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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 17)

by on June 17, 2016

June 15th, 2016 

Hello there all of you,
And welcome to the 17th day of this month of June… as well as the 17th day of the 30 day Disney Challenge!! Let’s try to keep this thing afloat even though I’m only writing this two days before the scheduled date and I’m not even sure that I’ll be able to finish this on time, because read this prompt:

Day 17: Your least favorite classic.

Again, I ask you, please tell me what a “classic” is. Is it a movie that was written a long time ago? Or a movie that was distributed a long time ago? So long ago, in fact, that they are recognizable in all forms of media? It took me awhile to find this one, so I’m not going to find another one, I believe… or would I?

Munchlax and I had a little talk earlier about how Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was a bad one [don’t get me wrong though, this movie is the one who started it all for many, right?].

First of all, this Princess is one of those who is basically given the task of doing nothing but literally wait around in a glass coffin for her Prince to come save her. One of her SONGS is literally Some Day My Prince Will Come” [how do you know this guy professing his love for your beauty, this guy who doesn’t say much except that he’s got his heart to give you… how do you know this guy is a Prince?! Because of the noble clothes he dresses in?! Aren’t you wondering why he’s wearing these clothes and trespassing into some other kingdom’s territory, singing duets with the Princess?!] and the other song “I’m Wishing“!! She doesn’t really do anything to… move forward to move her plot, and if she’s only wishing for her true love to come, well… man, you’re just teaching the wrong stuff to the girls: do nothing except wishing, and your prince will come to you in a white steed, singing a duet that matches your own.

Snow White is seen sweeping the floor, cooking, waiting, entertaining strange old women who want to sell her combs, apples and laces (because man, obviously that’s all the women want. You could not have gone wrong with that, Evil Queen. You’ve been rejecting your step-daughter for how long now? And yet, you know what she likes enough that you’ll know what to sell her? Darn, that’s a pretty strong patience and discipline you’ve got there, to be living with this maid with royal blood, forcing yourself to endure her presence, only to order her killed by a mercenary, to learn what she likes and what she doesn’t like just in case you’ll need the information later in order to end her life) while the men are off to work. She’s expected to marry the Prince (all right, to be completely fair, I guess she just ups and leaves the Dwarves when the Prince she sang with once? Maybe? arrives, kisses her like a creepy dude who kisses girls when they’re sleeping/dead in the forest like they somehow know that she’ll wake up. She’s not shown marrying him immediately afterwards, but that’s what the feel is sort of like, right? And I guess I’d be a hypocritical person if I didn’t acknowledge that Cinderella could have the same flaw as this, and yet is one of my favourite ‘classic’. I mean, Snow White works just as much as Cinderella did, if not more; her step-mother was abusing her by making her do the chores like sweeping and mopping and cleaning all over the palace, if I do recall, and she still had to work through all of that, which is somewhat a lot more than Cinderella had to do, with her household mansion and all that. I acknowledge that. I also would like to acknowledge that maybe Snow White has known the Prince for some time, and maybe they routinely sing together? And that’s why she is excited to see him arrive and preps herself to be pretty despite the rags that she wears. But then, would she have been so surprised when he came surprisingly to her?! I don’t think so… I’m just saying. They’re simplifying the dating (or courtship) game, and that’s one pretty bad moral to have in terms of romance. I guess some people – like Snow White, who’s the fairest of them all – are so beautiful that they don’t really need to do anything but wait for someone to accost them, but haven’t we seen even in movies and in books – because I dunno if I know someone whom I would call “the fairest of them all” (?) who wouldn’t have some difficulties maintaining a relationship, despite their beauty. But should we really say that all girls have that beauty in them that guys (or just their preferred gender) will notice, and they’ll be able to ‘live happily ever after’?! No).

Another nomination for this day would be Peter Pan, and while people seem to really like the dude, I guess I never really saw the hype around this guy? Isn’t he just a brat? This post can even explain to you why he’s a sociopath and a kidnapper – of course, this is based on the book, not so much the movie, but to think that Disney turned such a character who has little to no care for his companions the Lost Boys, nor Tinker Bell, spoilers: who passed away saving him end of spoilers, into one beloved childhood character for many of us [well except me now, I guess… now I really just see him as one really tragic character… and also I hate his character from Once Upon a Time… I’m not up to date with the series though so many he’s changed…? Or maybe not…]… that’s… well, that’s quite something.

And not only that, but let’s not forget from our Day 13 post, that Peter Pan the Disney movie (yes we’re circling back to that) is somewhat racist. He’s also pretty sexist too, if I recall. You don’t have to look far into the movie, either: “Girls talk too much,” is a prime example, and how Wendy Darling basically only really does things ‘women’ are supposed to do, like caring for her siblings, be the Mother, etc.

The last entry for today is Dinosaur. I just… sort of didn’t like it as much. I didn’t like the dinosaur as much, and I didn’t care for the story as much, so I only watched it a couple of times. Other people probably like it more, but this movie came at a point in my life where I was still shunning the 3-Dimensional animated movies like this one. At that time, younger-Ponyta would also probably have shun movies like Tangled or Shrek, I think.

Don’t get me wrong though, the details and the animation were impressive! I was just less into the idea of them in 3D than I am now, so it deserves a nomination over here.

Anyways, the story was all right, but it was a little bit too familiar to another storyline I’d already read about.

Yep, I’ve tried to keep it short.
See you all tomorrow!
(◐ o ◑ ) Ponyta’s out (◐ o ◑ )


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  1. TINKERBELL DIES??? I don’t remember this…was it in Peter Pan? Cuz that’s the only movie I saw lol…. I liked Peter Pan in OUAT though! At least, in s3? Not sure what he’s like now.

    I also shunned animated movies for that reason!! It started with the Incredibles xD

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