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30 Day Book Challenge (Day 12)

by on January 12, 2016

January 11th, 2015

Hey there, everybody!
How’s your 2016 days coming along? Mine is… going ‘great’… this is the second week of work at the workplace and the little young Unowns are seriously so cute, and yet, they’re also taking so much of my time right now… Every day is 12 hours, so that’s pretty intense for me right now… #Watchmecrashandburnlol @

Day 12: A book you love but hate at the same time:


…what kind of book would be deserving of my love and my hate at the same time…?

…this took me awhile to think about, but here goes!

This book may have been counted as “overrated”, I don’t know… People who read this or who talk about it mostly talk about how awesome and romantic the love story between the main characters are. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who thought it was “meh” when I read it. To be fair, maybe it was so because it was for English class back in high school (secondary 3, I think? or maybe it was secondary 4…). I have a pretty love-hate relationship with this book, though, of that much, I’m quite sure [I’m only going to be talking about one of them, because I’ve no more time to spend on this post]. If you ask Growlithe (she was in my class), she can tell you that I’m a horrible actress. That’s all I can say about this book that we had to interpret in English class… *crawls in a corner to die, sobbing in great shame* I haven’t told you about it yet, have I [I’ve been trying not to choose something I’ve chosen before, so I think this is the first time this book has appeared, maybe?]?

The book is Romeo and Juliet by none other than William Shakespeare. I want to say that I dislike all books that solely talk about romance, but it’s not true, lots of other romance-centric novels were much better to me than this one. I guess it’s because Romeo is so lovestruck and for what? Because the girl was pretty. Not only that, but let’s not forget how much of a player he is. Didn’t he start the play by being heartbroken that this one chick rejected him? Only to forget about her when this one girl (underage, too, wasn’t she?!) comes along? I can sort of understand how you can kill off Romeo, because he’s such an idealist and dreamer that he may kill himself because “wow man, that one chick I met, who happens to be in my family’s archnemesis household, is super bomb and I can’t imagine my life without her so since she dead, I gotta go and kill myself,” but how can someone like Juliet not just walk away like the Black Widow she had the potential to be?! I remember what my teacher told us while we were analyzing the book: Romeo was such a big dreamer [and maybe a big womanizer too], and Juliet was such a realistic person [I think it was supported by the way that she held herself and by the way she expressed herself as well, but don’t hold me to this, I was bored and I’m not sure I understood everything in class back then]… their personalities may be appealing to one another for the time being [the first few times that they’ve met], but if their relationship hadn’t ended the way it had, and if they’d known each other for much longer, then perhaps it would have ended anyway, because their personalities may clash too much. I’m probably never going to forget that class when she said that (and the other classes where I failed at acting)…

Ponyta, stop talking so negatively about this amazing and awesome play!!! Why is it that you love it?!

I still don’t love it, but at least it has inspired many other books and stories that were worth my time. And no, I’m not talking about the “Oh, this one time, a Demon and an Angel fell in love. The story didn’t end well,” (Daughter of Smoke and Bones teeth, Laini Taylor). No, no. I’m talking about one pretty good anime that I enjoyed back in high school thanks to Growlithe: RomeoxJuliet. That’s right. Romeo and Juliet the play inspired that specific anime. It’s set in a different time, and in this one, Romeo is a much better character, and Juliet is freaking badass. I mean, she dresses up as a caped crusader, fighting for what’s right and all that. I remember the ending really fuzzily, but it was sort of better than the one I read in the original play [perhaps it was because it was so different from the play’s and yet, so similar?]. Dr. Lancelot is going to remain as one of my favourite secondary character [Growlithe loves to tease me about him [or rather, what happened]; at least, I hope she’s only teasing and not torturing me… I remember I couldn’t spend the day after I’d watched that particular episode without sobbing or crying a little bit whenever my good friend Growlithe mentioned him… over the few years, sometimes, she’d whisper it, and I would cry… and cry…], and CordeliaxBenvolio for the win forever and ever and ever [MAYBE THIS IS A SPOILER]. They were my OTP (One True Pairing) before I even knew about what OTPs were. I was very happy that they married, haha.

Anyways, that’s right, to me, even though I hated this book for the characters that I didn’t like, I liked it [I would NOT say that I would LOVE it, though], because it was inspiration to so many things at the same time!

All righties, well, I’ll see you all tomorrow then!
Take great care of yourselves!
 Ponyta’s out! 



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  1. Oh man! I HATED Romeo and Juliette! LOL. My teacher was too much of a fan and tried to force her love onto us…it clearly backfired for most of us xD We watched 3-4 different versions of the movies and read (or followed along with the movie) at LEAST 2.5 novels…it was torturous T________T

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