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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 13)

by on June 13, 2016

June 13th, 2016

Hello there, my friends,
How are you all doing on this fine, fine day of the month of June (the rime would’ve worked better for the month of May)? I’m not doing so well, I forgot to eat breakfast today because I was too tired to get up this morning, and when I finally did get up, I was late and had to run to work. Don’t do this at home, people. Please. It was a good day, but it wasn’t that good either.

Day 13: Your least favorite song.

I had to research for quite a few moments, because I mostly remember what I like, and my brain sort of just forgets the rest, I guess. However, with more research, I believe that I’ve found a couple of songs that I remember not liking. I’m not sure how it’ll go, but I’ll try to make this post as short as possible. It was impossible.

For one, let’s start with the one I’m pretty sure everyone will agree with: “What Made The Red Man Red” from Peter Pan. First of all, no, Disney. Wrong move. Second of all: no.

Do I have to explain to you that imagining how Native Americans dress, how they speak and how they dance and illustrating it in a child’s movie may leave a negative impression on the children who watch it? In the terms where what you could imagine Native Americans’ outfits and their culture could actually be stereotypes if you don’t do the proper research. Especially in the light of what I’ve been studying lately [for example, the education up North is really not the best funded. The government keeps promising that they’ll be making better establishments, but… they haven’t in the last couple of years, we can only wish that Justin Trudeau and his people can make better promises and fulfill those better than previous governments, but even when you study History in Quebec high school, which is something I have to re-learn in order to tutor to the Unowns, I always point out to them how wrongly the colonials treated them. That way, at least, I show them a different point of view from what they see in school? Or at least I can give them some other perspective to consider], I find that our cultures – yes, even in Canada, we’ve been having difficulties with acknowledging and being kinder to the First Nations, and that, well I find it’s very, very difficult to swallow. Making a movie that portrays their culture wrongly is not the best step towards it – hey, the movie was made in the earlier days, but people still watch it now, so hush.

Make your characters better portray their cultures, Disney. Do your research.

Then, in the category of songs I wasn’t sure I would mention because it’s controversial in the sense where people may hate me for mentioning it here: there’s “Let It Go” from Frozen. There’s nothing wrong with the lyrics, and I guess the context of it won’t be misunderstood. At least from what little knowledge of this world I have. I just find the song somewhat annoying, because it’s been played and played so much, and because the children sing it so often at school and at the daycare [even Ellen Degeneres is somewhat tired of hearing the song!]. Fun fact: That’s why I’ve begun singing other songs from Disney to them, because man, I need some more diversity. A lot of children have been loving the change in songs, so I’m pretty happy, and it’s surprising how well they learn the songs too, especially if I’ve sung it more than thrice in the past couple of months [A Whole New World (Aladdin) is one of these, haha].

Don’t get me wrong though, there are so many things this song gets right: the visuals, for one. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love how they portrayed Queen Elsa‘s transformation throughout the song [I mean, it’s not just a physical transformation, but it’s a transformation in the way that she portrays herself, and the way that her mentality changes, I guess? It’s the way sometimes, girls are expected to do certain things, and it goes against what their ideals are? So one day, they sort of just snap? Elsa snapped in a very spectacular way]. She begins with her traditional dress, unsure of herself, remembering and repeating to herself the motto she had. Then, she sings, very certain of her abilities and testing them out, creating a castle out of ice, even!

Not only that, but I’m going to end this nomination with this: Queen Elsa was interested in Geometry, in MATH! This person explains it way better than me, but basically, imagine: the reason why Elsa even succeeds in creating such a masterpiece of architecture (from the standpoint of a totally noob person who has no background in architecture, by the way) is because of her love and knowledge of geometry, which is used in architecture a lot, I believe. If they had outright said it in the movie, I feel like Queen Elsa would have been an even GREATER role model for the children. And more specifically, to the girls, who are so discouraged from going into mathematics or sciences/engineering, etc.

There are so many other songs that I could be talking about, but here’s my final entry for today: Frollo [from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame]’s “Hellfire” [just as a passing, but… I really liked “God Help the Outcasts” I think that’s an underrated song, but then… I think lots of people like that one too].

What?! Am I the only one who didn’t like this song? All right… sorry…

Don’t get me wrong though, some things in this song are really good. For example, the visual effects and how the fire was portrayed [and how it always took on Esmeralda‘s form, thus showing us just how much obsessed he became], coupled with the very ‘church-like’ singing sends goosebumps my way. And hey, I totally understand that it’s something that is human and that no human can really escape sin or… I guess… anyone around you – even a priest – could be a bad guy. I can accept it, I mean there’s been tons of cases of pedophilia over the years. I can’t deny that it happens, so like, Claude Frollo catching the lust for Esmeralda is sort of… it happens in real life [now I’m not justifying what he did. (No one likes you, Frollo), I’m just saying it happens, and it sucks, and man, you have these feelings and you act them out in the worst possible way, you caca!]. And maybe because this man is villainous in his humanity, it makes him one of the baddest of the bad? I mean he didn’t plot to own the entire world, but… he’s a self-righteous man who believes his lust for a young woman is her fault and not his. It’s… it reminds me of a lot of people’s thinking… even in our society…

No, what I didn’t – never really liked about Hellfire, or about the Judge Frollo being the bad guy – may be that, I guess, I didn’t understand how such an old man could have such intense feelings towards Esmeralda, as a kid, that is [or maybe as a kid, it resembled the stranger danger teachings we had against pedos]. Of course, now I cannot deny that it doesn’t happen (I’ve grown up!? I mean, I used to be irked by how he was a man of Church, and how this guy was so prone to sinning when he shouldn’t be? I’m still a Church goer and I practice my beliefs, but I’m not anything like this sad excuse of a dude. I guess as a child, I was irked by Claude Frollo because he was giving us a bad reputation, not that I understood all this unsaid hatred enough to be able to express it like this (and even as I do this, I’m having somewhat difficulties explaining myself, I’m sorry)). At my age though, what frightens me about this song is the degree of selfishness or arrogance Claude Frollo displays in his lyrics. I mean, do you really think that you can own a girl, just because you have caught the feels?! No man. No.

‘No’ means No!

imageAll right!
I’m off for the day!
See you all tomorrow!


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