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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 28)

by on June 28, 2016

May 22nd, 2016

Salutations, all!
How are y’all doing? The end of the month of June is drawing near, and you know what that means! The end of this challenge as well! Don’t worry though, I shall return with another 30 day challenge [this time, it’s the 30 day Sailor Moon Challenge, that’s right]… in August… or maybe in September… I haven’t quite decided yet even though I already wrote and scheduled a few posts…

Day 28: Your favorite theme park.

So are we going to start a debate on whether or not we’re good fans of Disney if we’ve been to theme parks? Because man, most theme parks are hella far from where I live [in Canada], so that means planning for living expenses, the flight tickets, and the tickets for the attractions themselves… and I’m not planning to go anywhere in them because, well if I have money, I’d rather go back to my country of origin and visit my family. And also, why go to the United States (I mean, South Canada) if I have the money to go visit Japan, or South Korea, or Greece?

At any rate, I don’t have a favorite theme park mostly because… well simply because I am not as seasoned a traveller as many people. However, I did go to a theme park before… I’m just not sure which one… and also I’ve already spoken about it in Day 30.

Don’t worry though, I’m not going to leave you dry at less than 250 words [although… despite that, I really only have one entry for today, so it’ll still be pretty short a post]! I’m just going to change the prompt:

Day 28th: Theme Park You’d like to go to

I’ll have to choose the ANIMAL KINGDOM theme park! It is going to be my choice, of course!

I mean… the idea of going through the Wild Africa Trek is pretty interesting from the pictures I’ve seen. I mean, there are zoos over here, but just stop and imagine for a second the adventures you can have [and you are the one trekking, it’s not like you’re in a car and driving through, right?]. Also, the animation on these official tours must be pretty different [as in they probably tie in these animals to the movies that are related to them, right? For example… the elephants, they’d probably talk about Dumbo or the elephants from Tarzan, etc.? I’m probably projecting my ideal of what the Animal Kingdom should be like].

The Affection Section isn’t a new concept to me, but hey, petting goats and animals are always something that’ll win for me, because animals [I am sure there are some guardians or something who are surveying the operations so that no animals can be harmed… (yes, my priorities are so straight kids<animals for some reason)]!! There’s even a place with dinosaurs [there are so many educational activities that are just waiting to happen there, and are probably happening there as I write this, especially – probably – at the Boneyard, where the children are free to roam and are encouraged to become young paleontologists themselves]?!

All right, I’m done for today!
See you all tomorrow!
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