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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 15)

by on June 15, 2016

March 15th, 2016 

Greetings, my readers from the Internet!
How are you all doing? I’m doing well, considering that I’m supposed to be actively writing down all the evaluations from the children under my care, in order to give to their parents and potentially have them scream at me for mis-evaluating their child… and that I’m writing this to you instead… But let’s not talk about that… We’re now at Day 15 of our 30 Day Challenge! Isn’t that exciting?! I know for me it is!

Day 15: The first movie you saw

I remember almost-very distinctively when my parents brought home our copy of the VHS (oh my goodness if you don’t know what a VHS is, go educate yourselves in something useless in your generation, but that was hella entertaining in my generation). Jolteon and I was pretty small, but I think it was Snow White and the 7 Dwarves [I’m going to spell it the way I like it, all right? I like that the plural of Dwarf is Dwarves]. It was released in 1937 and, I wasn’t exactly born in that time, and I’m too lazy to get up and look at the release date of the cassette I have. I remember a lot of my siblings, Vaporeon in particular, being scared of that particular scene with the witch being chased by the Dwarves.

According to Portal Disney on Wikipedia, there’s been plenty of other movies between the two movies I’m going to mention here, and yet, I feel like perhaps my parents may have bought any of the movies they thought we might like, and may have bought them out of sequence. I do have all of those movies though, I believe…

…it’s either that one [Snow White and the Seven Dwarves] or it was Cinderella , because I have very blurry memories of that one as well. I remember loving the protagonist so much, because I even dressed up as a simpler version of her at my elementary school first grade Halloween party. I remember my mom making a magic wand made of aluminum foil and a chopstick, to make me feel even more like a fairy or like Cinderella (in my brain back in the day, Cinderella had magic and a magical wand at her disposition right?). I remember my sweet teacher hung a sheet of white cloth and used a projector to create a shadow play-like scenario. She called us out in duos and when came my turn, I think she placed me with the boy I may or may not have had a crush on. The reason why I’m mentioning this now is because I used one of the scenes of Cinderella to mime behind the curtain. It was the moment they’d met first at the ball [the scene where he bows and she does a curtsy though before he offers to dance with her and she accepts]. Of course, that particular bout didn’t go as well as in the movie since the boy was dancing and laughing at his shadows, making us all laugh with him, dressed up in his Zorro outfit (I think it was Zorro?). Anyways, I have a weird memory, since I remember that scene – doing the shadow play was probably one of my first moments in dramatic art and I’ve been hooked ever since, maybe that’s why. My brain is telling me that I should’ve gone into acting – out of all the things that I could remember from that time in that particular elementary school [wait I have another memory of that particular school, but I’ll tell it later, when the context is right, hahaha].

This is honestly probably one of the oldest movies that I remember watching, since it’s influenced me for a lot throughout my life [especially in my more emo teen years, in which I really did feel like I was living in a household not unlike hers (of course, now I’m the one who has probably become the evil stepsister, but… hush, those are details…)]:

  1. working hard [currently working approximately 60 hours per week, after all],
  2. be kind [okay I’m honestly still working on that… sometimes… when I remember…],
  3. achieve your dream, find your prince [honestly, I still feel like you don’t need a prince to achieve happiness]…

Cinderella, I’m following your footsteps! Sort of. I’m probably never more going to put on a dress for partying, won’t wear glass shoes/slippers and am not gonna dance with the first male coming my way. I’m doing it my way, Cindy, and I hope you don’t mind, haha. You should probably already know I like Cinderella, haha. After all, one just needs to look at my obsession with Cinderella Monogatari from my Day 14 post from the Anime Challenge.

All righties, everybody! 
That’s all out of me tonight, 
I really have to get back to my evaluations!
See y’all later! 
Ponyta’s out! 


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  1. I need to look up this Cinderella Monogatari…I think you gave a Princess Monogatari or something like that?

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