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Obsessions – Quizzes (27)

by on February 28, 2016

December 5th, 2014

Hello there everybody, and welcome to another quiz post!
How are you all faring? Today, as for every other posts that you’ve read that dates back from (December 5th, 2014), I’m doing good. It’s fairly sunny outside – too sunny, even, I’m scared that the little snow we’ve accumulated will melt away from us, but nevertheless, we’re doing good!


The first quiz today will be about the most popular movie: “The Hunger Games“, entitled: “Would You Survive in the Hunger Games?” [link here]. This is great because Mockingjay (part 2), apparently comes out on November 20th, 2015, so like… YES! Go scheduling! Go!

Before I start, I already know that my chances of survival in a ZOMBIE apocalypse are FAIRLY low. Due to my… ah… let’s call it condition, I can’t outrun the zombies and I also am not street-smart enough to be able to survive on my own. For goodness’ sake, I don’t even know how to cook without burning at least SOMETHING. So, with that being said, let’s see if I would survive or not!

All right, let’s see my results. I knew it. I knew it. Just in case you can’t see this, here’s the text: “You have 0% chance of survival. You knew this was coming, right? You would be brave and inspiring, standing before the Cornucopia, but when the game begins, it would all go downhill — fast. After all, you’re a lover (of food, of people, of Netflix), not a fighter. So our suggestion? Get some eager beaver to volunteer as tribute in your place.” All right so I was right, I have absolutely NO chance in winning this. But like they said, I’m a lover of food, people and, well I don’t watch Netflix, so I don’t think that I would let someone else just go and volunteer in my stead. I’d go down on my own. Mewtwo often says though that it’s surprising what people are willing to do to survive. Maybe my survival instincts, once kicked in, will get me through the game faster than I can think? Who knows? First, you have to have some will to survive first though.

I’d be a horrible combatant though. I don’t think I’d be able to wrestle to save my own skin.


So what about you people? Did you think you would survive? What are your chances? Would you want to team up with me? I have… ok I actually have 0 skills that would help you out in the arena…. you can let me die or end my misery… in a painless fashion though please! OR maybe we can all team up together and leave the arena. That sounds good too!


Ṩℙℛ€ѦḒ ℸℏḕ ☮ •_•✌ Ponyta’s out Ṩℙℛ€ѦḒ ℸℏḕ ☮ •_•✌  


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  1. Omg! lol your comment on not being able to “outrun zombies” has reminded me of the time I went to see Scorch Trials last year….. NO ONE MENTIONED ZOMBIES!!! I was horrified. And no, I would not have been able to outrun them in that situation (or any, I’d freeze xD)

    Hmm… I actually didn’t know Mockingjay pt 2 came out already…I thought it was this month… but then again, maybe they’ve been advertising a dvd thing.

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