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30 Day Book Challenge (Day 8)

by on January 8, 2016

December 31rst, 2015

Salutations to everybody who somehow got onto this blog!
How are you all doing? When you get this, it’ll be January 8th, and I’m still in 2015… a different year, but still, I’m hoping everything goes well! All right, so what’re we going to talk about today?

Day 8: Most overrated Book

All right, so I’ve talked about many books today, and many of them were overrated, probably. So what’s an overrated book? A book that’s really popular, but too popular and not all that good? I guess that’s it… but then doesn’t that count as: disappointments? I’ve already written a post about that, and you’ll be seeing it shortly too (in about ten days or twenty days, I think?).

All right, so I’m going to be talking about only one of them, since I’ve already worked on so many overrated books… so here’s one that I haven’t included yet? I guess? And I think that I probably won’t be talking about another one, just so that this one makes you think, haha. I want to give it out there: it’s not that I didn’t like the novel. If you read my review, you’ll see that it wasn’t that bad for me, but it could’ve been better, and it was probably overrated, it wasn’t really as good as everybody told me it would be.

All right, so the book is *drum roll please* The Fault in our Stars by John Green. There, I said it! *drops mic* (oh yeah, there may be spoilers down here, so please be careful):

I can hear you say: “BUT WHYYYY” well, it just… it just wasn’t what I expected? I mean, I admit that in my review, I say that I hadn’t known what to expect when I started reading the book. I knew that it was going to be “tear-jerking” and that people said it was going to be good. It wasn’t bad, but was it good? I don’t know. The protagonist, Hazel, was sort of all right to read through. The narration was all right, for a book that doesn’t feature magic, or fairy tales, and she has the snark that one would think teenagers have nowadays. It was a pleasant read, don’t get me wrong, but there were cheesy moments that I could have been all right without, and some scenes I guess that it would have been fine not to write off.

“I have to confess that while I did not fancy myself a particularly good person, I never thought my first real sexual action would be prostitutional”

Urks, please. I’m most probably nitpicking, but hey, please leave me alone. This book may discuss themes I am not always comfortable reading about – and also that I don’t always find myself reading about – but it doesn’t – to me anyway – warrant the love that people have given it. Many things are really not that different from other books, as shown over here or perhaps rather here [probably especially in that particular post, since it lists some tropes that Young Adult books have]. While the tone was funny to read through sometimes, I just… I guess I was a little bit put off by the ending, and also by the fact that, well… doesn’t it, as Mewtwo puts it: “romanticizes illness”? It’s not to say that people who are ill should not fall in love or should not be in a relationship [Come on, Ponyta, you’re so love-deprived that you’re going to deny them that?!]. No no, listen. I’ve read articles about how this book made teenagers wish to become sick in order to live through something as romantic. Don’t lie. I know I’ve read and heard about it somewhere. Not only that, but when you’re sick, do you really only have this one person that will transform you and make you see life in a better way when… I mean shouldn’t you also prioritize other relationships? [oh and don’t get me started on that one author that they travel to meet] Anyways, there were things that were all right, but there were things I didn’t like about it.

And before you say that I’m attacking the author. Whoa, calm down. John Green isn’t a bad fellow. I like the science shows and history shows his brother and he have on YouTube, it’s really not that bad. It’s just… that I was a bit disappointed by the book, I guess.

What about you, readers? What are the books you thought were pretty overrated? I’m pretty sure that I’ve enjoyed many books that are considered overrated, but I just thought – today anyway – that this one perfectly fit in this category, although you might want to see the “disappointed books” day too, that one was pretty huge.

All right,
I guess we’re going to end it at that?
See you all next time!


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