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30 Day Book Challenge (Day 17)

by on January 17, 2016

December 30th, 2015

Greetings, dear readers!
How are you all? I’m sure this post finds you well! We’re at the 17th day of the new year, and I’m really hoping that it is better than 2015. Not that I feel like 2015 was horrible, no, no. I think it wasn’t that bad, for me, anyway. I hope 2016 will be as awesome or more! Let us hope!

Day 17: Favourite quote from your favourite book

Hmm, so I’m writing the 7th day of this challenge at the same time as writing this [Bayleef reminds me often that I’m really good at multi-tasking – hahaha, hilarious, but hey how else can I write and prepare all these posts for you guys without becoming bored with my boring self?!], so as I was writing my thoughts on the novel [Jinx by Sage Blackwood] for that particular day, I saw all the funniest quotes that I loved about this book.

And there were many, too, so… I’m sorry, but this post will actually be longer than I thought it might be [so this is my warning to you also that this post might be long]. I’ll give you a few examples [there may be some spoilers here, so you’ve been warned, tread carefully past this sentence, seriously, I’m going to be giving you quotes from all over the novel! BE CAREFUL. Maybe I’ll censor the names, just in case]:

“No,” said Jinx.
“No what?” said Sophie.
“He means no, you’re not my wife,” said Simon.

To provide you with some context, about why I find this so funny: Simon and Jinx have been living together for so long that Jinx never noticed that there’d been a woman living with them, or a woman connected to Simon at all, hence his reaction when the young boy found out that his “mentor” or we can even say: “father figure” had a wife. Not only that, but it’s hilarious to think that, after all this time Simon and Jinx spent together – mostly Simon wasn’t always there with Jinx – and yet, Simon knows exactly how Jinx thinks, despite only hearing one word from the boy. How hilarious is that? Okay, maybe my sense of humor is weird. Another one I liked could be:

Simon didn’t look at the Bonemaster; he didn’t take his eyes off Jinx, which Jinx found embarrassing, as he wasn’t exactly looking his best.
Simon began to chant in a language Jinx didn’t know.
“Are we supposed to chant that stuff too?” said Reven.
“Shut up. No.” Simon went back to chanting.

Again, to give you some kind of context [SPOILER alert, even though, that quote was really already pretty spoiler-y!]. From the whole book, we already know that Simon is not the friendliest of Magus. He’s quite arrogant sometimes, and he has a shady relationship with the villain (unless he is the villain (I’ll let you decide when you read it)), and he’s a recluse (I connect so much with this character, not just because I have a strange obsession with the name). To think that he cares so much about Jinx, even though it’s shown indirectly and mostly behind the scenes [I mean, he makes sure that Jinx is always safe, and he cares so much] made this quote jump out to me. Also, that he still maintains his difficult to love personality throughout even as he’s trying to save his friend or “son” figure. And then, there’s the way he snaps at this tertiary character (OK, OK, maybe that character is much more important, but I can’t tell you that, you will have to read it for yourself!) was just the cherry on top of a nicely written tale.

All right, that’s all out of me for this one! I’m pretty sure there has been other books that I have loved, and many other quotes, but that’s really all I’ll be writing about for today, I guess!

Hey, what about you, readers? What are the quotes that you’ve loved the most? Choosing only one was really tough for me, as you know!

See you all tomorrow!
Take care!!
 Ponyta’s out! 


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