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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 9)

by on June 9, 2016

June 6th, 2016

Hello there, everybody!
And happy birthday, Flareon!! How are you all doing? I hope my sister’s birthday provided you all with a great day? At any rate, here’s what we’re working with today:

Day 9: Your favorite original character.

Well, well, well, here we go again with ambiguous language, 30 day Challengers. How’s this for a weird prompt. What does “original character” even mean? Does it mean that it’s not a character that Disney took from a book? Which means that all the fairy tales cannot be included inside of this? Even Robin Hood or Oliver and Company and also Lion King (the first one and the second one, see?!) are movies that were adaptations – the characters were even animalized – of books (Robin Hood, Oliver Twist, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet respectively, I believe? I’m not going to bother with the research, because man I’m running out of time to write these posts…). Or should we count characters that Disney invented even though they were not present in the original books? For example, Timon and Pumbaa.

I don’t quite understand the concept of today’s day prompt, but here goes as to who I really like as a Disney Original character: Goofy.


That’s right. This is one of the first original characters of Disney, right? They didn’t take him from comics, from novels, from anything. At least as far as I know. He’s a part of the Trinity which consists of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy himself. Out of the three, though, I think I have the most respect for Goofy. Again, I base myself off of the fact that he’s the most relatable to me. Mickey is such a good guy, and he’s far too noble/smart for me to reach. Donald Duck is difficult to understand, and he’s got a quick temper, which is something I can sort of relate to. Reluctantly, I’ll admit that character is probably my spirit animal. No, Goofy is the one I turn to in terms of how much I like him compared to the others.

First of all: Disney made him a single parent, taking care of his son Max. Not only that, but his immaturity continued to be a problem for him but, as we saw in the Goofy movie, it’s not really a problem. His son may be thinking that it was embarrassing to have a father who’s more immature than he is, but ultimately, having to deal with your father’s immaturity helps you become more responsible at an earlier age, and while others argue that becoming small adults at a young age can have negative repercussions, I think of the ways it can help them. I think it helps mostly because you know more about what to do, and you’re more practical. You’ve gotta learn things your friends don’t. You basically have an advantage? Well, that’s from one point of view.

You can also argue that making Max more an adult ruins the fun of childhood and ruins the other intelligences [check out Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory one of these days, haha] the children should be developing. I would also agree. I think Max grew up with the more positive results to this scenario?

Anyways, I point Goofy‘s immaturity out because my dear readers (whoever you are), at my mid-twenties, it will come to no surprise to you when I tell you that I am nowhere as “responsible” as my parents were at my age, or as others my age. I don’t own a house, I don’t know how taxes really work, and man, I stay away from politics as much as possible… except when I gotta vote, then I try to be as responsible as possible, and even then, I take a go at it from the idealistic way rather than the realistic way. Sort of. Even the Unowns at the daycare (we’re in the process of renaming them) see me as less of an adult than the other educators – mostly because I’m one of the newest educator, but I think because I act differently and I talk about different things, perhaps.

And can I just say that, between Donald and Goofy, I much rather keep Goofy on my party than Donald, because even when I made the settings for the latter as ‘healing me,’ Goofy always did a much better job than DonaldGoofy, even in the video games, cares about you much more than Donald, haha. Tons of people have made that joke, and even Munchlax and I, when we think about it, agree. I think that I mostly gave all my healing potions to Goofy, so that he would selflessly heal me, because he was much better at that than the Magician in my party (for those of you who don’t know, I’m talking about the video game Kingdom Hearts). I mean, don’t get me wrong, but Donald?! I had to change your settings, or you’d NEVER heal me, and I’d have to do that myself!

From the second ‘definition’ of “original,” I think that I will nominate Mushu from Mulan, just because I love the character’s humour and the way he goes about redeeming himself as Mulan‘s guardian. I guess some might call him a sidekick, or an ‘animal’? (Aren’t dragons more like… mythical creatures? I’m just saying, I wouldn’t want to offend someone who could burn my skin off).

For those of you who consider him as a sidekick, man, I agree, his relationship with the heroine is really funny to look at in the first movie (we’re not gonna talk about the sequel because man, no. Just no). He has this knowledge of the “world” and he tries to help her out, and she believes him because… well… technically I think Mulan never quite left her town to go anywhere. Traditionally speaking. I think. I’m not from the culture so I wouldn’t know personally. I think I read it somewhere though. I also like his relationship with Cricket, and the other characters like KhanMulan‘s horse, of course, but mostly with Mulan, whom he considers his baby.

All right, all right, you now know why I like him, but do you know why he’s nominated in here? Well, actually I’ve already explained it earlier. While the story of Mulan exists in many iterations and ‘legends,’ Mushu doesn’t, does he? Or at least I don’t consider him as a part of the original story. That means that technically, the creators of this movie have written him in as an OC, an Original Character. And it’s from Disney. So technically, Mushu is an original character.


Your mind? Blown. (I’m just kidding, I already wrote the explanation earlier. Goodness, I’m so tired, forgive me).

imageI’ve gotta go lest I fry a fuse tomorrow for work!
See you all tomorrow for Day 10!!
Ponyta’s out! 


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  1. *trying to read and write with my dad’s soccer commentary to me in the background*
    I need my room back xD

    Happy Birthday to Flareon!! 🙂
    I’ve actually never watched any Mickey Mouse movie… I feel kinda shocked at myself.
    My mind wasn’t blown by Mushu BUT I love his nomination!! His character was awesome!

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