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30 Day Book Challenge (Day 25)

by on January 25, 2016

December 3rd, 2015 

How’re y’all? I’m… I’m still sick, I’m always in a really bad shape though, haha, I’m surprised I survived 2015 [let’s hope I survive this challenge and provide you all with another one soon? I don’t know?]. Anyways, we’re almost done with this 30 day challenge!

Day 25: A character who you can relate to the most

Skip this Aside 

First of all, let’s talk about how to make a character relate to me, because that’s how egocentric I am. I guess in order for me to relate to a character, that character would have to have something similar to me? Something that would make me go: “SAMMMMEEEE!!” or “This speaks to me” or “Exactly!” or “Am I glad I’m not the only one!” or “omg this is me” Sometimes, it’s really just because they say something or think the way that I would say or think. Other times, it’s because they have a habit or a tic that I have.

The reason why it’s really difficult for me to choose a character is because of these reasons:

  1. It’s not that hard for me to relate to a character. If it is, then the author is doing a poor job and the book is very likely going to be in my not-recommended list.
  2. Even though I have an emotional attachment to the characters when I am reading them, the moment I put down the book again and start reading another book, then I sort of forget… I have a really bad memory. It’s funny though because the moment I pick up the book again and start reading, all the memories come back almost immediately with the first lines… it’s weird. I’m weird.

…so anyway, I guess… how about I change the prompt? hahaha, I’m a cheater.

End of Aside


One of those characters I can’t relate to the most is Bess from Young Bess by Margaret Irwin. It’s mostly about the Queen Elizabeth from back in the day, with her sister who was Queen Mary [oh but it’s not the same Queen Mary as in Reign though, note, Reign’s Queen Mary is the Queen of Scots – although I feel like… well it’s very difficult for me because there are so many monarchs with the same name…]? I sort of thought it would be related to Reign [what I mean is… I wanted to learn more about what kind of stories there are about the characters in Reign, because I think Reign is already an exaggerated fanfiction of History] and also Jolteon bought a whole set of books from Indigo because they “looked good” and were historical, which is something I believe she ‘digs’ (I really like fairy tales, but I dunno about historical, although from what I’ve read in Young Bess, I didn’t really like it?). Why don’t I relate to this Elizabeth? Well, I guess for one that she’s pretty, or that she knows how to use that beauty. She’s a very smart and cunning girl, too, and she does do certain things that I cannot picture myself doing. For example, not complaining or anything about the Admiral. It bothered and disturbed me, her relationship with the man, but then from what I hear and read on the Internet, it wasn’t really ‘canon’ in History (hahaha).

Another character I cannot relate myself to is Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bones by Laini Taylor. From my reading progress updates [of the first book, because I’m still reading the second one], I know that I never felt like I could relate to her because she was and knew she was “the shit“. I mean, come on, she’s this super badass girl who can freaking kick ass, she has really good drawing skills. She has blue hair and she’s “oh so mysterious” because she’s in her own world 85% of the time, but she’s “oh so beautiful”… I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m not someone who would use her “wishes” to permanently dye her hair blue… and maybe while I can relate to her a little bit when she says that she’s “missing something” and that she believed that could be remedied if she “gave herself” to what’s his face? Her ex-boyfriend who used her anyway… I don’t think I would go to such length to feel whole? I would just make do with what I have. I mean, she has friends, she has a family, and she is living pretty well with them, too. It’s not like it’s a bad situation or anything. She could use her wishes to do good deeds, but, like Brimstone tells her, she’s “petty”, and I do try very much in real life (not in my online life, though, because you know better LOL) to not be vain/petty. [oh hey, I’m still gonna read the next book though, why do you think it’s in my currently reading shelf?]

As a resume? I guess characters who are portrayed as somewhat vain, or even just as “beautiful creatures” right now are not characters I can relate to. Not only that, but I don’t like the Bella (from Stephenie Meyer‘s Twilight)-type character either: “she’s beautiful and all men fall to their knees because of that, whoa. Everyone’s attracted to her! There are wars that even started because of her whoa!” type. Basically, characters who are defined by their beauty by other characters or by themselves… I just… it feels wrong to be as vain? I rather character who mention it in passing, or who acknowledge that beauty is subjective, and they’re comfortable in their own skin (or that they learn to be comfortable in their own skin throughout the series, that’s even better)? I don’t know if I’m making any sense, do apologize my headache-muddled brain.



After all of that,
I’m going to go and sleep, haha!
See you all later!
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