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30 Day Book Challenge (Day 5)

by on January 5, 2016

December 1rst, 2015 

How is everyone doing? I do trust this post finds you in good health and shape (not one without the other, ’cause that’d be weird/sad). I’m doing all right, just a little bit sick with a sore throat, let’s hope that my immune system will be better than the previous years! Winter is coming, and yet, still no snow… this is a first… or rather… it’s not, but I’m not used to this…!! Here we are with the fifth day of our challenge!

Day 5: A book that makes you happy 

Since I read Cinder (Marissa Meyer, link) twice and was still squealing just as badly, I guess I could say that’s one that made me pretty happy? Technically though, by that definition, any of the Rated 4 and Rated 5 stars on my Read shelf on Goodreads can make me happy upon re-reading it… let’s try and find books that I’ve yet to mention? Man that’ll be super tough…

One of the gems I’ve come across and that would still make me really happy to re-read would probably be Ella Enchanted by one of my favourite writers, Gail Carson Levine. There’s just something about well-written narratives (and it’s subjective, remember!) and chemistry between characters [okay I’ve been talking about chemistry all day, I feel like any character whom I could ship, I can see chemistry where there’s none… so take my word with a huge fat grain of salt, so much sodium that you could get health issues with it].

Another gem that I’ve come across at my local library back when I was in elementary school or high school was The Princess Academy from Shannon Hale (I also really love this author). I don’t remember much about it, since it’s been so long, but I do know that there’s actually a series, and that my library just never bought the sequel. But, since I’m older now, yeah, I’m probably going to acquire the books and devour them! I remember liking the fact that while I was expecting some kind of academy filled with Disney Princesses (hey, I was a kid), it wasn’t like that at all. I really liked Miri, the main character, and what was happening in the academy. Not only that, but the way the princess candidates had to work together? Quite unexpected {GIRL POWER! GO GO}. I really, really look forward to getting enough time to properly savour the book [I say this with so many books, that’s why I have a lot of to-read books on my Goodreads account…].

In case that there are other days like this, I’m going to keep other books from being mentioned here, I guess, haha.


All righties, I’ll see you all later!
Be good until tomorrow!
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