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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 10)

by on June 10, 2016

May 25th, 2016

Hi, all!
How’s it going? So, I finally finished work, so… of course I decided that I should take some care in writing these notes in advance so I don’t have to worry as much. Without further ado, because I do have different posts to be working on today, here goes:

Day 10: Your favorite song.

I think you’ll find it fair that I don’t take the love songs that I’ve already spoken in a day of this post anyways. A nomination for this prompt would be John Rzeznik‘s [that guy’s one of the members of Goo Goo Dolls, which is a group I love for many songs… which I think may have featured in my song challenge? Maybe?] “I’m still here” from the Treasure Planet movie, but I won’t mention it too much because I sort of already have on countless occasions.

For those of you who don’t know though [or who are new to my obsession with this song], “I’m Still Here” basically tells the… starting point within the story of this emo teen [Jim] whose father abandoned him when he was very young, breaking his heart as well as his mother’s, who has had to raise him all by herself, and who has to maintain a hotel/tavern all by herself. And ever since that departure, Jim‘s been a troublesome lad to his mother, even though he doesn’t always want to be. He has major trust issues, to which I can totally relate, and though he doesn’t always mean to cause her trouble…

…he just… attracts the trouble.

And I guess he’s tired of people telling him to change, because can’t do what they preach, he’s tired of hearing the same things over and over again, because these people assume that he can change who he is easily, and how worthless Jim feels, because the one person he counted on to be there with him growing up, saw him unfit and left them without saying goodbye.

Deep down though, in this song, despite all this bravado about not needing anyone, not trusting anyone, not wanting to change for anyone, not wanting to listen to anyone’s pleas for him to change his attitude, especially when they don’t even try to step into his shoes and feel what he feels, Jim longs for someone who can understand him, someone who’s a father figure to him and someone who won’t push their views onto him [bro, I’m sorry but… parenthood is sometimes all about that], but help him fly by his own abilities. He wants to belong. In the song, it sort of feels like he knows what he longs for is not something that he realistically can achieve or find maybe because he still feels like he’s worthless, because everyone keeps reminding him of that fact, whether by telling themselves that he can be so much better, or by outright telling him that he’s nothing but a hoodlum. I think I can strongly relate to him in these sense, and yes, the “relatability” of this song makes it that much higher in my top 10 Disney songs. Even though sometimes I like to poke fun at this [by calling Jim ’emo,’ for example], it’s still a song that, I feel anyway, connected with me because of its ‘message’ or perhaps it was just because the imagery they used during the video clip was just so strong that it can still make me shed a tear now and then. I still turn to this song when I feel down, or when I feel disappointed with the world/someone. That’s how poignant it is.

…and it may also just have resonated with me because I was sort of happy that Jim found himself a father figure by the end of the song.

I’ll not spoil you the rest. Go watch this highly underrated movie if you haven’t already… (that was sort of longer than I thought I could make it, sorrynotsorry go watch the movie)

In another genre of songs that I feel a strong relation to, a song that also fits today’s prompt, I think, and that’s not too… overrated, and that I probably haven’t spoken about as much either (?) would be “Why Should I Worry?” from Oliver and Company. I love it, because it represents an ideal I want to achieve, I guess.

Why should I worry” is about Dodger, the ‘leader’ of a family (sort of, he’s the bread earner, he’s the one who rallies the troops together, y’know?), who claims he doesn’t worry about consequences of certain things, because life rights itself out, and because, well probably that sometimes (most of the time in my case), we worry too much. Meanwhile, Dodger says that he has the street savoir-faire so doesn’t need to worry, since he’s full confident about his skills. He knows that, whatever mess he finds himself into (jokes on you, pal), he’ll still be able to pull himself out of the mess, because he can adapt, and he has the quick mind to do so. He’s not even scared of dying, either.

It’s really a song about independence, no? It’s reminding us to be ready to face the harsh world, that you don’t only need to be intellectually smart [again, I direct you to the idea of Multiple Intelligences, because I’m obsessed with it], but you also have to have some kind of streets smarts, a kind of adaptability, that will help you solve through problems that life throws at you. I like it for that particular message, but I also like it, because it would be an ideal for me to let my brain rest and not worry so much about so many things. Juggling with work, over-analyzing things in my life, over-analyzing things in other arguably more trivial things in this life. I’d love to be like Dodger and not plan for anything, to be confident enough that I can achieve whatever I set myself to do, and to not feel so helpless when Plan A doesn’t work, because I’ve got the skills to fall on my feet.

All right, that will have to be it for tonight!
See you all tomorrow!
┗[© ♒ ©]┛ ︵ ┻━┻ Ponyta’s out 


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