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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 2)

by on June 2, 2016

May 30th, 2016 

Hello there, everybody!
How is your day coming along? I’m… overwhelmed, I’ve never been this close to not finishing a post on time to schedule for a 30 day challenge. Or have I? I’m not sure. I’m really unsure now. But yeah, without further ado, because I want to finish some other posts for today, let’s begin today’s prompt:

Day 2: Your favorite Princess.

My favorite princess? Do you mean a Royal-blooded Princess, and do you count Princesses who are married into royalty, or do you only count the Princesses of Hearts from Kingdom Hearts, which somehow include Alice from Alice in Wonderland, or Disney Princesses such as titular characters Mulan and Pocahontas, but completely neglect to include Queen Kidagakash from Atlantis  [I’ve written about her PLENTY, so I probably try not to mention her right now] or Princess Eilowny from the Black Cauldron [I also talk about this movie a lot, just because, so… well, since this is Day 2, you KNOW]? So clearly we have like… three-four categories here. I’m not someone who discriminates based on titles (…or am I?), so let’s nominate at least a person for each category!

As a royal princess with royal blood, I’ll have to nominate Princess Jasmine (from Aladdin) and Pocahontas.

Princess Jasmine is fearless and independent. She realizes the poverty in the streets of Agrabah by taking her courage into her own hands and taking her first step outside. By giving an apple away rather than paying for it – thus showing to us she had no concept of paying? Or at least that it wasn’t something she was accustomed to doing – and realizing she was going to get her hand amputated for the crime of stealing, she meets a young “street prince” (since his dad is the king of thieves, y’know?!) who saves her from a street vendor. I think it takes a lot of courage to take that leap into trusting strangers, especially given Jasmine’s status (you should learn to be more paranoid or at least aware of what could happen to you, Jasmine, they’re animals!!). She’s really cool because wow she got to ‘fight’ Jafar, and even knows how to use her… um… feminine form, I guess?

I guess I just wish, especially as I’m writing this, that I wish we could see Jasmine and Aladdin do more things to help improve the living expenses and living situations of the Agrabah kingdom at least? I mean, yeah, saving them from evil genies and evil masterminds, and finding out about Aladdin’s father‘s past, for example, are really important for them as a couple or as a person and even helps the world (especially defeating Jafar), but man, what will you do for these kids and their families!! I mean, when he arrived into Agrabah as Prince Ali, Aladdin throws money into the streets for the poor (I know it’s to peacock, but I also want to think that it was money that was permanent, and that it was in order to give these low-social economic income homes prosper, because he knows what it’s like to live and be poor and never know when you can eat. If she’s experienced second-hand-ish what being poor means in Agrabah, that it pushes people to steal and everything, what will she do to help her people?). If Jasmine does exactly that, then I’ll cross out my complaints. Please feel free to comment and tell me.

As for Pocahontas, I guess I just like characters who resembled “me” somewhat. After all, I don’t have blonde hair and blue eyes (I’m looking at you, Cinderella and Aurora). Due to a trip to Disneyworld or Disneyland (I have no idea which one it was, and I’ve mentioned that in a later post), I have a permanent tan that renews itself every summer (sort of). I have jet black hair so, Disney, I could not relate as much physically to these princesses you threw at me. Now Pocahontas. She talks to animals, she is so mature in the movie, and she gets to have friends with animals, and sort of talk to them, and sing while she carries baby bears around the forest, pretending like their mama bear isn’t chasing after them for bearcubnapping her cub? Insane. There’s also that whole thing about preventing a war between their people by jumping right in the middle of it all. That was really good… and scary. I also really respected that instead of following John Smith to the White People Land (deal with it, I’m not even gonna research it, because it was probably similar from France to England), Pocahontas chose to stay with her family and friends.

I guess my complaint about this one is really only about her real-life counterpart. There’s, obviously, also the sort of… very… the clothes? And obviously the killings of Native Americans, and the way our governments (even in peaceful ol’ Canada) mistreat them to this day… it becomes an iffy subject for me.

Note: I really love the Colors of the Wind song. I’m writing this here for… IF I ever forget this song, at least I’ll have mentioned it somewhere.

As a princess who technically “marries” into Royalty, I guess I would probably mention… Megara from Hercules (let me explain) and Cinderella [I’ve spoken a lot about her throughout the posts I’ve already written, so I’ll not do more than mention her, I promise]. Technically, if you marry a “Prince who almost immediately becomes King,” you are a Queen, no? Whereas, if you marry a Prince, who stays a Prince because his father or mother or both are still reigning, then it means you become a princess byway of marriage, right? Correct my logic, if I’m wrong (it happens). Since, at the end of the movie, Prince Charming‘s father is still alive, then… he’s still a Prince, right? Unless the father was planning on retiring immediately and kicking his son and daughter-in-law right into the function of being King and Queen…

The same logic applies to Megara, I find, in Hercules, because she “marries” into his family, and his father, Zeus, is still the ruler of the Skies, he’s still the Olympian god of gods, then that technically only makes her a Princess of the Skies/of the gods. As a kid, I really liked the way she adamantly refused to open herself up to love (she eventually did, but I really admired that first part), the way she could talk back to people. She was just really badass. Maybe less so than other Princesses I’ve mentioned here, but she’s still her own kind, facing off against the God of the Underworld?! Really, Meg?!

I think one complaint I would have about this girl is that I sort of wished she’d have more friends? I mean, I guess that since you’re only a part of the Underworld as per your whole “selling your soul to it” goes, but man, is Hades really gonna trap you into the Underworld until he needs you? He has a wife to go back to, for goodness’ sake, Disney. I get that she’s a loner, and wow, I admire her for that, but I sort of wished she’d have more friends. I don’t think having one boyfriend who’s the Prince of Olympian gods would be a very healthy thing to have. She’d need to have other relationships outside of his circle, that way, she can do other things to have to follow him around or something.

As one of the Disney Princesses I haven’t mentioned yet, I guess I would probably be… Mulan. I also want to nominate one of the Princesses of Heart from Kingdom Hearts (because I’m currently playing the Kingdom Hearts Unchained X) will be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. A Princess of Heart, for those of you who don’t know, are basically maidens who have a really pure heart. I don’t know how Tetsuya Nomura (or other Kingdom Hearts creators) chose their Princesses, though, but… yeah.

*EDIT June 23rd, 2016* Here’s a video from SuperCarlinBrothers, who discusses about these Disney Princesses!!

Since I’m reserving those (probably) for another time, and because I’m running out of time allotted for this, I’ll have to cut this short.

imageI’ll see you all tomorrow, image
Hopefully, if I’m not completely worn out by work,
See you all later! 
Ponyta’s out 


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