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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 26)

by on June 26, 2016

May 12th, 2016

Hello there, everyone!
So, how’s it going? How’s the summer been treating you? I hope the answer is something positive, haha, I really, sincerely do hope so. Anyways, we are nearly at the end of the 30 Day Disney Challenge! How excited are you?! *raises hands and waves them around* FOUR MORE DAYS TO GO, and then I can work on my 30 day Sailor Moon Challenge for the month of August.

It’s great.

Everything is great and I don’t actively wonder why I’m doing this when I’m so tired and exhausted from work when I open my computer to work on this…

Day 26: Saddest Death

Some people might nominate Mufasa (from Lion King, of course)’s death, and you know what, I would agree. Mufasa may have been a jerk to his brother (we don’t know how their relationship really was even though there was a few encounters in the first movie?), but to me, he seemed like a very good father, protective of his son and going as far as sacrificing himself for his progeny’s well-being (although, I mean, he probably thought that he should preserve the family line and that his death would be for the greater good of his bloodline rather than his love for his child… I don’t know how animal instincts go though, and maybe the two things can really be considered the same, so… you know…). It’s significant and poignant to a child’s brain when he or she sees that particular scene.

**May 21rst, 2016 Update: It was for me, anyway, it will revealed to me later on this month by Bayleef that she doesn’t remember as much of this movie as… most of us do.

However, that’s not the saddest death I’ll be talking about. Because I cheat and made you read through one.

One of the saddest death scenes I’ve had to witness in my childhood, via animated movies, of course, would probably be in The Black Cauldron, when this one man-ape (he was very cute, due to his knowledge and due to his inability to comprehend even the simplest things that I knew as a child, even though he was slightly annoying to the protagonist (and oftentimes, to me as well, I have to admit. I mean, as a child, even I could understand certain things like how to help out a friend, and everything, so how can this creature not understand enough to know how to help Taram (another pretty good protagonist from back in the day, by the way [Day 5])?!)) sacrificed himself to save his friends.

It was because, throughout his escapades with the protagonists [some of them due to his mistakes, mind you], he’d felt useless and he’d made terrible mistakes as well. He’d never really had friends and because he finally found them, he’d been very adamant about keeping them alive, even though that implied that he would need to die for that. Of course, all these feels are for nothing, because Gurgi successfully sacrifices himself and is brought back to life because of the powers of Cinema and Disney and Fairy Tales. I wouldn’t have minded for him to have completely vanished, because man, Taran, our protagonist, needed to be taught a lesson about caring for his friends while they are still alive.

With all of this being written out,
Even though it makes less than 1k,
I guess I’ll take my leave!
See you all tomorrow!
ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ Ponyout! ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ


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