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30 days challenge (About me 1) (Day 25)

by on November 25, 2015

October 11th, 2015

Greetings, people!
Here we are for the 25th day of this challenge, there’s about 5 more days to go?! Time sure flies by! I hope you’re doing well, because this one’s… difficult:

Day 25: 10 ways to win your heart 

You all know I’ve always been single and that I plan to be this way for a long, long time [until I die]… so this is… very difficult… I don’t know what makes me tic, I don’t know if it’ll be the same, or if I’ll choose someone completely opposite of this…

The first thing is, I guess, to be kind? You don’t have to be a knight in shiny armor, or anything, just the little, simple gestures count, and here’s where it conflicts: you shouldn’t feel the need to be nice only to me, you should probably be nice to everyone around you. Wouldn’t that make the world such a better place?

Oh… excuse me, what? I’m… straying from the conversation? Sorry, a great way to win my heart would be to show to me that you’re a kind person to the people around you. That makes you altruistic enough to follow me (or get dragged by me and at least understand) on my altruistic whims.

Also, I guess it means that the person is at least a little bit less likely to somehow snap and kill me if I annoy them too much [I’ve watched too many horror movies/shows where husbands kill wives out of anger or wives kill their husbands because they snapped under the abuse they were going under]. I’m not going to open myself up to the potential of a toxic relationship I will probably be too weak to end on my own. So basically: all relationships, hahaha.

The second thing is to look good in a suit. I’ve mentioned many times before that I’ve a thing for men who look good in suits, and also, for some reason, who wear glasses – and probably have the intelligence to match it.

What? It’s not my fault if my brain thinks that good looks in a suit and glasses are signs that a man can make good, surviving offspring.

A good sense of humour doesn’t sound so bad, either. I mean, I’m a person who’s got a… dark humor, I like to think so anyway, so it’s good to have a humour that matches mine? That, and also, a lot of times, I need a lot of jokes to make me feel like I can live through the day.

Fourthly, and man, I’m running out of things already, I would say that intelligence and good sense are things that I value a lot. What I mean is, for example, Vaporeon is very smart with his books, but he can’t do anything that requires a lot of street smarts. I can’t have a conversation about how to take the bus from where you are, because you didn’t have the good sense of planning ahead… and whoa, no, I don’t want someone who’s massively too smart and doesn’t have the common sense to automatically vulgarize a few things for me and/or won’t show off their abilities… because that can be EXTREMELY annoying…

Then I guess, related to that previous point, would be independence. I’m not going to be able to feed you, because I can’t even be helped to feed myself sometimes – I forget to eat – so you’ll have to do a lot of things on your own until I remember your existence [it’s like I’m talking about having a pet…].

The sixth thing on the list would probably be good values? I guess that makes sense: you can’t emotionally connect with someone who doesn’t share at least some values with you, or can understand where you come from because your values are compatible? I’m not going to accept a person who’s all right with, say, refusing to recycle.

Speaking of values, then my seventh point would probably be: eco-friendly (and now, it feels like I’m talking about a house or a car). We have one earth, and our ancestors ruined that and our generation is still ruining it. I guess it makes me feel better to know that I’m doing my part by recycling, reusing, and reducing. I don’t really have a car, I wouldn’t use it, either, I only have a learner’s permit, because I’m deathly scared of driving, and also because I don’t like the idea that perhaps I’ll be addicted to using the car, and will be one of those polluters.

Eighth: Someone I can be myself with. Communication isn’t my strongest suit, I can be honest, but I can also be quite dishonest, so I guess, in order to get win my heart, you’d need to have a glimpse of it. And for that, I’d need to be comfortable enough to open myself to you, no?

Ninth: Common interests. Whoa, I don’t want to date a carbon copy of myself, here, you’re allowed to like cars, airplanes, space, mangas, sports anime, sports, etc. But we gotta have some kind of common grounds in which we can spend hours discussing, right? For me, it’s probably gonna be: anime, superheroes/superheroines, etc. Just so you know… I really, really hope that in ten years, if I do find someone, this point will at least be consistent…

Oh my goodness, I’m finally at the end! I’VE MADE IT! I MADE IT! I guess taking our time. I’m not a patient person, but I feel like, if you have to endure someone for a significant part of your life (be it 6 months, 1 year, 10 years…), it’s best to nurture and cultivate the feeling? I dunno, I am quite fond of friendships-growing-into-romantic-relationships in real life [which might be why I’m describing what I also look into for friends]. Oh but hey, I do understand that slowpoke pace can be quite dangerous; in fictious stories, I hate it when they take things slow, because I want to see them together already, but then, I’m reveling in these small moments they spend together, discovering each other’s flaws and weaknesses, and eventually accepting them enough to love/understand/accept each other as a whole?

I guess that, with all that being said,
I’ll see you tomorrow!
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