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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 1)

by on June 1, 2016

October 20th, 2014 May 31rst, 2016

Hey there everyone!
So, I finished the 30 Day Anime Challenge yesterday night, and I thought, “WOW, that was tough, and since I like a reasonable challenge, why don’t I try more?”. I googled some and I found this Disney challenge right here! I’ll be doing it for next year’s November, so that I can prepare for Nanowrimo!! I was going to be preparing this so that I could work on November’s post, but… well… I can’t, since Munchlax challenged me to this. I challenge you, Bayleef!! Ready?

Here’s the image from which I decided to follow the Challenges! Let me just say that I’d love it if I could tag Munchlax [here’s a link to her blog], but I don’t know if we’ll have the time to do it in 2015 2016.

Day 1: Your favourite Character

Ugh… much like for the anime challenge, this one is difficult. I won’t go into details, but… I can’t simply choose ONE favourite character of ALL the Disney rosters there is out there! Especially since they add new ones EVERY YEAR! *crumbles under the pressure*


All right, so let’s see… if I’m going to be smart about it, then I’m going to be cheating my way out of this, for my conscience’s sake, of course.

Because I feel like I won’t be mentioning her as often as I should [because she’s such an underrated character who should be included into many of the other prompts, but… well, I’ve already written out some of them, so I already know she won’t…], I think one of my favourite characters has got to be Nani from Lilo and Stitch. I know the movie is about the titular characters, but to me, it also showcases the ideal big sister – ironically, I’m not one of those and I don’t incorporate any of her traits… at least not that I know of – after all, she’s sacrificed a lot in order to be a parent to her baby sister, who’s still learning to find her identity as a girl who’s lost her parents as well, and who doesn’t really have any friends, either, because she’s unique. She works a lot, and she has become a parent despite her young age. She is realistic in the sense where she’s not completely perfect: she has her flaws, she can lose her patience, and she can have moments in which she’ll be reallyreally, REALLY mad.

pixels flowers photo: Bouquet of Flowers ththa_s_00_520_01_01.gifAll right, well, I’m REALLY running late for this challenge posts, due to working so much, but I’ll try to tune in tomorrow to be able to write more for Day 2!
See you all tomorrow!
Ponyta’s out! 


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  1. Lilo and Stitch!!! I forgot about that movie!! and about Nani lol…. what a nice reminder 🙂
    I remember my sister was obsessed (OBSESSED) with that movie when she got it from Christmas (any movie she gets really) she would watch it everyday all the time, that it would go on my list of “most annoying movies” xD

  2. Dude I don’t think I will do this one soon. I kind of want a change in my posts. I’ll post the challenge maybe in July or somewhere in August, there’s still plenty of time so have fun with Sandra!

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