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30 Day Book Challenge (Day 20)

by on January 20, 2016

January 2nd, 2015

Hi, all!
I hope you’re all doing good! This post will find you on the 20th day of the new year, in about 18 days, right? I hope it’s all going well, and I really hope that we can do a good challenge like this later on! After this post, there’s about 10 more that will be published, whew, let’s hope we work well towards that!

Day 20: Favourite Romance book

…wow… well, are we talking about novels that solely focus on romance, or can I talk about my palmares (because I won’t choose just one, that, you can predict already) of the top 5 romantic stories I’ve read? Can I do that? Of course I can, this is my blog. So, what qualifies as a good romance book? I guess it would qualify as excellent if it makes me go like the following gif from Thor. Please be aware that many books make me all giddy about the couples. I guess I have to ship it so hard that I squeal whenever I read through their interactions. Sometimes, it starts with the two characters absolutely HATING each other [or… well… Rudy from The Book Thief by Markus Zusak sort of knew? Or Death knew even early on that Rudy liked Liesl], and then ending with them loving each other throughout the story. Some other times, it’s just because they have such a great friendship, or just distrust [like in The Wide-Awake Princess by E.D. Baker], and it gradually turns into love. It has to be well-written, too. I’m going to try to find novels that I haven’t talked about.

A pretty good romance story that I remember reading about – and that I didn’t really talk about much [I’m hoping, anyway that I didn’t talk too much about this one] – would be the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale retelling titled: Beauty Sleep: A Sleeping Beauty Retelling by Cameron Dokey. When I started that particular book, I immersed myself into this intricate world in which magic is there, and the curse looming on Aurora, an extremely smart and curious child, is very real. I started off really disliking [spoilers hereOswald, mostly because we see the story going on through Aurora‘s eyes, and she really does have this kind of love-hate relationship with her ‘cousin‘. At first, he was very kind to her, and tried to satisfy her curiosity by teaching her many things. And then, at some point, he becomes rather cold with her. I’m not sure if this is because he becomes an emo teen or something [I have a really bad memory, okay? I don’t remember every single detail, even though I remember liking this a lot], and it’s weird [and I mean, I’m still unsure about their age gap, I’m pretty sure there’s an age gap…], but yeah, it’s pretty cute, their interactions. And then, when she meets Ironheart, their interactions were so sweet and everything, I really loved that particular ship as well. It was so difficult to know which OTP [One True Pairing] I wanted to be fulfilled. In the last months that it took me to read the book, I had to persuade myself: “All I want is for Aurora to be happy”. I won’t say that I’m disappointed at the canon ship, I’ll just say that it’s a bit creepy but I’m still happy, “as long as she’s happy”.

I talked about this one already [although under another name, more on that later], but I absolutely loved Coeur traqué by Jane McFannJane McFann‘s Coeur Traque or Be Mine in English [another prodigious writer, if I do say so myself, since I’ve read two books of hers that I absolutely loved, although it’s from my tween years, so do we even count those?], which I read in French [the English title is: Funny story: I have the L’Admirateur Secret by Carol Ellis right now in my hands and as I was going through the book, I couldn’t figure out why the story felt so unfamiliar. It’s because L’Admirateur Secret, which I’ve been referencing a lot during this particular 30 day challenge, was NOT the book that I was remembering. It was Coeur Traque! At any rate, either I’ll go back to every post in which I wrongly referenced or, because I’ve told you the misshap, I’ll just be my lazy self and not fix it sorry not sorry] back when I first got into this house in this city, back in 1999-2000. I should try and re-read the story to see if the feels are still there [and re-read L’Admirateur Secret, even though I’ll risk confounding the two once again]. My ideal and most realistic romance, I believe, would have stemmed from this book: love that blooms from “friendship between dorks”. That’s the best way I can describe this romance book. This isn’t anything related with magic or fairy tale retellings, it’s suspense-ish and really good (for me at the time anyway) at giving us the love development between the characters [AND THE HUMOUR! I LOVE HOW THE GUY’S JUST SO BLIND WITHOUT HIS GLASSES THAT HE DESCRIBES IT AS ART. He may or may not be the reason why I sort of may have wanted to have a bad eyesight, but hey, I’m cutting myself some slack: I was young back then]. 

This year, another one that I haven’t talked about enough [I talked about Cinder by Marissa Meyer a lot right?] that I read this year would be The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black [this cover makes it look so cool]. I’m pretty sure this story wasn’t meant to be classified as “romance” This story is tagged as “romance” on Goodreads, and it deserves a mention on this list, because even though the story could be deemed confusing with its non-linear narrative, I liked the romance in the story. As aforementioned, the wider the cast for certain stories, the more possibilities I have for shipping, so, as a shipper, I enjoyed that, especially since there were so many ships that presented themselves to us readers, until Holly Black gave us the final canon couples. This is one of the first reads for me where LGBT couples are present, and that, to me anyway, didn’t feel forced. There was a lot of acceptance in this character’s (I’m trying not to spoil) orientation. I’m not a part of the LGBT community though? So I’m not the best suited to talk about it, but I felt like it wasn’t forced, and that it was completely normal, which is, I think, something that we should all aim towards in society? The characters’ sexual orientations were not what was the most important, all of them have their non-conventional quirks. I think I just connected with our bard character as much as I did with our knight character. They were both really fun to follow through their self-doubt and their slow progress to realize who they are into and I’m all for how their romance unfolded, I guess, haha.

Another book – and I think this is the first time I’ll mention this one could be Bewitching Season by Marissa Doyle. I’m not sure I remember everything, I just know that I read it one summer and that I was pretty satisfied with how I perceived the story. The romance especially, because while I probably will never welcome romance in real life, well-written romance – from my perspective as a reader [or a shipper, maybe] anyway – is always going to be a source of great joy in my reading. I remember the character, Persephone, as having so much self-doubt (oh hey, there’s so many common themes that I talk about in the books I like: the characters I relate to the most have low self-confidence and slowly affirm themselves as they find their identity and become stronger. Maybe it’s because I aim for that but am too much of a lazy couch potato to work towards that particular goal). It was extremely satisfying to see her find her “quarry”. It’s an entertaining read for sure, and I just found out that there is a series of this. The Leland Sisters consists of four novels, so I am thinking of reading the next novels soon!

There are so many more good romance books, but for today, I’ll just stop it at that,
See you all tomorrow!
 Ponyta’s out 



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  1. I didn’t think The Book Thief had a romance actually lol…it’ll be nice to see (-also totally forgot I bought that ebook!! And I only read 2 chapters O_____o

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