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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 7)

by on June 7, 2016

June 5th, 2016

Hey there, all!
How’s it coming along? I’m really tired, and man, I don’t know how I’m still awake right now, hahaha… At any rate, let’s use our grey matter (is that even a translation I can use?) to think about today’s post:

Day 7: Your favorite sidekick.

As with many of these challenge posts, the language is something that is subjective, it’s basically begging for me to cheat. After all, what’s a sidekick?

Just someone who accompanies and helps the hero along the way of their adventures?

Kronk or Pacha from the Emperor’s New Groove would fit in this category, I think, because man, they’re so hilarious to see interact with their “antagonist/protagonist” moments. For Kronk, I love how childish he is, and how very knowledgeable he still is despite his “immaturity” [which was basically to Yzma‘s dismay or, much rather… to her frustration…]. I admire that he knows how to speak in Squirrel (basically a trait that is useless in real life, but he still owns up to it and he still finds a use to it (I think it was in the cartoon show or something that he created his very own scout camp where he teaches how to speak the language of Squirrels). Yes, I’m quite fundamentally saying that this goofy character is an entrepreneur), he still knows how to cook (which is more than what I can do, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t relate to him anyway due to those).

I’m also nominating Pacha, but not only for the very funny moments he gets with Kuzco. He’s an incredible best friend, he’s very patient [I mean, he has three wonderful and very smart kids, so that means that he and his wife treat them well and are very patient with them, yeah? And man, arguably, Kuzco is even more immature than the three children combined… And that’s saying something because their youngest is STILL A BABY] and he doesn’t mind telling the truth to Kuzco [great values right there: honesty], despite the fact that the latter is The Emperor. I mean, that’s pretty cool… and I should add that his wife is also another underrated character that not everyone thinks about. She can’t be fooled by Yzma, and she can come up with devious plans that involve her kids getting rid of the powerful lady!!

Do I count “magical beings” as people? The Genie from Aladdin is a pretty powerful friend to have, and also a good ‘sidekick’ to have. He brings out a golden plate of advice – especially on relationships, Al, listen to him. Another honourary mention should be… Mushu from Mulan, because man, both of these characters are freaking hilarious to watch interact with their hero-counterparts, and they’re also pretty funny on their own, too.

All that’s cool but… does it have to be human if yesterday’s post was about “animals”?

Should I also count animal sidekicks as well? I mean, Pascal is one ‘hella‘ awesome animal sidekick, no? He’s pretty chill, he looks out for his owner, Rapunzel, in Tangled [look at how possessive he is! And he’s so small and yet, he’s so useful, I really like it], and he calms down Eugene Fitzherbert and Maximus in their pointless fights, because he doesn’t want that to get in the way of Rapunzel‘s happiness at discovering what the city looks like. I know there’s a “favourite animal” prompt lying around somewhere (Day 6, actually?), so I guess we won’t be counting it, but I’m letting you know: I’ve considered it [and yes this is a short nomination for this ‘classification’ of the day’s prompt and I’m totally cheating still].

…and then, there’s ‘inanimate’ objects that can be sidekicks… I’m trying to cover as much ground as possible here, folks, and desperately trying not to name the horses…

B.E.N. from the Treasure Planet movie is a robot who basically loses his memory [for a pretty good reason Warning: **Spoilers**; a powerful and greedy pirate wanted him to lose the codes to a really powerful self-destructive base where he keeps all his treasure (if you ask me, I think that’s dumb, since… if you have that much loot, you should either share it or use it **End of Spoilers** (says the person who’s the least likely to use her earned money among the Eeveelution))] and attaches himself to the main hero, Jim, and befriends him despite both of them being socially awkward (admittedly, one much more than the other).

…but I gotta say if we’re counting robots, Baymax from the Big Hero 6 movie is the best robot of them all. I mean, I guess the technology that is used for this robot is pretty cool [not that B.E.N. or any other artificial intelligence are less cool after I’ve seen Baymax fail at heal people, give his best at ‘running’ away from villains and fight. I mean, they’ve all got their appeal, but man… it’s so difficult not to love Baymax, for some reason…]? After all, look at that, he can download from the Internet, to self-improve all of these treatments he can dish out almost magically thanks to Tadashi.

imageAnyways, I’m going to get going now!
See you all tomorrow!


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  1. Oh. My god.
    You’re posts just make me feel foolishly forgetful of past disney movies xD
    I need to re-watch Emperor’s New Groove for one thing, cuz I don’t remember Pacha!! 😦

    Also, I think you mentioned Treasure Planet a few times – one of your top favourites?

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