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The Punisher (MCU)

by on February 25, 2016

June 25th, 2015-December 19th, 2015 

Hey there everybody!
How are you all doing? So, I have this rule when deleting videos from my “To Watch” list on YouTube, that I’m not to delete the videos if they’re important for my blogs and/or if I need to use them. Now, I have over 100 videos and I sort of need to flush some out. Without further ado, let me talk about the Punisher, since this “anti-hero-like character” will make his debut in the Daredevil Netflix series in 2016. Before commenting on how unknowledgeable I am, please be aware: I never really read the Punisher series, but I knew him as a character from many events that he took a part in (or tried to, I’m looking at you, Civil War).

So, I can’t tell you much about the actor that was cast for this hero who doesn’t shy away from killing – unlike Matt Murdock (Daredevil), because I don’t watch The Walking Dead, but apparently, he was pretty good and many of the superhero knowledgeable people that I know love the actor. I’ll definitely look forward to seeing him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Frank Castle (Punisher) is a vigilante who wants to clean up crime from Hell’s Kitchen, by any means necessary, and this is a stark contrast to Daredevil, who doesn’t kill [as we know, Matt Murdock wouldn’t bring himself to that]. He was a veteran in the Vietnam War [he could’ve fought alongside Wolverine, but probably not against Captain America, since the latter is pretty old], in one specific comic, I think, he said that while Captain America was used to warfare and everything, he was better, because he’d survived guerillas and all that, so their war tactics aren’t always the same.

Before he became the Punisher, he had a wife and a daughter. However, because he lost his family due to a mafia, who gunned them down, he survived the attack and decided to punish the mafia for doing what they’d done. Frank Castle found out that the mafia had ties to the police, and thus, the police would not be able to handle or punish the mafia by law. This anti-hero decided, then, to take matters into his own hands. The Punisher is now known more as the man who punishes people who are “above the law”. It’s very reminiscent of Daredevil, who puts on the mask in order to punish and bring to justice the people who get away with it by law.

We already know from this article and this other that the driver of the truck that appeared in Captain America II: The Winter Soldier, aiding Nick Fury and then, at some point, killing off Agent Sitwell was revealed to actually have been The Punisher all along [okay he wasn’t MENTIONED, but Frank Castle does fit the bill]. After all, it is pretty suspicious for the same truck that saves Nick Fury and then kills Sitwell to be from the same company. One can (and probably should) assume that it’s the same driver (Frank Castle aka Punisher), too. If he saves Nick Fury, one can assume that he’s been working with the director of SHIELD, or something, in perhaps another division, or secretly, even to other SHIELD people. This is why he looks out for Director Fury?

Everyone seems to think that Punisher will be working on getting revenge on Wilson Fisk [because now the latter’s been outed as being a bad guy, right? Or perhaps because Fisk has ordered many people dead and, among those innocents, Frank Castle‘s family was there, so this makes this conflict a personal matter to him?], and maybe Daredevil will have to save the villain from this anti-hero [very interesting, and it’s one way of putting heroes one vs the other… or maybe, and this is really just maybe, maybe Frank Castle wants Daredevil to register as a superhero because of the Sokovian Accord (from the Captain America: Civil War teasers we’ve been having) and Matt Murdock simply is not willing to reveal his identity to the world, not only that, but people could start ]. The two of them, as previously established, will very likely come to blows since they have such different means to arrive to different ends, but sort of with the same goals.

I am not sure how I feel about the casting, especially seeing as I don’t watch The Walking Dead [I hear he played a really, really intense character who ended up dying, but who was pretty vengeful, too. Or rather, very one-way kind of punishment? Like, O you tried to kill us, so I’m going to kill you even though you’ve got no chance of survival with a broken leg goodbye now *bam* but of course, this is from a friend trying to explain to me his character, but that character sounds really crazy, and if he were able to play that particular character, yes, I give him permission to enact Frank Castle], and so, I sort of wouldn’t exactly know what this guy is capable of. However, from the little sneak peeks we’ve been having and from the interviews I’ve seen, I’m 100% sure that he blends in with the other cast pretty well and that they’ve got a pretty good friendship going on? Maybe [I mean just look at them, laughing and smiling with each other while in an interview and having to share one microphone]? Or maybe Charlie Cox is just that good at making people smile and laugh, haha.

The cast also seems to have taken him in pretty well, too. They even seemed really excited to see him [and to announce that he’ll be joining their ranks] and didn’t hesitate on complimenting him [or maybe that’s just a facade and they hate each other in real life, outside of the cameras, but I’ll choose to go the optimistic route, okay? Also, if John Bernthall had been cast, you’d think the creators/writers would have checked to see his “chemistry” with the other actors with whom or against whom he’ll be playing]. I also know that, as of writing this anyway, Punisher is being considered for an entire TV series on Netflix, following Luke Cage‘s series? And this series might replace Iron Fist, who is someone I was looking forward to seeing. However, to make this up to us, I hear they might make a Netflix movie out of Iron Fist instead?

As of now, here are some of the videos that I’ve found on Punisher. You can check the rest in my Daredevil/Netflix playlist.

  • Comicstorian covered a fantastic story of the Punisher Black and White [video link here] and made an Origins video on the same hero if you ever would like to read/watch.
  • Mr Sunday Movies made a “Secret MARVEL Character Easter Eggs and Referencesvideo. In here, he explains all of Punisher‘s easter eggs and references. Yes.
  • Screen Junkies jumped on board, and made a Daredevil Easter Eggs video with Punisher in it.
  • IGN also made a video showcasing their opinions on the casting.
  • Meanwhile, Emergency Awesome also made a fairly good video explaining what he thought would happen in Daredevil Season 2 about The Punisher. He also made a video explaining the spin-off of Punisher that they’re making.

All right, well this is it!
I’ll see you all later!
See you when Punisher actually graces us with his physical presence in the MCU and not with speculations, haha!



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