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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 23)

by on June 23, 2016

June 22nd. 2016

How are y’all doing?

I’m doing all right, thank you so much for asking, I’m just really shocked at myself that I still haven’t finished scheduling these on time so that I can have some respite. Most of the tutoring kids have gone into vacation so I don’t need to tutor anymore, but the children at the daycare are… well most of them aren’t taking any breaks whatsoever, yay. On top of that, I indirectly got challenged by Stefuh (check out her blog) to do the Camp Nanowrimo [I in turn challenged Bayleef, we’ll see how it goes]. Now you know from the word count displayed here that I participate in the November part of the event, but this time, this is the summer camp kind of event where you decide your own goal (as long as it’s between 30k and 1 million words; to be honest, with my hectic schedule, I’m probably only going to be aiming for 30k words). I’ve joined with a fun theme in mind, one which mirrors one of the movies that I spoke of the most during this challenge: SPACE PIRATES [and yes, because of Treasure Planet and because I’ve been talking about the movie so much in the past few days that I cannot pass up this chance to write something out of my comfort zone – although not that much, come to think of it…]!!! I cannot wait to see where that takes me, haha. All right, enough about me and how I’m digging myself a hole I’ll likely never get out of on time for the 30 day Sailor Moon Challenge event in August [let’s hope I make it that far]. Let’s talk about today’s prompt:

Day 23: A movie that makes you laugh.

I swear I hate how this is so difficult. A good movie, I think, has to make you feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster (an expression I love to use), and I find that Disney and Pixar love to use that particular formula on us, pulling at our heartstrings, and all that. A movie that made me laugh a lot was probably…

The Emperor’s New Groove! Yeah! YES! That’s right, this movie I’ve talked about a lot already, but I’m going to nominate it, because quite frankly, it was one of the most humourous movies that I’d seen when I was a kid. I mean, sure, Kuzco is one freaking selfish character, and I really disliked the way he was so arrogant and self-righteous. He wanted things and he needed them now. How did he run a country [again, as a kid, I never really questioned it in those words and in those sentences, but I still felt that confusion]?!

The characters, I thought, were hilarious, and nicely portrayed. Even the children in the movie – Pacha‘s kids – were amazing in the way that they were written and portrayed as so intelligent, especially, I think, compared to the other children their age and I like to think that was really a result from seeing and interacting with their smart, communicative, honest [Pacha doesn’t tell his wife exactly why Kuzco wanted to see him though…], trusting [you’ve gotta be trusting to let your children be running around in the forest and setting traps for your husband’s ‘nemesis’ to fall into and thus, saving your husband in the process while still letting them have fun? I don’t know, I’m not making much sense because I’m tired] and loving [have you seen many couples in Disney who are still together and who have this many children? I don’t know, my tired brain cannot think of many, because tons of Disney stories begin with orphans (or children who become orphans)] parents.

They also worked with the fourth wall and man, they did well, especially with Kuzco and Kronk! At the time, I believe that there really weren’t that many movies from Disney who used fourth wall breaking. It was absolutely hilarious [especially the way they parodied so many of the things Disney had previously done! And other things that other viewers could relate to [WRONG LEVER, KRONK, honestly, I would mistake the right level all the time…]].

Yzma is a hilarious villain and Kronk was an extremely funny minion to her. They counterbalanced well, the way Pacha and Kuzco balance each other as friends. I love how Kronk was so popular that he even got his own movie, right? I mean, Kronk was meant and hired to be an evil henchman, but for some reason, Yzma acquired a very capable man [he can kidnap an emperor, poison him, sing his own theme song, cook much better than me…], but who was sort of incapable of doing much evil [I mean, he’s sort of too… naive for that, right?].

Kuzco and Pacha are another duo I loved to watch interact in the movie. From having a peasant and emperor relationship [where one was being seriously down-powered and being pushed around by the other], to reluctant allies [where they had to climb out of a cliff using each other’s abilities and then, working together to ‘de-throne’ Yzma], to fake gay couple [hahaha, well this is just one small moment when Kuzco disguises himself as a woman?], to friends [where Kuzco changes his mind about Pacha‘s home mountain, and coming over to his house from time to time, especially after and/or before his school days [let’s not talk too much about this particular cartoon series that Disney has made, because I was slightly pissed off at how it sort of… still made Kuzco appear in the arrogant/selfish despite his first movie; but I also understand this: even though he went through one huge redeeming adventure, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to change one’s character, so it’s a good thing that Pacha is still around in Kuzco‘s life, so that he can keep him on track]], that was a huge development, especially for the titular character.

All righties,
This post ended up being only one entry,
But I think it sums up well what I’m thinking at this very moment.
So it’ll have to do.
See you all tomorrow!
Ponyta’s out  


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