? You might as well know that I’m always overthinking, so it means that I think “WHAT IF” every day, all the time, about a lot of things…

That’s how migraines start… 

Today, as I’m working on Nanowrimo anyway, I’m thinking: “What if I took the chance and submitted my manuscript to a forum where the readers can criticize and submit feedback? What if the editorial board likes it enough that they’ll give me feedback? Or better yet, a contract?“.

Really, if only I could stomp on my pride, could I be strong enough to take the feedback, and then change my story? I don’t really know, haha.

All right,
I’m done for today!
Take care of yourselves!
 Ponyta’s out  


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