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30 Day Book Challenge (Day 10)

by on January 10, 2016

January 2nd, 2015

Greetings to you all,
I hope this post finds you in good health, because that’s one of the essential things you need in order to be happy, right? This is the tenth day of the 30 day book challenge, let’s hope we find something good in this prompt:

Day 10: A book that reminds you of home

The problem with “home” in this is that I’ve moved into houses and out of houses a good number of times (four, I think, or maybe three?), so… which home do I talk about, I guess is a good question to decide first? Or maybe the right thing to do is the re-define “home” in this challenge prompt. This house I’ve lived the most years in, I consider my home, and in the first few weeks of us moving here, [stop reading from here if you’ve already read this before, because I’m sure I’ve told you my life story already] my parents took us to this bazaar or a fair of some kind, in which they bought us anything we wanted [almost to apologize for moving the whole family again, but I’m not sure, maybe it’s just me overthinking it. That’s what it felt like at the time]. Jolteon and I got a box filled with Frisson (or Point Horror) books, and an Avril Lavigne CD (which I think we still have, along with these books). Now the reason why I say this is because yeah, a few books that remind me of this particular house would be those I’ve mentioned in my Day 2 post. And don’t shoot me, but I’ll talk about one that I’ve probably spoken about many times before:

Coeur Traqué by Jane McFann is one of my favourite books [yep, it’s French, because at my house, back in the day, we used to mostly speak in French/Vietnamese… I had only started really getting into English back in high school, even if I was somewhat decent/average back in elementary school] which I need to re-read, because talking about it during this challenge has made me realize how much I missed it. It probably reminds me of home because, like I said, it was probably the first few books that I received, or read, during that specific time when I first came to this specific home that I’m in right now, and that – thank goodness – I’m still living in. Another “thank goodness” moment is probably that this is not a book I relate to “home” because, like the narrator, I have stalkers. Because thank goodness, I have none… or… do I? *nervously looking around* Stop following me around, Bayleef [it’s okay, I don’t think she’ll be reading this far]!

All righties!
I gotta go back, see ya!


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  1. LOL! xD
    I’m back-tracking all the posts I haven’t caught up reading…as well as writing my own 😛
    Hmm…i like the way you referred to this post as though. “home” as in your physical house rather than the people that devise a “home” (that was my take on it) and the warmth/security/etc. Really nice! 🙂

    • See? She definitely didn’t read it that far. Also, this home is the best home I’ve had in all the ones that I’ve lived in – partly because I’ve lived the longest here (the other homes only lasted about 2-3 years). I’ve had much more memories here than in any other home, which is why here is a better physical home than any to place my post in! You can/should totally go for the people that make up your home, though! That’s another take on the challenge prompt that should be used, lol

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