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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 5)

by on June 5, 2016

March 15th, 2016 

Ponyta, what in the world, from October 2015 to MARCH 2016?! What happened?! 

I know right?! This is the first time I write for this blog in the year of 2016, I think? Well, if you don’t count the 30 Day Book Challenge (I think, and I won’t even go check, because that one was a disaster because Munchlax (blog post, oh hey, I challenged her today to this challenge! Let’s hope it turns out better than the Book challenge, haha), Bayleef (blog post) and Mewtwo (blog post) at the writing of this, have either abandoned or have not been able to keep up with the pace that we set ourselves (well I personally cheat in order to make it, so I have nothing to complain about)). Without further ado, here’s our Day 5 prompt:

Day 5: Your favorite hero

Boy, I really do hope that there will be a day for favourite heroine. Now, I guess we should most probably consider… are we talking about heroes in general, and should we exclude the Disney Princes…? So many questions… And then, does that mean that it’s a protagonist, or do we say that someone is a hero, is one because of the goodness of his heart?

Disney Princes: 

Aladdin is sort of a Prince, right? He doesn’t have the royal blood that would make him a real prince, but he certainly has the noble heart? I mean, he’s a thief, and he needs to rob because of his low socio-economic upbringing, but he still steals and lies for the other people’s sake, too? For better or for worse, of course, but I guess we shouldn’t be talking about the animated cartoon series… Are there any of you guys out there who watched those animated cartoons of Aladdin, Tarzan, Buzz Lightyear, and all that? That’s… another post or another paragraph on its own, I guess, haha. I like that his story is sort of the same as a Cinderella story, but with more action. I guess it’d be pretty cool if “Cinderella” herself had gotten as much action (IDEA FOR A STORY?! Well no, I’m pretty sure other people have thought of those stories before). Why do I like him? I guess it’s the whole idea of him being noble, and the idea of stealing to the rich and giving to the poor is… well, always very nice, unless you are giving what you stole to the wrong person…

The third “Prince” would be a Disney Emperor, right? Emperor’s New Groove‘s Emperor Kuzco (sp?). I think that in fiction, I really like the “jerk who turns a new leaf and improves his character“. I guess it has something to do with the whole idea of character development or something, or, like those people say, “it’s nice to think that someone was able to motivate them to ‘change’ for the better, or when they decide to do so themselves, because they’ve noticed that this is wrong” or any other reason it could be… Again, I personally think it’s just because I like to see bad characters change. However, in real life, I wouldn’t… I don’t think I would, because man, no. That kind of attitude [mind you, to me, at least] is not attractive… (of course, take what I say with a grain of salt, after all, I ain’t been in any relationship, so I wouldn’t know, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to date some kind of jerk, or befriend any either). Especially since, many of the people I’ve known are not able to change [or because, with my mentality, I would believe that we’re just not compatible and wouldn’t be trying to change them anyways, but take a long distance from them], and no matter how much patience I have, it was personally difficult to endure them for so long. At any rate, I nevertheless enjoyed Kuzco because he’s hilarious [even though you know I don’t approve of his attitude if I knew him in real life] and because wow Pacha has a lot of patience with his friend.

Disney non-Princes: 

James Hawkins, from Treasure Planet, is one of my favourite heroes and is one of my favourite underrated movies, because… well, I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard me talk about it already [more specifically, on Day 25 of this particular challenge and even during my 20 day Music Challenge]… He’s not a hero per say… I guess you could call him an anti-hero. His journey towards realizing that he can become a better man than he could, if he got over the fact that his father left him and his mother to fend off for themselves… and the way that he uses his brain of his… Let me just say that, even at a young age, I could relate to this guy who society qualified as a delinquent, but was still quite smart and impressed the heck out of so many people in the movie. He just needed to channel his energy, which I like to remind myself that all my students can and should do, if I give them the right way in which to show off their abilities.

Another hero I quite enjoyed was Robin from Robin Hood, and I think it’s basically for the same reasons as I mentioned for Aladdin, but you know, since I already spoke about it, then I probably shouldn’t overload this post with more of my nonsense, haha.

All righties, I think that’s all for now.
See you all tomorrow!
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  1. Well Aladdin is the prince of thief so yeah technically he is a prince 😀

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