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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 16)

by on June 16, 2016

March 31rst, 2016

Hello there, people!
How’s it all going? I sure hope it’s going better than me. I had a minor surgery to remove a wisdom tooth that was being very uncomfortable in my small mouth. The painnnnnn!!!!! I haven’t been able to drink hot water (though my Unowns will tell you I adore the stuff) or eat much of anything solid (that’s some improvement, I guess since I just sometimes forget to eat altogether).

Day 16: Your favorite classic

It probably has to be Sleeping Beauty, or Cinderella, if you qualify “classic” as one of the first movies I ever watched.

Sleeping Beauty, not so much because I liked Aurora the character (I liked her song though? But if you think about it, she didn’t do much), but I liked the movie because of the interaction between Prince Phillip and his horse (back in the day, very little was known about the princes in the stories. For example, the princes in Cinderella and Snow White, the two only princess movies I’d watched at that point I believe, where the princes appeared at the end and that was it). It was funny to see that the prince had a life and could talk and had an animal that seems like it was his best friend [but hey, Disney, come to think of it, back then, you didn’t want us to see two male characters having some bromance on screen? Only with animals? Can’t the princes have prince friends or commoner-friends?! – of course this comment is solely based on these movies… but if you think about it Eugene from Tangled didn’t have much friends either, and neither did Naveen from The Frog Princess, and let’s not talk about Sven]. Not only that, but the fairy godmothers and their rapport between them was just too hilarious. They set the standards high for parenting [they probably had so much trouble raising a child, right?! And yet, they pulled it off, and without magic, too, how awesome is that?!] and for friendship [I wonder what kind of backstory they have, like, how they’ve become friends, or how related they are…], for surely they formed a sisterhood of sorts. I always also admired their powers. How cool is it that they could basically do anything (from creating dresses out of their imagination (provided they have the materials, of course) to cooking (again, provided that they have the necessary ingredients)?!) with the help of their magic wands?! I think my love for magic stems from that movie. Maybe [also it would be simply extremely awesome to be able to make food using magic, because then I wouldn’t have to burn things anymore in the kitchens, right?].



I also want to talk about Maleficent. Is she really as vain as she is portrayed in the Disney version of the movie, or is she a loving mother, on a quest for revenge against the Charmings for kidnapping her child, like in ABC’s television show Once Upon a Time? Or is it some kind of romance between her an King Stefan (sp?) that made him clip her wings and marry someone else, and have Aurora as a daughter – so really, this means her motivations were… jealousy? Nah. Again, it seems like it was revenge, since she went after her wings which were magically kept alive or something. Or was it some other reason entirely? I know that these are fairy tales and most of the times, the villains don’t get their deserved back story straightened out, but I do like to think about her motivations, and I think, with all my interests in her powers and all that. After all, why would an all-powerful woman such as Maleficent curse a newborn at her Christening, just because she wasn’t invited? There’s… unless she’s seriously petty, it seems to me like she has some kind of other motive. I guess I find it difficult to think that she did it “just because it’s the evil thing to do” although I guess that’s quite a plausible reason as well… I wouldn’t know, I’m not as evil as I want to be, apparently.

Not only that, but I feel like the visuals for this movie were outstanding – at least back in the day, and of course, using my lens as a child. Even right now though, I still really like the animation, the art style, the visual effects for the fire she created, the fairies’ magic… And what can I tell you about the soundtrack? I just… I just really enjoyed it (frankly, I still have goosebumps from how well-orchestrated this whole scene – as well as Prince Phillip’s fight sequence with the Dragon-Maleficent, of course was created and presented to us). This is a classic Disney Movie I would revisit if my VHS player still works, despite all the flaws there probably are, which I would acknowledge [like man, girl, why are you so enthralled about this one dude you’ve met once in a dream, ONLY ONCE mind you! If it’d been in multiple dreams, then I would totally understand (but I guess “I met you in my many dreams” 
1) comes off as a bit obsessive or creepy or stalker-ish 
2) doesn’t fit as well with the song… I GUESS].

