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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 24)

by on June 24, 2016

June 23rd, 2016

Howdy, all!
I trust this post finds you in a good shape and health? Tomorrow is a “special day” for the French Canadians here in Quebec (do I count as a French Canadian? Or am I just an ‘allophone’ as they used to call them? So many questions… so little time…), because it’s… like an independence day of sorts? I’ve lived here my whole life, and I’m not quite sure myself, but anyways, have a great St-Jean, people! I hope to finish this today so that I can play have Friday Game Day with Munchlax and maybe with Bayleef. On to today’s post:

Day 24: A movie that makes you cry

I’m trying really hard not to name the movies that you already know, and that are underappreciated by many fans? That means that obviously, Leafeon‘s suggestion: Tarzan [I mean, seriously, Tarzan‘s father figure, Kerchak, happens to perish?! And then, he leaves Tarzan with the one thing that Tarzan has sort of aspired to be… the position of leader of the tribe, thus proving to Tarzan that he really did respect and love Tarzan, in his own way, even though he was so judgmental or… very hard on his adoptive son, in order to make him a better ‘ape’…], isn’t going to be here, and… Dumbo [it was really sad to see how he was separated by his mother, Mrs Jumbo, but while this movie gripped me with that sad scene, the drug scene really made me feel uneasy, and I’ve probably already talked about it: THE DRUGGED/ALCOHOLIC SCENE. I was traumatized by this…], I think, won’t be there… or Treasure Planet, because, I probably already told you, but one of the children at the daycare cried when she watched that movie. It’s a touching movie! But I already talk about it way too much.

No, I think this one’s the time that I’ll mention this movie (what a surprise, because it’s one of my favourites too (actually, so many movies I’ve watched from Disney and other studios, I love))… It’s The Fox and the Hound!! If I recall, there’s a bunch of scenes in this movie that are so heart-wrenching. There is, according to my best friend Wikipedia, a sequel to this movie, which I’m not sure if I’ve watched. I need to find out more information about it, but first of all, let’s finish this post. This movie [based on a book, actually?! I need to acquire it and maybe read it… but I’m not sure I want to, especially if I’m going to be crying] tells the story of friendships… or… maybe… maybe we can talk about ‘types of love,’ rather.

There’s the titular relationship, of course, between the Fox and the Hound, but we’ll talk about it afterwards, we’ll start with the underrated one here: the relationship between the lady, Widow Tweed, and her friend, Tod.
…All right, arguably, because she took him in at such a young age after his own mother died, she could be his adoptive mother [at least perhaps that’s how he sees her, but… I mean, I guess it depends on how you look at it: if you adopt a dog, do you consider yourself its master or do you consider yourself its mother? We often call Leafeon as Eevee‘s mother, because she’s the one who mainly takes care of him, so I don’t know…]. At any rate, as her name mentions it, Tweed is a widow who is, no doubt, quite lonesome in her house, living by herself. When she discovers him as a young and abandoned fox, she immediately takes him in, takes care of him and names him Tod. When she realizes, after a certain incident (I’m not going to reveal it, even though I’ve probably spoiled a bunch of stuff if you haven’t watched the movie yet), that Tod isn’t safe with her anymore, she knows that she has to depart with him. It was one of the most poignant scenes, because Tod doesn’t wish to leave her side, but he has to, because she’s driving away. He feels so lonely and she knows. Not only that, but she’ll be the one moving back into loneliness as well. It was just… it still is quite something, when you think about it. I guess… this shows If you love something, you have to let it go (for its sake).

I can talk about the love between Copper and Slade (the hunter and who is the neighbour of Widow Tweed) and Chief (his older hunting dog), which is rather cute as well. Chief‘s tragic scene was also really poignant, because you just knew that he was so important for Copper, as a mentor, and all that. The heartbreak displayed in here, because Copper is the one who is torn between his friendship with Tod and his duty to his family (and his family), Slade and Chief.

And there are plenty of other relationships, like the romance between Vixey and Tod, but you already know about romance. There’s gonna be romance anywhere. Nah, I’m going to talk about the ‘unlikely’ friendship between the fox and the hound (TM). The movie builds up so much about the friendship between these two. They play outside together as children, and they learn many lessons about the forest and other things together. However, despite all of this, after this one incident, they realize that the two of them cannot be friends as they were, they shouldn’t have friendships (it’s a Romeo and Juliet sort of thing, but… a la bromance). It was just so sad, and as a child, I couldn’t conceive a reason as to why the two of them would turn on one another as they did in the movie [as a child dressing up and masquerading as an adult though, I totally understand it, and the scenes are just as poignant. Why?! you ask. Why, it’s because it’s tragic how accurate the relationship between these two fictional animals/friends has resemblance to the history of our own friendships]. And the fact that, despite all of their differences, they overcame the obstacles and stayed as friends made the movie that much more tear-jerking.

…for me anwyay.

What are your thoughts?

I’m going to have to stop here for now!
See you all later!
Ponyta’s out (I think it means hentai? So the emoticon is running away from hentai?) XD


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  1. The amount of Disney movies that have escaped me…. xD

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