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30 Day Book Challenge (Day 21)

by on January 21, 2016

December 1rst, 2015 

Why, hello there, people!
How are you all doing? Good? Very well! Meanwhile, here I am, down with illness, but still trying to be as active as I can, so please, bear with me and my rambling!

Day 21: The first novel you remember reading 

The memories of my life before I moved in this particular city I’m living in are very fuzzy [I moved around a lot… well no, I moved around maybe 3-4 times in this life, the first move, I don’t remember, and then, the last moves were extremely difficult for me, mostly because leaving friends and teachers was tough]. Though I was an avid reader before moving here, I don’t have enough recollections of the novels I read, which is why the novels I will list in here are the earlier novels I actually remember reading in my bedroom in this house.

No doubt some of these novels (that’s right I’m going to list a couple because I’m a cheater like that) will be coming back, so I’ll take care not to spoil too much?


Le Dernier Vol de l’Engoulevent was a great French novel from Francine Allard, about a boy, Charles, who befriends a mysterious young boy as he [Charles] lives through his grandfather’s disappearance. This book gripped my heart until the very end, especially since I was in fourth, fifth or sixth grade of elementary school only when I read this. I liked all the characters we get to meet, as well as the interactions between them, and it was the very first time I got go meet a character who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (do we really call it a disease?), as well as the way Charles copes with this significant event in his life. Added to that the way his character, of course, develops very realistically through these events, until the very end, made it a very satisfying read for me back in the day. Of course, take this with a fat grain of salt. I was but a kid when I read it, and it was so different and made a huge impact in my life back in the day. I wish I owned a copy of the book or could give it to a student to read and make an appreciation out of. I think Jolteon even remembers reading this novel. I may or may not have cried at the end of it.

To quell my sadness at moving into a new city [it’s funny/ironic because now, I never imagine my life outside of this city, I don’t really want to move out of it, haha], my parents drove my siblings (the eeveelutions) and I to a fair of sorts. They sold really old books, and Avril Lavigne CD which I think I still own. Jolteon and I chose two books which would end up being still some of my all-time favorites: L’admirateur Secret (Carol Ellis) and Dernier Refuge (Jane McFann). Both books, you’ll also notice, are in French, because back in the day, I mostly only read French books and wasn’t quite interested in moving on to English (lol joke’s on me). This means that what I’m really rating is the way the translators wrote the stories.

L’Admirateur Secret develops the character of Julie, if I recall her name, who has a pretty good friend and who lives a pretty typical life as a teenager going through her senior year – again, if I recall correctly. Of course, it’s not typical. She has a secret admirer and a friend who may or may not like her (I shipped it so badly even before I knew what shipping meant) and at the same time, she had an enemy [this book really made me think that every high school teen had an enemy, BAD, BAD!!]. Anyways, her best friend – a guy who’s really quirky and funny to read and whose name I completely forgot, actually – and she investigate to see who this enemy is, in order to thwart their plans. However, they are separated and, well, she doesn’t like what she discovers about this enemy. Let’s just leave it at that, haha. I really liked the way it was written as well, and, well, I wouldn’t read the English version, for fear it might ruin the image I had of the book as a teen.

Meanwhile, Dernier Refuge took on another kind of really dramatic approach to teenage life. Lisa, to whom back in the day, I could relate with for multiple reasons which I’ll not enumerate here because it’s way too long and maybe potentially spoilery, is a teenage girl who just moved into a high school (I think?). She keeps quiet, and she tries really hard never to be at the center of attention. Something changes that dramatically when Felix (I shipped it) comes in play. He likes her, and he doesn’t shy away from expressing that in so many words. He likes that she draws in class, and likes that he can stare at her illustrations and find new things he hadn’t noticed before. See how powerful this was to me? I still remember these lines he says. Anyways, she starts to warm up to him, but then her past catches up to her and… well… it’s up to her to do something about it. I loved the way the story was written and presented to us in flashbacks [maybe this book is the reason why I like writing so many flashbacks in my own works?!]. Anyways, I never read the English versions of these books, for fear that maybe it’ll be too different and the lyrical way in which it was written in the French versions would be ruined… hahaha.

Man, I notice that all these books are really slice-of-life. Where did I turn for me to suddenly like/love fairy tales so much?!


And I guess that’s it out of me today!
Day 21 is done, there’s about 9 more days to go!
What about you? What was your first book/novel?
See you tomorrow!
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