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30 Day Book Challenge (Day 7)

by on January 7, 2016

December 30th, 2015

Salutations, people!
How are you all doing? I hope this post finds you in great shape on this 7th day of the 30 day book challenge! Let’s take a look at the prompt we have today:

Day 7: A book that makes you laugh

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to write much about this, since I don’t have much time left to finish this challenge, so you are warned, now. So, anyways, here goes:

Any kind of good fairy tale retellings, especially ones that make great parodies of fairy tales will be great at making me laugh [because it’s usually extremely hilarious how they play out the many stereotypes or jokes for their stories]. This year and recently especially, I would probably say that, as of writing this anyway, the funniest book that I remember, that is in the realm of fairy tale retellings, would be… hmmm…

Jinx (the first book of the series of the same name) by Sage Blackwood. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be talking about this book again and again in the next few day prompts for this challenge, so I’ll be as brief as I can about how I feel about the book: it’s funny, clever in many ways [as in there were enough mysteries to keep you going, and still it was logical enough to make sense and to be predictable, I guess I’m not making much sense over here, sorry], and awesome! The way that Jinx narrates the story [and I must say that the legend of the Listener and his or her abilities are really quite interesting to think about], that is, anyway, the way by which I read his tone and everything, made me really love the story so far. I really can’t wait to read the rest of the novel series. I guess the reason why I have been waiting to continue this series – and maybe I’ve said it before or will say it later in this blog challenge, is because the third installment of this book was published in 2015, and I’m not sure if the series is finished yet. I don’t think I can wait for another year to get the 4th book. I’m a really impatient reader, I guess… On her author profileSage Blackwood said that she’s working on another title that is likely going to be for another series… is Jinx’s series over? Or will she return to it once she’s done with this other series? I don’t know if I can stand the wait!

Another really funny fairy tale retelling that I remember reading was about Princess Ciromene and the way she defies all fairy tale stereotypes with her strong attitude and the way she refuses to have a romantic relationship with any prince that comes over to win her over. That’s brilliantly written. Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede, I mean. The whole concept of princesses and what they’re “expected” to be doing, as well as their “contract” with dragons, and how to treat dragons, were really interesting. I really love Ciromene’s friend dragon, but I’m not going to spoil much more, haha. I hadn’t realized that the author was someone I had already known back in my high school years [or CEGEP years, because I don’t remember these things] as the one who co-wrote the series Cecelia and Kate, which was born out of a letter game between Caroline Stevermer and her. Letter games are really fun to do with good authors, if you’re a writer, I suggest it! At any rate, it was in my Goodreads recommendation list, and I decided to give it a go and man, I was not disappointed. Again, I can’t wait to read the rest of the series this year, mostly because I read the sequel and the other sequels sound extremely interesting!

Other books that can make me laugh are just… really well-written books? I can’t find another one than this one, though. Careful, there may be spoilers. A book I liked which is not a retelling of a fairy tale would be Notes from an Utterly Lame Vampire: Because the Undead Have Feelings Too! by Tim Collins. It’s a hilarious book [which I guess I would suggest to you all, because it’s pretty good, but then, if you’re not into vampires, and if you’re not into these kinds of books, then I wouldn’t recommend it to you, I just… I just actually really liked it, haha] mostly because I love the way that the writer has written the story, using the narrator, the “utterly lame vampire,” with the journal. I love how they parodied (oh, maybe that’s what I like, parodies of something) the tropes of vampires [how they’re supposed to be pretty beautiful, manipulating, and everything, except that our narrator isn’t, and he doesn’t do anything like a vampire should or everything that a vampire would do, he’s really defying the tropes] and people who like vampires. I mean, the love story in this is better than Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, right? Hahaha.

I’ll see you all tomorrow, then!
Let’s hope the prompt won’t be too bad!
Take good care!
 Ponyta’s out! 


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