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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 21)

by on June 21, 2016

June 20th, 2016 

Hello there everybody!
Wow, this challenge has NOT been easy for me, but wow, you know what? The month of June has passed so quickly, I can barely believe that there’s only 9 days to go. Without further ado – because man, look, I’m only ONE day in advance from having to post this! How horrendously… irresponsible of me… to not be able to cheat more the way I usually do…?!

Day 21: An Overrated Movie

*breathes* All right… I’m going to jump right into it, because I don’t know how else to tell you people this, but… Frozen is pretty overrated in my opinion.

*dives into premeditated hole in the ground and stays there*

*shots fired*

I always say this when I say something controversial – or just when I don’t want to receive haters comments: the movie was enjoyable. I liked it, like a lot of movies that I’ve written about – even the ones with “least favourite” prompts. It’s pretty well-written, if you think about it, the two songs I remember of it, “Let it Go” (the children always request it and I never sing it because man, they can sing it themselves and also, they need to know more songs) and Do you want to build a snowman” are pretty good, especially combined with the very pretty visual effects they’ve made. And what should I tell you about the use of the paintings as symbolism all throughout the story?!? The humour is also great [although I’ve got to say that my sense of humour is… pretty… diverse? I can laugh at a lot of things… when the mood strikes me, that is, so take what I say with a grain of salt, haha] and the sarcasm is on point [especially because this movie seeks to poke fun at the usual “Disney Princess” trope]. People can relate to this.

I love that Elsa is a great female character and thus, is a really great female role model for young children and, I think, represents well many women that just aren’t as well represented as far as Disney Princesses go; this Queen is interested in mathematics – more specifically, geometry [as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before]. And she doesn’t have a significant other by the end of the movie [I think it’s very important to stress that fact, because some of us are still single and it doesn’t matter whether we’ve found someone as of the end of one story or not, unlike many Disney Princesses who’ve been shoved into the arms of Princes that aren’t always as… rounded characters, I think that Brave‘s Merida and Frozen‘s Elsa have been “sacrificed” as strong female characters who do not need a man to stand on their own, and instead of focusing on their romantic relationships, the writers have chosen to focus on their family relationships. This is brilliant, because, like I said, it’s not represented enough, and I think the priorities into showing that family is important is just as good as romance (now we can start a whole debate on ‘what’ qualifies as a family. I personally think that Fairy Tail‘s idea of family is pretty accurate and encompasses many aspects that I like)]. She has superpowers.

I didn’t like the other songs of the movie as much. I guessed the rock trolls were important and were ‘wise’ and I liked the message, but I guess ultimately, the music score was a ‘miss’ for me. And the context of the song irked me. Let me understand this: so your friend just rolls to you, bringing a girl, for the first time, and you automatically break into song and force him to trollfully marry her [haha, I had to laugh at that scene though or rather its play on words] or at least to be engaged with her because you ‘ship it’ so hard that you don’t even wait to get to know her first before you decide they’re made for each other? Without listening to the reasons as to why he even brought her to you in the first place? I am so disappointed in you as friends, trolls.

Many concepts that Frozen is hailed for isn’t revolutionary. The idea of a strong female character who saves the day – in the form of Anna in this case – isn’t really new, either, if you consider Mulan, who saved an entire country from the Huns, Merida who saved her mother the bear from a mess she sort of started, or Pocahontas, who, for love and curiosity for the white men, interrupted a war that begun among them anyway in History.

Another example of how under-revolutionary some concepts this movie is acclaimed for would be Kristoff telling us that it’s ‘weird/wrong’ to marry someone upon first meeting them. Disney hasn’t made it specific for any Disney Princesses when the female characters married their significant other. Time skips happen all the time, and even Eugene Fitzherbert, the Tangled narrator, reveals that it’s taken a long time until Rapunzel accepted his asking her in marriage.

There are plenty other movies that are overrated, and plenty of reasons why Frozen is overrated – probably – but I’ll have to stop it here – mostly because I’m tired. Frozen was hyped up to be a really good movie, and while it was, I guess my expectations were just too high for it to reach the degree that I was expecting. That’s why, I think, I nominate this movie here, but mind you, maybe one of these days, when I revisit this post, I’ll be like: “Oh what?! FROZEN WAS AMAZING! What kind of mind state was I in to nominate this?! LION KING would have been a better fit!!” Who knows? If you have learned something about me through this post, it’s that I’m a contradictory person.


All right, that’s all!
See you tomorrow!
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