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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 3)

by on June 3, 2016

June 2nd, 2016

Hello there, everybody!
How are you all doing? I’m doing all right, it just feels so weird that we’re at Day 3, and I’m only writing this on the day before. It makes me cringe, so please let me start this day so I can finish another day prompt at least:

Day 3: Your favorite heroine.

For those of you who wonder if there’s any difference from yesterday’s post to today’s post, then let me explain: “While some princesses are heroines, not all heroines are princesses“. You know who you are, you know who you are. It’s extremely funny to notice though, that Disney has made it into a thing where most of their heroines ARE princesses. It irks me a little bit, I mean, do you have to be a princess (Disney Princess, or just a royal-blooded princess) to be the hero in your story. You’re the hero of your own story. Not anyone else. You are the hero of yours, whether you’re a woman or any other gender!

Anyways, now how do you qualify a heroine? When there’s no male protagonists, or when the male protagonists are there but are basically non-existent? Or is it just a female protagonist? As in she appears and doesn’t at the same time? Or is it just a person who is on the side of good? So many questions, so little time, and since I’m running late on these posts, I won’t be taking too much time…

I’ve already mentioned a bunch of ‘female protagonists‘ in my Day 2 post, and so, I’ll try not to mention them too much. The beauty of it is: I didn’t expand on all of them, so… here goes!

I know I’ve mentioned her big sister in my Day 1 video, and Nani is a really good female protagonist, or a heroine who is not a princess, or at least she’s not considered one, but for this one, titular character from Lilo and Stitch: LILO PELEKAI! I extremely love how she is able to look at the positive in people, and she is creative enough to decide where the experiments should go (I’m talking about the show) and work, in order to be good citizens for the Earth, since that’s where they’ll elect their residence? Sort of. Anyways, Lilo is an underrated heroine, so I thought I would mention her [yep, if you haven’t guessed it: I’m going to be trying to mention underrated characters for all of my posts, because they deserve some spotlight too!]. And plus, I appreciate that she’s such an honest person, despite her age. Disney, I need more of Lilo and Stitch, and maybe once she’s grown up. Like, what kind of identity crisis does she go through? Does she go through that at all? It’d be a nice sequel to watch. Watch me NOT enjoy the sequel if Disney answers my pleas. See, as I wrote this, I became interested in it and found out there’s been a few sequels other than the show, to this very movie, which I have got to get my hands on.

Next up will be Mulan, but I feel like I already talk about her so much [you may find her in multiple of my blog posts, especially for this particular challenge? She’s been nominated in Day 2 as well]. Fa Mulan is definitely a protagonist in her movie, as she’s in the title, though Shang is there a lot too [WE’RE NOT GONNA MENTION THE TERRIBLE SEQUEL], I guess. She’s really funny and I love how she learns to be into her own character and abilities as she lives through her adventure. It certainly helps to have the fate of the entire country in your hands [and a very capable person to train you], I guess? As a child though, I related to Mulan as much as I did to Pocahontas. I mean, I’m not Chinese, or anything, but I am Asian and as a kid, it was such a terrific emotion to feel that you could relate, even if it was a superficial one like her hair colour and, to some extent, her skin tone, to a Disney protagonist at all.

Violet Parr from The Incredibles! is a really funny female protagonist who is not a Disney Princess. Again, I guess there’s just something about characters who start out “little,” unsure of themselves and of their true worth, and end their movies with a bang: “now she can talk to the guy she’s had a crush on for awhile! And she is her own self, too, enough that it feels like he may be interested in getting to know her!“. It’s great to see development in a dynamic character [I mean, she went from being “invisible,” that she wanted to be ‘normal’ and seemed frustrated with the powers that she had, not really be able to control them either, to becoming more and more and more comfortable with using her powers, as well as becoming more into herself, and not just while on any adventure, she learned to know more of herself, the way her mother sees her, for example, and learned to use these superpowers of hers for good, with the help of her family, with the motivation of saving her father. How awesome is that?]. I guess I also love the fact that she’s got really, really cool superpowers that are reminiscent of Susan Storm, from the Fantastic Four.

I cannot wait for the sequel of this movie. No pressure, Pixar/Disney! No pressure from me, but I love Disney and I love superheroes. Please…!!

Another heroine I’m going to mention is Madellaine from the Hunchback of Notre-Dame II, even though I did not enjoy the movie as much [probably because of the movie plot, because we see so many of these “circus are a bunch of people who steal things from you while you’re amazed by their acts!” trope, I guess…]. Perhaps it was because it was in another language than I was used to Quasimodo’s voice as a child (not sure if it was in English or in French). I didn’t enjoy the movie as much, because it didn’t center as much on Quasimodo and Esmeralda and Phoebus (although bro I didn’t like you as much in the first movie so…), but centered more on this girl. Nevertheless, I found it super sweet that she fell in love with Quasimodo despite his physical appearance [obviously, she was created as a love interest for Quasimodo, but she’s her own character, right? Much like Violet Parr, from the previous paragraph, she grows into her own abilities by the end of the movie [I mean did you see that safe she made for Zephyr? Knowing that she’s a pretty clumsy person (another thing I can relate to, girl), that was a very bold move, and a very, very difficult thing to pull underground, I think, and without the safety of a net, of course], and man, I quite appreciated to see that], because man, isn’t that also a good lesson to learn? That you’ll eventually love someone who’s not a hunk or perfect, but that he’ll be perfect in your point of view? After all, beauty is subjective. Also: not all your boyfriends/girlfriends will look like the typical Disney Princes [there are other princes that aren’t… “typical” though, I think] and Disney Princesses, even if you look like one, Madellaine.

Next up is a Disney Princess from the Disney Channel [HEY, it wasn’t SPECIFIED that it’ll be on movies, right?! She’s a property of Disney, soooooo!!]. No I’m not talking about Princess Sofia, even though I’ll nominate her. I’m talking about Princess Star Butterfly from Star vs the Forces of Evil. I binge-watched the series and I believe I’m pretty much up to date with it. The show is very good and, while it hasn’t reached the hype of the likes of Steven Universe or Gravity Falls, it’s right there as one of my favourite recent cartoons [I absolutely love how it went from happy-go-lucky, the way a lot of these shows I’ve mentioned are, to pretty dark. At least by the end of the first season, it felt like Star Butterfly and her friends will have to deal with much darker things. I definitely recommend this show to those of you who are up to date with other shows and are waiting for others to post…?]. Unlike a LOT of the characters that I’ve posted about on this day, Star Butterfly is confident, she’s cheeky and she’s very, very capable, or at least she believes herself to be, despite… well… she has YET to master her abilities as a Magical Girl. She still grows on her own, because she sort of learns to care for her friends and be less of a goofy girl without thinking of the consequences of her actions. She learns to become a Princess, but still maintains this very “different” feel/style of “Princess” than that of the usual Disney Princesses.

All right, that’s all out of me today!
See you all tomorrow!
ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ Ponyta’s out ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ 


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  1. aw man… Incredibles is Disney? lol xD
    I need to re-watch that too! (it was also one of my sister’s favourite movies LOL)

    ps: I like the noted “green” btw 😉

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