Then, there’s Cinderella. While Sleeping Beauty doesn’t speak much by the end of the movie, Cinderella is pretty much center stage (with her mice and other animal friends?). Don’t be surprised, I mean, I do remember writing about how I used it as a Halloween costume when I was a child [oh, I just checked, it was for Day 15]… You’ll probably listen to me talk about Cinderella very often, because, I can relate so hard to the main Disney Princess… I just really like the idea of working hard, I guess [well, you know this to be true if you know me – or if you know me on Twitter/Facebook or other social media]. I’m a workaholic, after all (and I may have gotten the habit from my parents (but then again, even they have been telling me off recently about how much I “over-“work. It’s really not my fault if I can’t say ‘no’ to a job prospect)) and I may have gotten the brainwashing from Cinderella, although you know what? I think that working hard is a good value to uphold (although I have to learn when to stop at some point…), even though The Princess and the Frog sort of spun the idea around itself as it came to Princess Tiana, who works too hard and doesn’t see the other pieces of the picture in terms of what she needs (although man, does what you ‘need’ really need to involve a man? That’s just me though). I like that Disney learned from their “working hard” policy and rectified it in that recent movie. 

As a child, it didn’t matter to me as much that the Prince Charming did not speak, although man, now it does bother me a little bit. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m glad that he doesn’t steal the show from Cinderella, unlike Prince Phillip from the previous paragraphs, who overshadows Aurora greatly in my most humble opinion as a child.  No. Cinderella is the main protagonist [fun fact: I used to tie my hair with a ribbon like that as a kid but it would always fall off, because that hairstyle… I can’t replicated with only one ribbon? I think, don’t quote me on this, I’m no expert], right. Well sort of. If you don’t count her sidekicks… who are arguably also protagonists in my book. Sort of. Another thing that I really enjoyed would be the Fairy Godmother. Again with this motif this day: magic. I just really, really, really, really love magic, and the way the old fairy godmother couldn’t remember what her spell went. It was a stark contrast to the Sleeping Beauty fairies, who could do anything with just the wave of a wand. I really wonder if there’s not a “Fairy Godmother” school the fairies in all Disney movies go to. Does Tinker Bell count as a fairy godmother? Well she’s a Fairy though… I really want to see all the Disney fairies gather together. That’d be cool.

Just like Sleeping Beauty, though, of course, I acknowledge that there are flaws in this movie. Like how in the world can you fall in love with the Prince if you’ve only met him once, through one or two dances? If he’s anything like the men in this present society (and thank goodness for you, Cinderella, he’s sort of not, since he’s a Disney Prince?), then he only likes you and hunts you down for your looks! FOR YOUR LOOKS! How can someone knows of someone’s personality simply by dancing with them once? I ask you [wait, my answer can be the premise of an excellent story, so I’m going to NOT answer it here… Look out, world, Ponyta (pseudonym, my parents did not name me after a Pokemon)’s new fairy tale retelling is on your way! …at a snail’s pace]?! That’s why I rather Cinderella Monogatari, haha. Okay I gotta stop before I go further, but if you explore the tag: “Cinderella Monogatari” on this blog of mine, then you’ll know why I liked that series best.

So yeah, that’s why these are two of my favourite classics.

 That’ll have to be it out of me today, people
Thank you for your patience!
See you all tomorrow!


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  1. Aw I didn’t realize you were in such an pain! At least it’s over 🙂

    I couldn’t help agreeing with your Sleeping Beauty post (and Cinderella for that matter too lol)! I like how you placed it in favourite classics – I liked it more for the secondary characters than Aurora herself. And I never understood how she fell for him from a dream!!! He could be a psychopathic killer for all we know LOL
    But also I never really got a grasp of her character besides her short interaction with the animals before she fell asleep. Was she asleep for most of the movie? I can’t remember…
    I loved Cinderella’s hard working character too! It would have been nice to get to know Prince Charming’s character a bit more too – I remember seeing more of him in A Twist In Time, did you watch it?

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