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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 4)

by on June 4, 2016

May 14th, 2016

Greetings from the past, people,
I trust the month of June is coming along well with you so far. I’m really REALLY hoping that we’re not going to be roasted alive under the heat… I’m not convinced though, we might have to do something…

Day 4: Your favorite Prince

Milo Thatch isn’t so much a prince as he is a King consort, right? So he’s never really been royalty, before he became a consort? Or… well… they probably spent time together, but then he would’ve been seen as… what? The ‘Princess’ boyfriend’ rather than ‘prince,’ no matter how long it took for him (or her) to pop the question. But I’m going to tell you that he’s one of my favorite anyways, because this is my blog and you know that I’m prone to cheating. All the time [you know this…].

I just love the idea of the King being a huge dork. Not only that but his Atlantean wasn’t even very good when he first started out talking with Kidagakash (as shown here or just click on the image, and man, as a kid, it irked me a little bit that this guy who is supposed to be an expert on the culture of Atlantis, who’s studied their language and everything, had difficulties saying Kidagakash‘s name, and then, she had to simplify it for him… I mean, it’s all right, I guess, but… dude… but if you consider that his Atlantean wasn’t even really good at all, then it actually makes so much sense). Moreover, his knowledge (and more importantly, his RESPECT) on the culture – or what it should have been? – can help Kidagakash‘s people learn from their mistakes and grow as a community. I sort of wish that they’d left the series as was, and didn’t make a “crappy” sequel to it [but, I mean, I would totally like a sequel that’s much better written? Or something… I don’t know how they could make it better]? Although it was nice to see other culture lore being thrown into the Atlantean mix, from what I remember from the movie [I’m talking about the sequel, of course, because man, didn’t the first movie end with the one millionaire dude not knowing that Milo is alive and believing the Atlanteans weren’t found – or only a few artifacts were found? How in the world can this old dude and his crew find the Atlanteans again, bother them so that the royal family can leave and see the world one last time before returning to their lost culture and help their population again], haha? Let’s go back to the character though, I think it’s fantastic that he’s such a polite character/prince, he apologizes, he cares about Kidagakash‘s opinion, he cares not only about her, but also about her culture and understands a lot of it, but doesn’t pretend like he’s an expert (? I may be wrong though, I’m really REALLY bad with memorizing things), etc.

**Please note that, well, I’m probably not the only one, but… I didn’t enjoy the sequel to Atlantis as much as I should’ve? I guess I have to re-watch it to see if I’m missing out anything, but in my memory, it… it wasn’t that good, readers… it wasn’t that good… Um… at least Milo has helped his wife’s population how to foster the powers of their ancestors?**

Another of my favorite Prince is probably going to be Prince Phillip from The Sleeping Beauty. I’ve mentioned it before, I believe, when I listed the Sleeping Beauty as one of my favourite movies, that I thought Prince Phillip was such a dork for talking to his horse, and for engaging in bets and promises to his horse, Samson (which reminds me… isn’t Maximus from Tangled somewhat reminiscent of Samson?! I mean, to be completely fair, Samson is much nicer to the “Disney Prince,” his childhood friend, Phillip, than Maximus is to Flynn – or Eugene – after all, they were technically on the different sides of a conflict that Rapunzel sort of… helped resolve for them? …or it got resolved by itself… sort of… shouldn’t I be warning about spoilers… or am I just being vague for you people who haven’t watched it…). He’s pretty polite from what I remember [do you notice that I REALLY, REALLY like politeness?] – he didn’t seem to have any problem apologizing or speaking to the elderly. And while I don’t commend it, he can be pretty cunning? He’s quite the charmer, I mean, he knows how to convince people to do things he wants (like his father or his best friend horse), and man, he’s really got to have bravery, since he had to fight a DRAGON! A DRAGON!! Let’s not forget also that, and well, this is sort of superficial, I guess, but: out of all the Disney Princes that I had seen back in the day, Phillip’s outfit was the one I liked the most, haha. His everyday riding clothes, that is, not so much his ballroom clothes.

…another prince that I could name for his politeness is… Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, because man, he could’ve taken advantage of Ariel when she first arrived on land, but he chooses to guide her and help her out instead! I think that’s pretty nice! I should stop writing, or I’ll just name all of them.

All right, I’m going to be calling it a day!
See you all tomorrow!


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  1. PRINCE ERIC!!! ❤ ❤
    Haha. I actually didn't think about that fact about him. I just see him as a good boy 😉
    I never saw the first movie/character you listed! I think over the years I hear about it, it seems popular, and still I question how I didn't see it to this day.

    I love that you mentioned Prince Philip – Sleeping Beauty is one of the movies I hardly understood so I like hearing what other people have to say about it 🙂

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