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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 18)

by on June 18, 2016

May 31rst, 2016

Well, howdy, people!
How are you all going on this fine day of May? The 30 day disney challenge will be beginning soon, and I really wonder if I’m ready for this if I’m only now writing about Day 18… at any rate, let us start so I may begin writing for another day’s post:

Day 18: Your favorite Pixar Film

I’m thinking of going to see Finding Dory (which is airing in a couple of months, after so long! CAN YOU IMAGINE?!), so it’s great that Finding Nemo gets a spot in this Disney Challenge [I think this is the first time I’m writing about it].

I really loved the way the clown fishes had such a nice narrative that can be compared to that of a single father. Of course, though, Finding Nemo has its rather tragic story if you know the truth about Clown Fish [if you feel like you need to know: as clown fish are fishes that have a… matriarchal system, when the “alpha” female perishes for any reason, the dominant male clown fish will be the one who takes her place and basically has a sex change in order to become the female and step up to the plate (here’s my source)], but the narrative was pretty interesting and the visual effects were really impressive to look at.

The evolution of Marlin as a father figure, I think, is also pretty good, especially considering that he really grew into his own. He went from being fearful of the unknown, of the rest of the ocean, to braving it and all, just so that he could find his only son. Frankly, I can relate to Marlin a lot. I think Munchlax and my other friends know how I see the downtown area in our region: from movies and shows, I know drugs exist, so I just am too scared of walking around downtown – or anywhere – because of the drugs and alcoholism and smoking and sociopaths. I’ve been better though: I have to come home late from movies. But I’ll always be very careful…

The evolution of Nemo, I think, is also pretty good. He was excited to go to school, and while he deeply wants to be as capable as anyone. Nemo is thrust into a situation in which nobody can really help him: he is the only one who can perform something, despite his handicap. And yet, not for the first time, he doubts himself. His surrounding had always treated him… differently because of his fin, and now, he’s scared that he would mess things up. I can understand how he feels, so I can relate to this little guy as well! He also comes into his own abilities despite his particularity. I think it’s a nice analogy to a lot of the children who have disabilities or difficulties. Some of them can learn to overcome certain obstacles their way, in their own way.

There was once this theory that I found on YouTube about how maybe Dory is actually faking her amnesia. I don’t have much knowledge on memory – which is funny or really ironic, because my dear readers, you know I have a really bad memory, and maybe I should… research this but anyways, so I can really relate to Dory – but the arguments the YouTuber, The Film Theorists (in here, you’ll see his part 1, and then, in his part 2), puts forth in videos that are preparing us for the Finding Dory movie premiere in the theaters, and especially the bout about the blue tang’s fixation with getting Nemo‘s name wrong throughout the movie but gets the “o” right at the end of each of the names she proposes, were pretty interesting to consider [**June 18th, 2016 update SPOILERS: Dory doesn’t fake her bad memory in the Finding Dory movie, but at least hey: she’s getting much better with it! **End of Spoilers*].

For those of you who haven’t watched Finding Nemo in awhile, it’s always a great watch! At least for me, anyway.

The Incredibles is also a pretty good movie that I enjoyed. You know I quite enjoy superheroes, which means to me that the Incredibles have got to appear in more than just one of these day prompts. I believe I’ve spoken enough about how much I love the characters, too, so I hope you’ll understand/enjoy that I’m cutting this short. Let’s recall that I liked the female characters in this movie, who are all different in terms of physical appearances as well as their motivations and personalities [Edna is confident, sure of herself, Violet Parr wants to be normal but evolves into a character who learns to accept her differences, Helen Parr is coming in her own as a superheroine, a mother to her three very different children, and a wife, etc.].

The idea of superheroes may be overrated for many people, and yet The Incredibles managed to parody tons of the other superhero tropes, hahaha. It really came into its own as a hero movie, and I really cannot wait for The Incredibles II.

The last nomination for today’s day prompt will have to be: Ratatouille‘s concept was pretty good; anyone can cook?! I can totally relate to this [you know I cannot cook so well… so the very idea that anyone can cook, even an animal, is sort of inspiring?]. I’m not a foodie or anything, but the movie was pretty good in terms of story, and the food?! The food looked SO GOOD [that it still makes me hungry for Ratatouille – because I don’t think I’ve ever tasted it before]!

The characters are also pretty good. I like how the main character, Remy, is able to follow his dream into becoming a chef through his own trials and tribulations [and befriending a really nice fellow, too who ends up being the son of the chef Remy admires a lot, I believe]. His family – because in typical children’s stories – plays a very important role in that they initially discourage him from doing something out of the ordinary for rats, but, upon seeing how necessary it is for Remy, promptly change their minds and help the young rat out. Disney and Pixar makes us wish for these ‘perfect’ families.

I also liked the ‘realism’ of the end? I mean that they maintained at least some elements that can still be relatable to real life: the restaurant had to close down because of rodent problems, but they rebuilt another one that has just as much popularity despite the people knowing – I think – that the main chef is a rat. The food critique who loved the Ratatouille was discredited, but at least Remy‘s story also inspired him into improving his own character [at least that he re-learned how to enjoy eating food for the sake of tasting it, not for the sake of critiquing it?], I think? From my poor, poor memory anyway.

All righties, I’m going to get going!
See you all tomorrow!
Ponyta’s out ヽ(*´∀`)ノ 


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