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30 Day Book Challenge (Day 2)

by on January 2, 2016

January 2nd, 2015

Hello, people!
How are y’all doin’? Are you surprised? Here we are, on the second day of the 30 day challenge! Are we ready for it? Let’s see what we have:

Day 2: A book that you’ve read more than 3 times

Wow, that’s really difficult to choose. I have so many novels that I love, and that I re-read, right?! To do that, I mostly either borrowed the novels at the library so very often, or I own these books and thus, can read them so often that I know some of their lines by heart. For this particular day/post, I’ve chosen two French books that I read often because I own them [but there are plenty more that I’ve read and re-read]:


The first one that comes to mind will be 28436995Coeur traqué [in English, its title is: Be Mine and funny story which I’ll repeat here so that, later on, if I don’t modify it, you’ll understand: Whenever I’ll refer to L’Admirateur Secret by Carol Ellis, I really only mean Coeur Traque, I’ve only just found out that I made the horrifying mistake. You’ve been warned] by 25660510Jane McFann, closely followed by Dernier Refuge [in English the title is: Hide and Seek] by the same author. Both of them are books I’ve read when I was a tween. Jolteon has the first one in her room [I actually snuck in just now to verify a couple of lines from the book] and I kept the second one, but I’ve read them both so many times that I remember certain lines from them [hence me verifying the lines and the chapters to see if they concurred well with my faded memories. They did]. Maybe it’s because the author, Jane McFann [I just checked her Goodreads profile and there’s not much we know about her, I wonder if I should check out her later books (note: at the time, I didn’t even know that the two books were written by the same person)] is so good, maybe it’s because the translator, Louise Binette, is prodigious at her job, but the words and the stories just resonated well with me at the time I read it and when I was a tween. 

Since I wasted all my day trying to look for that particular book, I will have to cut this post short and prepare for bed, because I have a huge day volunteering tomorrow!

Take good care of yourselves!
I’ll see you tomorrow for another scheduled post!
 Ponyta’s out! 




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