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30 Day Book Challenge (Day 18)

by on January 18, 2016

December 31rst, 2015

Hey, all,
How’s it goin’? So here I am, waiting for the clock to strike midnight so I can scream on the top of my lungs: “HAPPY NEW YEAR” and maybe go downstairs like the hermit I am and awkwardly mingle with people to wish them the same thing that I wished you all on Twitter on this particular day: a great year with successes and happiness. Anyways, here’s our prompt for this 18th day of the challenge:

Day 18: A book that disappointed you

All right, so Noctowl and her roommate told me about this one book, all right? And they were raving on about it so much that normally, I would probably have gotten the influence from them and jumped on the bandwagon of people finding this book awesome and amazing. They even made a movie about it [that’s how hyped up it is, and many of my Unowns also love the series and eye me strangely when I mention that I was “meh” about the whole series, and maybe that’s what made me dislike the story? Because I had such high expectations, and then, I was let down…], and while I read all the books of this series, I didn’t even watch the movie. That’s how disappointed I was with the books. At the risk of receiving hate (hey, are you going to die if someone doesn’t share your opinion? There are things I liked about this book, and there are others that I didn’t like, it happens. Get over it), that’s right, I’m talking about The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I’m sorry, mostly, I’m not talking about the first book, I’m talking about the later ones, because the first one was pretty good, and then, the later ones really messed up the series for me. I am going to put a spoiler warning right now. There’s spoilers on the following lines: I didn’t like Brenda as much as I should have liked her, I guess, and Teresa disappointed me so much that I was all right with them leaving her off, although overall, it felt like the wrong people were left to die, and the wrong people survived. Not only that, but the cliffhanger at the end of the series, really? Why, James, why? Are you going to milk the series more by making another series? Or we really going to be ending our read, looking up in the sky with tears in our eyes, hoping, hoping for the better future for these protagonists we weren’t even rooting for [I say “we” but I’m probably the only one in this boat, so you don’t have to feel included at all… unless… are you?]?

And then, here comes a French book. Ou la la, what am I doing?! Adding from French book?! Yep. This book was recommended to me by a patient at the hospital that I go to every Sunday. The book is called: Lady Pirate: les Valets du Roi by Mireille Calmel. Okay, the title makes it so fun [oh dear, I guess I’ll be talking about that for Day 28 too], and the summary/synopsis makes it sound so freaking badass, right? You’d think that it’s awesome, right? NO. NO IT WASN’T THAT GREAT. It was interesting, I mean, obviously, a book in which the lady is badass and becomes a pirate? That she can fight? That she disguises into multiple people and manipulates them into giving her what she wants/needs? I’M ALL FOR THAT, I guess.

Spoilers below, but hey, I don’t think you’ll be reading this anyway, so…

…that is until I realize that she uses her feminine charms more often than nothing [and okay, I bet Charmander or Mewtwo would be fine with something like that, maybe, but I found it was too much? Maybe it just says something about what I’m comfortable with and what I’m uncomfortable with], and uses them too often, and is not as smart as she should be sometimes [I mean, you were educated like a man, and you show that you’ve been so cunning all throughout, and yet…]. I mean her sense of priorities is all over the place [WHILE YOU’RE PREGNANT, REALLY?!], and that’s speaking from someone whose sense of priorities isn’t that good either. If I can see it, so should she. Not only that, but I guess I’m just so disappointed that such a strong female character would let her uterus think for her rather than her brain. There. I said it. *drops the mic* Sometimes, she thinks more with her genitals than with her brains. And that’s how her husband [Niklaus, but okay, I’ll admit that, at the beginning, I was sort of shipping them, but it was until I saw that… he got what was coming to him] tricked her into having kids with him and stay out of her “adventurous” ways, by giving her amorous attention and all the other things. LETTING HIM THINK THAT SHE’S SOME KIND OF TROPHY?! NO. NO. I’m so happy that, in the sequels, she’s sort of broken ties with him, haha.

Let me explain to you why this particular book comes into this category, all right? Let me explain, let me explain. It was around this time of the year that I discovered this, too, but back in 2012, too, when we saw this particular trailer on YouTube [Watch it. Watch it before reading the rest of this post. Just… watch it, okay? Just… watch it and be sad with me]:

Did you watch it? Did you watch it? All right, now here’s the first disappointment (mind you I’ve been waiting for this since 2012, and I didn’t get it): in Italy (I think this is where this trailer is originated from), while there can be trailers for certain series, it has to pass certain criterion or something in order to get chosen as a series. There’s been a few things that were missing I think or something, and the Girls of Olympus were scrapped [although it was a finalist at a certain event, though, based on this article] and will not be developed into a cartoon series [it was even written on its Wikipedia page – although that was in Italian and I’m not sure if I can trust Google Translate at 100%, but I’m pretty sure that’s final – and it should probably be considered as such since… it’s been since 2012 and we’re now in 2015, waiting…], as it could have, as of the writing of this post anyway. I’m not quite sure

All right, all right, the voice acting is not the best, and maybe at this point, the , but it’s not the worst either, I guess… But the premise was so promising, especially since – and perhaps you don’t know this, but I have a great interest with Greek mythology, and while Rick Riordan made the series mostly about a guy, at least this one was about girls… Les Filles de l’Olympe: Les Larmes de Cristal by Elena Kedros inspired the trailer that I made you watch, haha. Again: the concept was pretty good, but the execution wasn’t the best [maybe it’s because it was a translation of the book, or because I’m not a teen – the intended audience?], and not only that, but I guess, in the whole series, it was a little bit of a disappointment how guy-centric the girls are. I mean, I know that this book is aimed at girls, but do we have to encourage girls to seek out relationships with guys when they have this sisterhood right there? Girls should be taught to stand together, no matter what (okay, some of them stray and then they come back, that’s GOOD that you can portray that… I guess). …but… SISTERS BEFORE MISTERS. Not only that, but it bothered me that Demeter and Hera and Hestia, even, were not chosen to be other girls from Olympus [was it so difficult to write about friendship between many girls? Is it difficult in real life for girls to maintain more than two friends? What criterion pushed Elena Kedros to choose Artemis, Aphrodite and Athena? Was it for their powers? Because let’s be honest, Hestia can be powerful: she can be an occult wielder, give her a staff. Hera can transform people into animals, why not give her the ability to transform into animals, then? And Demeter can have powers over plants! See how awesome that could have been? That’s it, give me a pencil, an audience, I’ll write you a revamped Girls of Olympus story]. Oh, and also, I guess I should say that certain character traits that I had come to know my version of the Greek Gods and Goddesses to have were not present in this series of novels. That’s why, to me anyway, it’s such a disappointment that I’ve been dragging the third book of the series around on my currently-reading list on Goodreads, and that it still hasn’t been finished reading yet. You can read my total review of that first book over here.


With this, I’m going to say goodbye for today!
Take good care of yourselves!
See you all tomorrow for another post!


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