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Obsessions – Quizzes (26)

by on December 28, 2015

December 5th, 2014 

Hello there everyone!
How are you doing? So, today, for this month’s quizzes, I have found myself quite taken with superheroes (I’m in THAT phase again). Let’s start:

Which DC Comic Book Hero are you? [Here’s the link]

Now, I think that I would probably be maybe… I’ve no idea who it can be, the DC Comic book verse is HUGE. I’d LOVE to be either Oracle (Bat Girl Barbara Gordon, because she’s super badass and resourceful) or maybe Zatanna (because being a magic wielder is just THAT much cooler). I’m not sure if I’d be able to remember all of the spells though…

So I am… THE FLASH. Just in case that , just like on Quizilla,  this website closes down, I’m just going to type down the definition: “You are The Flash, Quick-thinking and incredibly productive, the rest of the world just plods along with you pass it by. You are a work-horse who regularly takes on more than your share only to finish it quickly and still have time to pat your own back in the process.


Well I did NOT think that I could have gotten one of the most important characters of the Justice League (one of the SEVEN!). It’s true though that, in a group project (especially namely the InCoLo project, which is the only one I can think of right now), I would take on a lot of things and I’d do it faster. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I do it better though, hahaha. I mean, I do schedule things and I do take on multiple projects at the same time… but it’s not as impressive considering that I go on hiatus a lot… *cough*

So, as usual, I’m gonna leave you with questions which you can answer in the comment section down below:

  1. what did you guys get for the quiz?
  2. Did you think you would get that result?

|ʘ‿ʘ)╯ Ponyta’s out |ʘ‿ʘ)╯


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  1. 1. I GOT CATWOMAN! “Tenacious, creative, and fiercely independent, you tackle tough problems in unexpected ways and always with style. You aren’t exactly a paragon of morality and virtue or anything, but you command respect and work well with those you trust.”

    2. I wasn’t expecting this result at all! I guess it’s somewhat true… that i have questionable morals… (just kidding), but i do work well with only selective people who I feel extremely comfortable with. Not sure about the tenacious part though…

    • 1. Well I can see you as Catwoman, actually! I’m not all that surprised.
      2. You’re right though: you do have questionable morals, hmm… as for being tenacious, well, you are your own kind of tenacious being?

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