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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 11)

by on June 11, 2016

May 14th, 2016

Hello, all!
How’s the month of June coming along with my random readers (whoever you are)? The day is coming along well, so far anyway… I’m taking this little time in my break from tutoring to write a little bit about this particular day post:

Day 11: Your favorite love song

Blerh, you know I don’t do love that well… especially as an Incompetent Lover. However, man, I cannot deny to you guys and girls that I have this sort of very romantic heart? I really like the idea of love, but I don’t think I can really do that.

I think this one’s not going to be a very difficult prompt for me to talk about… Hercules‘ Megara‘s song, I WON’T SAY I’M IN LOVE is my favorite love song, probably because, having experienced infatuation here and there, I can relate to Megara denying that she’s in love with the Herculean Adonis who is so obviously head over heels for her because she’s cool (I mean what, does he know her that well?!). What’s more, I think she likes him for his nobility of heart as much as she can love him for his physique and strength. I mean, those are a plus, of course, but what moves this girl from disliking men to falling in love with the demigod? His heart and soul [maybe his muscles, I wouldn’t know, but I’ll choose to believe it’s the heart and soul part, or maybe because he’s such a lost puppy about the whole world so she thinks it’s got some kind of charm, but man, it’s gonna wear off if that’s all there is to him, Girl]? That’s something else I sort of relate to. Or at least I aim towards: liking someone for their personality. Of course, as an Incompetent Lover [for some reason, there’s a shameless plug, despite the fact that I don’t even have the time to work on my comic no more (oh, but I promise, I’ve been spending at least two of my breaks during work days to draw some comic strips that I will probably publish…)], it’s easy to guess that I’m not going to be around a male enough to figure out his personality [I’ll just scare him with the awkwardness if I don’t run first, haha] and fall in love with that [or if I do, then I just run away as far away as possible because man, I ain’t got not time for that, and that’s sort of what she says, right? Her heart has experienced heartbreak before (although they do say the first heartbreak’s the hardest one to live through, because then you learn to steel your heart and you won’t let yourself be deceived again, so perhaps you can say ]. Haha!

I guess another one song that is probably gonna be named a lot for this post would be either from The Beauty and the Beast, in Song as Old as Time or Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid, but I’ll go for one that I’ve already named before in The Sleeping Beauty‘s I Wonder and Once Upon a Dream. I’m a romantic that way, I guess. Dreams are very important to me in that they bring me that snippet of a world that my brain cooks up while reviewing the day’s worth of data. It’s like a window into a world that you could live through. It’s really great inspiration for story-writing, haha.

The first song, I Wonder, is such a cute song, I find, first for the slow and soft melody. Then, it’s cute because of the lyrics, which showcase that Aurora, or Briar Rose, is showing that she’s really quite a romantic herself. She wishes to experience love, and she sees it as this perfect relationship where members of a relationship say sweet things to each other. I mean, girl, there are other things to a relationship [what’ll you do, Aurora, when this guy and you go into fights?], but sure, yeah.

Her romantic self culminates to her singing Once Upon a Dream, which is the reason why she even sang I Wonder in the first place: she dreamt of this one Prince who’d sweep her off her feet and take her out of the ‘boring’ routine of only living with her aunties in the forest, well secluded from the rest of the world, towards which she gazes longingly. She wants to experience love as much as she wants to experience being in a city or as a citizen of a kingdom. Visually, this song is funny to look at because Aurora begins by singing and dancing with her animal friends, who impersonate a prince, only to be accosted by a prince who sings the same melody as her heart’s. Of course, now that I’m older, I’d feel really weirded out if Aurora hadn’t been open to the idea of Prince Phillip, Phillip would have come off as pretty creepy.

“We’ve met before?”
“Yeah. You said so yourself, in the middle of a dream.”

It’s sort of… condescending? I mean, it’s a good thing she likes him in return, or else…. well I wouldn’t have nominated him for Favourite Prince earlier in this 30 day challenge, in Day 4 specifically.

This may be a stretch in the sense where it’s not quite a Disney song, but it’s related, because I say it is, because it’s from Kingdom Hearts. That’s right. Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru is a song a really enjoy listening to, especially PlanetB Remix‘s version [here’s a full version?].

This is a romantic song, because, well… it tells the story of two people. The person who’s singing is realistic [I mean, she already knows that her man/woman doesn’t have to walk on water, nor meet her father, in order to prove to her that they love her, so to me, she doesn’t seem to be someone who asks too much of her significant other, either], and grateful that her significant other is so generous, and so… idealistic? The two of them keep each other afloat. Just like for yesterday’s post, the song ends with this ideal where, as long as you’re with the person you feel comfortable/intimate with, nothing will scare you, because you’ve got their support.

That… I guess that, I’m sort of envious for? I mean… Okay I can’t explain over here.

Moving on, this song reminds me a lot of the friendship/love between Kairi and Sora, two of the protagonists in this video game, mostly because… man these two are so cute and they’re my One True Pairing (OTP) from this franchise. Because I’ve heard this song so often while playing the game, as it is the opening for many of them, the song is synonymous of the couple in my head, and since Disney characters totally appear in this video game franchise, I totally will include it in today’s post, because man, Kairi is one of these characters who will wait for Sora, but then gradually as time progresses, she pulls herself into his world to protect him as much as he protects her, and to save the world of course [dedication like that?! Couple of saves the world together?! That’s like… ultimate relationship goals]. It’s really too bad she doesn’t get to do much of anything in the games so far… Please make her awesome in Kingdom Hearts III, please make her awesome

imageAll right, I’m tired!
I’ll see you all tomorrow for Day 12!
Be good! Be patient! Be awesome!
Ponyta’s out 


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