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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 20)

by on June 20, 2016

March 30th, 2016

Howdies, everybody!
How’s it all going? I trust that this post finds you in good shape! When you receive this post, I’ll still be working, because man, I’m seriously a workaholic and I’m probably never going to ever take a day off except for Otakuthon and other volunteer activities.

Day 20: Favorite Sequel

I can go the Toy Story route, but… I scarcely remember that one, I think…? And also, get this: I still haven’t watched Toy Story 3 as of the writing of this yet. I KNOW RIGHT?! I personally blame work. Or the fact that everyone says it’s a sad story, and I can’t deal with the sadness…

I believe one of my favorite sequels will have to be Lion King. I liked the idea that the lion cub we knew and loved had grown up and was now a father. Of course, back in the day, I didn’t know the irony that was him trying to keep his daughter in check, compared to his own father, Mufasa, trying to keep HIM in check all that time [to be completely honest, I’m not even sure that my younger self knew that this grown king was the Simba I knew… but then again, he did grow up in the span of a single song in the first movie, so maybe I could…? I’m not sure, I have a freaking bad memory, all right?]. And then, to compare that to what young parents must feel like when they think about the things they’ve done and how their parents had to behave. It’s also interesting to consider that Simba has to relate to his daughter, as opposed to having a son. Isn’t it pretty difficult for fathers to raise and relate to their daughters? From stories I hear, anyway. I’m not sure…

The idea of the star-crossed love between the outcast, Kovu, and Simba’s daughter, Kiara, was quite something. To know, even, that this story inspired itself by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, too [and let’s remember that the first Lion King movie was based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, will the other sequels (if there are any at all?) be based on Shakespeare’s works as well? At any rate, I know that Lion’s Guard is an animated television series about Kiara’s little brother…?! I’ve got to watch it… one of these days… I’m sure that I’ll somehow find the time, right?!]. I didn’t ultimately love this movie, though, as a child, I know that there were a few moments that were really fishy to me, like that particular scene when their reflection shows only one half of them? It was really strange to me, because I didn’t understand how it could’ve been like that, and then, how they just… complemented each other’s reflections… to me anyway, it didn’t make much of any sense. I mean, I know that they like each other, but, I don’t know, it was pretty abstract in my brain as a child… I don’t know how I felt about the chemistry and/or the romance between the two of them, I mean… could Kiara really like Kovu only because he’s forbidden material? Of course, don’t quote me on that, I’m just one for… questioning. They didn’t know each other as much as Nala and Simba’s romance, right? Or any Disney romances, actually… hahaha, maybe I’m just… I just… sort of prefer Simba and Nala, I guess, because they were childhood friends and rivals [and I guess I can sort of assume that they know each other for much longer than Kiara and Kovu have… but then again, let’s also admit that… well, Nala didn’t know the adult version of Simba, and Simba didn’t know the Adult-Nala much either, and yet, they still liked each other because they’d harbored those feelings from when they were kids? Sort of? To be honest, there wasn’t enough Nala to go around in the movie… I really, really hope that she is going to appear more in Lion Guard, because I want to see her beat Simba still in their game, even when they’re adults… again… like, Simba never beats her (or lets himself getting beaten up by her regularly, because happy marriage)]… but I guess this stems from the same sort of branch, as far as rivalry goes? Again, it’s been awhile since I’ve watched the movie, so… please do forgive my lapse in… remembering? And criticizing where there shouldn’t be any, I guess? I am not sure how I feel about their romance… I mean, wow, the ‘adult’ idea of them thinking about starting a pride together…? Wow, Kovu, I get that your families don’t like each other, but I don’t think that running away – WITH THE PRINCESS OF THE KINGDOM – would be very wise… it’ll only endanger you guys more and it’ll make Simba very mad at you… and… dude… bro… running away from your problems is something would do, not you lions [actually, that last bout, I totally relate to, even though I don’t commend it]! but I’m pretty sure I like this one much better than I understand and like Romeo and Juliet (in case you don’t remember, I highly disliked Shakespeare’s couple, haha).

