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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 19)

by on June 19, 2016

May 31rst, 2016

Hi there, everybody!
How are you all doing? How I haven’t finished all of these posts and scheduled them already by this date, I have no idea… I haven’t worked two jobs at full-time status for… well ever. If you don’t count being a student. Being a student is so much easier, because you have access to Internet and you can multitask while studying. Do it at your own perils, children. It worked for me, anyway. At any rate, let’s start with today’s post, so I can move on to another one if possible:

Day 19: Your least favorite Pixar Film.

It’s so difficult to try to find a movie Pixar didn’t do right on at least some kind of level. However, well… I have to choose some, right? Today’s post may well be very… very… short… compared to the other days anwyay…

So here goes nothing:

A Bug’s Life movie is definitely one of those movies that didn’t rank high with me though I appreciated many of the aspects of this movie. I believe the only reason why it’s probably lower than the other movies in my most humble opinion is only because I shunned 3D movies back then and I didn’t like them as much. It was one of the first ones that I had. Something else that I disliked… was mostly ants. I don’t like ants in general (which is VERY contradictory of me, since I keep stressing the fact that I enjoy hard-working Cinderella and Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog), and yes, yes, I acknowledge that they are useful to the ecosystems, but it doesn’t mean I have to like seeing them crawling around and about like that in my room/house/classroom!).

I liked their attempt at humour (the male ladybug still makes me laugh, because hey, it’s true! Even though they have “lady” in the name, there are still male ladybugs out there, and man must they feel bad to be the butt of that joke…) and their storyline [the idea of ants having to step up to grasshoppers, who are basically ?! That’s pretty win! I never knew ants and grasshoppers were not… very… friendly with one another…]. I also of course appreciated some of the ideas or morals that circulated throughout the movie [but I think many of those are easy ‘wins’ for many movies, even the ones I dislike]. For example, the one about being patient. Patience is indeed a virtue, and of course, following your own path, even though other ants follow a certain set of… rules, Flik doesn’t, he is an inventor, and seeks to be useful, his own way. I like that, I can relate to it… even if it means I have to relate to an ant…

Due to the fact that I didn’t like 3D animation so much, and I never really like ants, even to this day, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve watched this movie throughout my life. Maybe I should revisit it and appreciate it more.


I’m sure that there are more movies from Pixar that I could nominate [after all, my tastes over time can change… right? And also my memories of movies I dislike may also return], but for now, I’ll only mention this one!

See you tomorrow!
O(≧∇≦)O Yaay!! – Ponyout – O(≧∇≦)O Yaay!!


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