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30 Day Book Challenge (Day 28)

by on January 28, 2016

December 31rst, 2015

Greetings, everybody!
How’s it all going? I trust we’re all doing well on these final days of the first month of 2016! I’m really hoping that I have found something to do while waiting for the university to accept whether or not they graduate/accept me. I’m sure you know how that goes. Anyways, to keep my mind off of that sore topic, let’s think about how after this post, there’s about 2 other ones, and we’re done with the 30 day Book Challenge! Are we sad? Well, I’m not, because I’ve been dragging these updates throughout the month…

Day 28: Favourite title of a book

Where are we going with this? Are we talking about how much I like the title of a book? What makes me like a title? I guess it should be badass looking? Or that it shows well what we’re going to read about? I don’t know. What attracts me in a title? I have no idea. It’s usually a combination of the synopsis, the title and the cover page… Many of the books that I’ve read have brilliant all of those…

Hmmm, I guess a good title of a book would be something that makes me laugh when I look at it? Here’s one that was sort of funny, and made me chuckle? Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin by Lisel Shurtliff. Mostly because “rump” means the bottom of something, right? Like a cow rump would be the bottom of a rump, and it’s probably pretty hygienic so I wouldn’t wish you to be squished by the rump of a cow. At any rate, the protagonist even gets teased at for having that name, too, so that’s freaking funny too, even though I will say that it’s not a good thing to make fun of people’s names, having a pretty… eccentric name myself, and having been teased at because my name is just… that difficult or funny to pronounce and/or to say. That’s why I said the title was “sort of funny,” because it was interesting to title a book after a “bottom” but then I could understand and already relate to this character whose name was a constant source of unhappiness for him, due to being bullied because of it. That’s a pretty good kind of title for the book, since it’s appealing and got a chuckle out of me, and it made me curious enough to want to read it.

I must be tired, but this is mostly all I can think of today…

All righties, what do you think?
What favourite titles do you have?
See you all tomorrow!
Take good care of yourselves!


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