SimbaxNala for the win

The redeeming moments were… Hmmm… numerous… Just to name a few: the Not one of Us song [another one of my favourite Disney Songs, too, I know it both in French and in English]. Oh man, that was a pretty good song, because, well… the whole story is basically about fitting in, right? I think that, as a child, especially as an Asian who, in the two schools I’d gone to at that point, was mostly made out of ‘white/French Canadian’ people, really spoke to me. Not only that, but there was also the underlying notion that one could become the same as one’s parents. Kovu was terrified of becoming just like his father, due to his upbringing [the fact that he physically resembled him even more thanks to the scar inflicted to him by his own mother couldn’t possibly have helped…], right? And also because, well… his own mother – by my poor remembering anyway – had basically made him into a secret agent in order to conquer or weaken Simba’s Pride, right? Don’t worry, Kovu, I’ve seen the rest of the movie, the power of your “love” for Kiara will vanquish all of your fears. I wonder if Lion Guard will show his transition from being an outcast to basically becoming a prince because he’s Kiara’s boyfriend. Like, understanding the customs correctly and everything… of course, they do so a little bit in the movie? But… MOAR, MOAR! (And this is me nitpicking).

There was also the whole thing about all the lionesses being dirty by the fight, the rain and the mud, that made them look all alike (apart maybe from their eyes) were all the same, was pretty important to me, because as a child, I didn’t even understand what was going on, really. How could I differentiate the lionesses and know who to root for if I didn’t know who was in what team? Then, Kiara arrives and is all: “They are us” and though my young brain couldn’t register it, the images that followed, comparing the lionesses were pretty compelling. Not only that, but as a young adult, this scenes furthers other thoughts: Simba was so blinded by many things: maybe the rules of what should be and what shouldn’t be… maybe protecting his land, maybe protecting his people, that he didn’t stop to think and consider how the others – the outcasts – were living. Their living conditions, after all, weren’t ideal. Simba is still learning to be a better king every day. Every adult is like that too, right? Aren’t we all learning or trying to learn and better ourselves every day?

Another redeeming feature of this movie is tied with the previous thought: this movie expanded the Lion King universe, of some sort? I wonder if Kingdom Hearts will ever touch up on the outskirts of Simba’s kingdom [maybe it has, I’m pretty behind on all my Kingdom Hearts news]. I mean, as a kid, I never wondered why and how the other lions lived in this universe. I didn’t even know there’d be more lions and lionesses than the ones shown in the movie, even though, in hindsight, I should’ve known better than to assume Africa only counted Simba as the only lion (or maybe I just never thought about it until I’d watched this movie). Not only that, but the movie also expands on the duties of a princess or prince of Simba’s pride? What I mean is… important days that are celebrated or anticipated, the way we anticipate for news about the few royals we have in these modern times, or even celebrities. After all, the way Kovu met up with Kiara again was by saving her on the day of her first hunt by herself, right? As I remember that day, it’d been a pretty exciting day for all the animals that went to congratulate her and to wish her luck. Also, the fact that she hunted some of her subjects meant that it was an accepted practice in the kingdom, right? Or… maybe I misunderstood?

Last but not least: I liked the fact that the previous characters came back. Timon and Pumba [because wow their banter and their use as comic relief is still on point from my remembering], Rafiki, Zazu [trusted adviser and messenger, and he interacts with Timon and Pumba? Sign me up. I’d like to see him in Lion Guard, because wow, I want to see Simba use him as a babysitter and be like: “You know what I’d been up to when I was a kid, get Kion to NOT do my mistakes? Please?” And Zazu’s like: “You owe me one, Sire” or something, that’d be hilarious to look at] and others were pretty funny to watch, especially Rafiki, who often speaks to Mufasa, for example, when he’s wondering what to do and how to arrange Kovu and Kiara’s problems.

All righties,
I think I’m done just… over-thinking and over-writing about one movie for now…
Hopefully for you guys, I won’t be talking about the Lion King for much longer?
Anyways, take care!
See y’all tomorrow!
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