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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 29)

by on June 29, 2016

June 25th, 2016

How’s it coming along? I hope you’re doing good! Today, I made a huge boo boo… I was supposed to finish writing and scheduling these posts, so that I could start on August’s 30 day Sailor Moon Challenge, but… I started being interested in a Korean drama (it’s been awhile since I’ve been interested, all right?! Despite all of Leafeon‘s encouragement, it’s been difficult). At any rate, because I really need to get at least this and half of the other challenge done, let us start:

Day 29: Your favorite theme attraction

I’ve told you all that I have only been to one theme park, and I don’t even remember which one it was, because I was so young (or forgetful, that is a reality too). I’ve told you in Day 28 and Day 30 that, and I already spoke about how I liked the theme park called Animal Kingdom, because of animals. I also talked about the attractions that interested me in there, too. So I’ll change today’s post:

Day 29: The theme attractions you want to go to

To make this post different, though it will still be just as short, I guess, let us talk about another attraction that interests me?

It’s hilarious because in all the theme parks, the Magical Kingdom one is the one that holds the most attractions that interest me, even though I love the Animal Kingdom (despite having gone to basically none?). At any rate, from the Big Thunder Mountain Road (it’s basically a roller coaster, and while I don’t usually enjoy it, it looks pretty enjoyable) to the must-see Cinderella Castle (you know I’ve got to mention this one, because I’ve been raving about Cinderella the movie and about how I enjoyed her mentality (except maybe when it comes to choosing a man she’s never known?) of working hard to achieve your dream (except, I guess, if you’re beautiful and can get dressed with the help of animals, that… that will get you far enough in life that you can also have a fairy godmother and a prince at the end of your tale I’m kidding, you know I still love the movie)) to the Jungle Cruise (REALLY?! Yeah?! They have animals in here too?! In the Adventure Land of the Magic Kingdom, apparently. And it’s a slow ride?! I like that, it’s safe)…

And then there’s the very important Circle of Life (you know how much I enjoy the environment?! Well, according to the information details on this attraction, Simba teaches Timon and Pumbaa that the environment is an important thing, and that you can’t just Hakuna Matata your life through without caring for the environment, or there’d be a bunch of ugly repercussions for everyone. PREACH IT, SIMBA! PREACH!)… I hope this attraction is popular…

…and don’t get me started on the Pirates of the Caribbeans

Meanwhile, in another theme park, Epcot (?), there’s the O Canada! showcases (all right, you know I’m Canadian, I cannot NOT mention this one, I just hope they don’t make our home and native land the butt of their jokes all the time… COME ON, ‘murica! But no joke: I wonder what we did to deserve such a beautiful exhibit? Like… did we win a bet of some kind? (haha ok, I’m joking, we’re awesome) I also hope this attraction is popular) and there’s also the attraction of Sea Turtles – Disney Animals [I have no idea what goes on in there, but they say they help sea turtles?! And monitor the eggs and help them reach the sea/ocean where they can live their lives?! I totally love that!! It’s a good cause. I love sea turtles and they’re an endangered species, I believe, so if Disney‘s really helping them out? I encourage us to go to that attraction?].

All righties,
That’s all out of me today!
See you all tomorrow, for our last ever post!


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