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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 22)

by on June 22, 2016

June 17th, 2016

Salutations from the awesome land of Canada, people!!
How are you all doing? Today marks the 22nd day of the 30 day challenge from Disney, and man, I’d really much like to get some kind of sleep, so… yeah… let’s start:

Day 22: An underrated movie

Before we go to my most underrated movie, let’s talk about this first one:

The Great Mouse Detective has a very nice plot and mirrors the Sherlock Holmes movies well, especially since the Great Mouse Detective, Basil, is in fact living in 21B Baker Street. I really like that the two protagonists – Dawson and Basil, were based off of actors from an old Sherlock Holmes movie, respectively, Nigel Bruce and Basil Ratbone [he could be the hommage to the late actor, too]. The parallel between these two titular characters lies even in their professions and in their methodology, I believe? Not only that, but Basil plays violin whenever he needs to listen or whenever he wishes to have a pick-me-up, he plays the musical instrument [and you know, I’m going to add that I very much appreciated that they didn’t put too many parallels into Basil-Sherlock Holmes, frankly because I don’t think I would’ve dealt well with a mouse that was drugging itself in order to analyze things more clearly (I only read a bunch of Sherlock Holmes novels, but I must say that the Romeo and Juliet was ingenious)].

There’s also resemblance in that Basil has his very own Dr. Watson, who follows Basil around and who has almost the exact same background, as a narrator of the story (Dr John Watson is usually the narrator of the Sherlock Holmes stories) as well as a doctor. The doctor’s name is: Dr. David Q. Dawson though. Our great mouse detective also has a Moriarty of his own, in the ‘person’ of Ratigan, who wants to be a mouse and to rule the mice kingdom, but really, he’s not (a mouse).

Olivia was a character that I disliked back in the day, due to her young age and propensity to make mistakes that even I wouldn’t have made at the young age at which I watched it.

The evil plot Ratigan, the bad guy, hatched up in order to become King of the Mouse world in England, was pretty good, considering, and it was funny to see him interact with the other mice, and adamantly proclaim that he’s a mouse when in fact, he’s a rat (it’s in your name, dude, you couldn’t even get rid of that). The irony is that, and here are some spoilers for a movie that came out awhile ago: Ratigan eventually embraces that side of himself in that battle inside of Big Ben, England’s clocktower, in order to rid himself of the person who foiled his plans from the actually Queen of England for mice was found and interrupted his celebration **End of spoilers**.

The second entry for today’s post will have to be Sword and the Stone. While the main character is thought to be young, Future King Arthur, the one who will wield Excalibur, I would venture to say that it’s Merlin, the main protagonist. Yes, sure, Arthur is now learning the precepts of Knighthood that he’ll instigate through his Knights, and he’s already got a noble heart. …and he’s learning [I felt so bad for that lady squirrel, by the way, like… d’awwww, you breaker of hearts you. Don’t worry, though, Lady Squirrel, your heart will be avenged when Guinevere cheats on this boy with Lancelot I mean what are you talking about Ponyta this is a PG13 movie and that would not happen in Disney… or would it…?] the ways of the world, right…? for Archimedes‘ entertainment, anyway, haha [dang I should’ve added this guy to the “Favourite Animal” prompt. Archimedes is an owl, which I love because they’re the symbol for death in certain culture, sure, but they’re SYMBOL OF WISDOM for being the representing animal for Athena (yes Greek Mythology again) and he’s sassy, and he’s funny, and he’s still quite the patient teacher… sometimes… of course, the one lesson he sort of taught got sidetracked and got Arthur mixed in with the “evil” witch, but… that’s another story for another time, haha]!!

But no, to me, Merlin is the one who takes the center of attention in this one. This guy is a Time Lord (Hello Dr Who reference even though I don’t watch it? I just know because of this post). He’s the teacher – maybe that’s why I like him so much, because he works magic and his ways of teaching is awesome sometimes (even though, haha, he’s so stubborn too, waiiiitttt– I’m projecting), and he’s the one who gets Arthur out of the trouble that Archimedes gets him in, sort of, and he’s also the one who helps Arthur out of his role as a squire, and thinking bigger, bigger. He’s the hero here.

…and maybe that’s why the story wasn’t so good? It was about a boy who learned about his destiny, and would eventually step into the role of being the legendary King Arthur thanks to the help of an eccentric magician, Merlin. Maybe the children weren’t so interested in the story?

…at any rate, I always liked this movie, haha.

Treasure Planet, you already know, will be the final mention that I put here. I already talk about it so much, so I will try either not to talk about it as much, OR I’ll just let you guys go to the Treasure Planet tag on this blog, so you know my exact thoughts on this particular movie.

However, because I’m cheating and I rarely keep my word here on this blog, I will mention something new?! I just want to say that I showed the children at the daycare this movie, and one of them – let’s name her Diana Prince (as in, Wonder Woman, because this kid is super awesome [and yes, I’m going to start naming them after superheroes and superheroines instead of calling them just Unowns, I really hope I can keep track of them all, haha]. I’m so sad, because she and Guy Gardner – yes, as in Green Lantern, are leaving my group and going into Carol‘s group, because her children are graduating and trickling out of the daycare one by one [Jessica Jones left this week and a week or two before that, it was Kamala Khan]. I’m going to be admitting another child in my group next week, I am really not sure who it is, but… I’ll have to find a superhero name for him or her. Also, I’ll eventually have to part ways with the children that I’ve been working with since January, my heart breaks, readers, my heart breaks…) – came to me and she was sniffling. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that the movie was making her sad.

That’s how good the movie is, my dear readers. Treasure Planet can make 4 year olds cry, because while they don’t understand why it is so moving, so touching, they can feel it pull at their heartstrings.

Case closed.

Go watch the movie.

And enjoy it [no pressure though, I know that you guys are entitled to your opinions. I’m just really glad the kids loved the movie].

All right, I’ll stop blabbering about now,
Have a nice evening/afternoon/morning, whenever you are reading this,
or alternatively, whenever this is posted.
See y’all tomorrow!
ヽ(`Д´)ノ ┻━┻ Ponyout 


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