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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 12)

by on June 12, 2016

May 25th, 2016

Greetings, everybody!
How are you all doing? I hope the month of June is better than the month of May? I don’t know, I don’t know, I just hope it is. Meanwhile, I just hope I can get these posts out on time for you all to enjoy? Which means that without further ado, I’ll begin today’s prompt:

Day 12: Your favorite villain song.

I must say that the favorite song that is villainous would be… maybe a tie between the Lion King‘s Scar‘s evil song, “Be Prepared,” towards his henchmen, and Mother Gothel‘s “Mother Knows Best” from Tangled.

Prince Taka [why would his parents call him “garbage” and his brother, “King”? It’s the kind of Loki and Thor relationship I can picture out of this dynamic. Except that… maybe the creators for these latter characters may have been inspired by Taka and Mufasa?], as he was named before his scar made him dramatically change his name to “Scar,” because he’s such a drama ‘queen’, is such a charmer, because he knows how to appeal to his followers, even though he still insults them a lot during his song [he implies that their attentiveness is really as bad as a warthog’s backside. Or when he says that they have such vacant expressions that they possibly can’t understand what he’s talking about].

He knows how to make these very convincing promises – after all, he even sort of lives up to his promises, he does give the hyenas – his henchmen – the opportunity to be the Militia of his revolutionary alliance between the lions and the hyenas. Not only that, but he does give them a lot of the meat available in the Prideland later on once he was King. This is important to the hyenas, as there was barely any food at all for them to feast on in the outcast lands where they roamed. The promise he makes in this song, that is most important to me, was that he promised to right the wrongs, to bring justice to the injustices; that he takes his rightful place as the King of the Prideland, because he really feels like the throne should have been his [doesn’t that also remind you of Loki and Thor? Anyone? Just me? All right].

The visuals were so very strong, with all the jets of hot green air that Scar uses to travel around while he was singing. I’m a little bit iffy about the rather… um… the very… ‘familiar’ march the hyenas were doing for Scar. This song was a scene that was pretty difficult for me to watch as a child, because I thought it was pretty scary. Scar really made an impression on us Eeveelutions as kids.

Meanwhile, “Mother Knows Best” sung by Mother Gothel is a great reminder of how mothers often think they know best, which is ironic in many ways.

I like irony.

Irony, because Mother Gothel knows what’s best for Mother Gothel, not for Rapunzel. After all, if we look closely at most of the other scenes, does Mother Gothel really show any affection at all for her adoptive daughter?


She kisses Rapunzel‘s hair, not her forehead. She caresses her daughter’s hair, not her face or anything else [I can relate to this though, my mother didn’t want us to experience much of the world, for fear that we would want to go outside all the time (the way VaporeonJolteon and Flareon are doing at the moment, I guess you could say?) and she wanted us to focus more on our studies. Nowadays though, it’s ironic because she’s the one who wants me to get out of the house, but I’m such a hermit I would rather stay home and NEET all day long if possible, hahaha I’m mean]. She doesn’t want her daughter to experience the world for herself, she doesn’t want for Rapunzel to leave her side, because she needs Rapunzel‘s healing and rejuvenating powers. Mother Gothel doesn’t even show Rapunzel much support when she wishes to leave, and she puts her daughter down throughout the song and the movie. The old woman doesn’t believe in the ‘kidnapped princess’s abilities to survive, and this lack of confidence in Rapunzel would not have helped the Princess grow up and develop on her own, at least that’s what I think [or maybe that’s her style of parenting, and she thinks that by doing and saying these things, it’ll help toughen up the children. However, children have a varying degree of resilience, and if they have no resilience, if you keep putting them down and downgrading their self-esteem, it’ll be very tough for them to bring it back up to its regular levels again].

And so, because of all of this, while I appreciated the movie all right, these were the reasons why I liked Mother Knows Best. It ironically reminded me of my own situation at home.

This last entry [but definitely not the least, readers, these entries, I hope you know, are just from the top of my head; they’re subject to change later, and also do not have any particular order] for this post will be “Poor Unfortunate Souls” by Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Ursula begins her song by offering her services to Ariel, promising to the Princess of the Seas that she will help her get her legs, so she could get to spend time with Prince Eric on the surface. The Sea Witch also assures to the Princess that she’s reformed, that she’s changed her ways and knows that she’s done wrong before. However, Ursula does have hints here and there that she sees the people she helps as less than her equal, especially when she calls them “pathetic” or “miserable” in her song [really, Ariel, stop being so overwhelmed and tell her a flat ‘no’ or something].

…all of this, of course, with the ‘equivalent’ exchange of getting Ariel‘s voice, which she’ll obviously get to use later when she transforms into Vanessa (if I recall) to enchant Eric.

Ariel is initially skeptical and does realize that if she abandons her mermaid tail for legs, she won’t see her siblings nor her father again. To this, Ursula says that it’s a tough decision to make, but then at least Ariel would be with Eric. Of course, again, all the Sea Witch would need would be the titular character’s voice, which, after Ursula reveals to her the human customs [like how human men prefer women who cannot talk anyway, because they’re such gossips and they shouldn’t be talking too much, if I recall], Ariel chooses to sing in a very ominous palette of colours and frightening melody, coupled with Ursula‘s voice.

I like the melody of the song and while it was also scary to watch through when I was a child, I really like singing the song – although I do it in Canadian French, because I am used to watching the Canadian French version, ahha. It’s also surprising, I never quite realized how… very… in touch with her feminine side Ursula was; the lipstick, especially the one that got away, and then the ‘body language’ comment she made while moving her body the way my very inflexible one cannot. And from the YouTube video I just sang along, it’s funny how I never noticed that they gave her chest a very prominent role in animating as well… I just really like the part where she basically says the title to the song, because I like to sing it to my friend who sometimes makes me feel like she’s a poor unfortunate soul (for their cluelessness, or for their childhood filled with more fun stuff and they didn’t get to learn the Disney classics or others as I have because I spent my childhood in front of a television – seriously that’s bad kids. Get out more. Have fun).

All righties,
This will have to be all of it from me today!
I’ll see you all later (tomorrow)!
Be good and take care of yourselves!
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