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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 6)

by on June 6, 2016

June 4th, 2016 

Hi there,
How are y’all doing? I can barely believe a whole day has passed and I’m here, just writing this blog post when I should be taking it easy because I usually finish writing my blog posts before they are published. Nevertheless, bad decisions led me here, so… here we are, at Day 6.

Day 6: Your favorite animal

I just realized this while I was writing this post but… guys and girls and other ‘genders’, there may be spoilers from movies in these posts…

All right, so, the favourite animal. Can we count any animal as favourites? Or does it have to be a sidekick animal? Because technically… Robin Hood is an animal – he’s a fox, and a really awesome one at that. Or even Simba from the Lion King is an animal. There’s even the honourable mention of the Aristocats, where all the protagonists are also cats or even Bambi where the hero is a deer. Do we count them? Do the animals need to talk? Or are we supposed to solely count the ones that can’t talk?

…So many questions… which means, my dears, I won’t be able to choose just one answer. You guessed knew this going in.

At any rate, as far as animals go – and I’m quite sure you’ll notice from my pseudonym – I have this fixation on horses that I used to think was unique to me – until of course I found out most girls liked horses. It didn’t matter though, it was too late: I’m still very much drawn to the animal.

In this ‘horse’ category, I would have to say it’s a tie between Maximus from Tangled or Samson from The Sleeping Beauty. I’ve mentioned already how similar the two of them are, despite their… affinity or… un-affinity with their male… rider? Maximus is diligent, works extremely well under pressure and gets results (in exchange for apples, of course). Once he’s set his mind to something, Maximus can get things done? Except, that is, when he has to find the thief in the forest. His sense of smell is apparently not as good as he pretends it is (at least it may be superior to most?). He’s pretty smart too, to be able to figure out secret passageways to communicating with a bunch of bandits his plan to save Eugene so that the latter can help him save RapunzelMaximus eventually bonds with Eugene Fitzherbert over their protectiveness over the princess Rapunzel (well they don’t know that she’s the princess until later in the story, if I recall). That particular relationship is pretty funny to watch unfold, especially since they’re probably pretty good friends by now? I mean it: if he’s formed a bond with certain humans, especially with his trust issues, this horse is gonna be pretty loyal, and that’s a good quality to have in a horse. Right?

Meanwhile, as I’ve stated before, Samson and Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty is such a great friend to his ‘owner’. He cares enough and he knows when to feel sorry for something he’s done to Prince Phillip [also known as: whenever Samson messes up; can’t you see in his expression that he feels sorry that he basically let Prince Phillip fall off his saddle (technically, I would say that Phillip let go at the wrong moment, especially seeing as the Prince Phillip may been rich, but he lacked other things, which meant he was poor in those areas. Let’s stop what we’re doing and show him the ropes of how it works]. This horse displays somewhat perseverance – though he needs a lot of… motivation [in the form of carrots as promises] to do so, I guess. It also seems like Samson has been Phillip‘s companion for awhile if they can “banter” the way they do for so long. That can, I believe, only strengthen the real loyalty between these two friends.

Actually, oh my dear readers, wait, there’s also, of course, Pegasus, from Hercules. He’s also a really good friend to Hercules. Their relationship is slightly different than Samson and Phillip‘s though, in that while they became best of friends – because Zeus created Pegasus for that ‘sole’ purpose – at first sight when they first met each other after Hercules debuted in his father’s court, they were shortly separated when Zeus and Hera had to send Hercules to the mortal world. After all those years, the Pegasus isn’t the same: he’s matured, he’s much more “handsome” as far as horses go, I guess? And he’s still VERY much friends with Hercules. That’s one loyal horse, right there.

…and then… then the horse that Mulan rides. Khan, if I recall, is pretty sassy in his own way, he knows his owner and cares for her, after all, he warms her body when she’s shivering from cold, giving her his… ‘saddle/blanket’ for her when the army sets off to fight the Huns without her. He wants for Mulan to succeed and he doesn’t disobey her, even though he knows and understands the implications of letting her lead him (and herself) to war. She’s going to war, you can’t tell me this horse who understands when a dragon is calling it a ‘cow’ isn’t going to understand that by leading a woman to war, Khan endangers Mulan and her reputation, which is something pretty important to society. This horse is loyal, just like the other three I mentioned before, and, again: that’s a pretty good/important thing to have in an animal companion.

…All of these are also pretty good.

…Readers, I cannot choose one horse. I love all of them…

It’s not a tie only between Samson and Maximus, I can’t do it…

As for an animal who isn’t speaking, I guess one of my favourite will be Dumbo. I mean, look at that little cutie pie. He’s so cute and Disney made him unable to speak. The only ones who speak are the older animals – perhaps this is because Dumbo was a baby and the other animals were all adults (come to think of it: this is a great comparison to how – especially in those days, perhaps – children don’t have a ‘say’ in things, and so that’s why Dumbo cannot speak, whereas all the other ‘mature’ animals speak). This movie was as cute for me – because of Dumbo – as it was scary. I’m talking about that one scene when Dumbo is basically drunk [I think it was an accident that the elephant and his “sidekick/eader” mouse were drunk] and imagines all these animals – especially elephants who have certain… standards which they’d like to impose on him. Again, you could say that this is a really good analogy to how society makes one anxious due to the fact that others’ opinions of you – especially because of society – are so important when you’re young. You see yourself as how others see you, because you’re young, so sometimes, when you’re young, you don’t know yet who you are, and you rely on society to tell you. And the fact that Dumbo‘s mother, Ms Jumbo, couldn’t interfere due to being locked up is also something that we imply in this society, right? Don’t let your parents help you out of these situations you should be able to get rid of? Maybe it’s also a comparison to how we’re expecting the children younger and younger to be able to solve their own conflicts without the help of our parents…

I have so many more that I want to talk to,
But I really need to go sleep,
So I’ll see you all tomorrow!
Be good!
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  1. Horses in Disney are awesome for their personality, but I think my fav would be the one from tangled hehehe and Pegasus for obvious reason: flying!

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