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30 Day Disney Challenge (Day 30)

by on June 30, 2016

March 30th, 2016 

Hello there everybody!
How’s it going?! Today is the last day of the 30 day Challenge, and I hope that you’ll have endured me well! At any rate, I currently don’t have any idea of what our next challenge will be. In that case, it means that you’ll all have at least one month after this month (June 2016) to rest from my rants! Haha, without further ado, let us start today’s post:

Day 30: Your favorite theme park show

It seems like we’ll have to finish this 30 day challenge with a short post, because wow. I remember that my family and I went to Florida – or was it California? – and went to Disney world – or was it Disney land?! – once [probably the one in Orlando, but I must say that I may have been too young to remember (you know I have a horrible memory, even though I’m pretty sure that it was probably when I was eight years old… probably)]. But that was when I was pretty small, and believe it or not, the only things I remember are the following:

1) I had Mulan running shoes, which I got signed by a nice lady who worked as the character [was it Mulan [duh, because man she’s amazing and awesome and still awkward and takes advice from a dragon…] or Cinderella? Those two were some of my favourite princesses… for reasons I’m pretty sure I’ve explained many times before, so I’ll stop myself right there…]. Since then, of course, I lost my shoes [and I outgrew them, so…]. That was a bummer, because I cherished them quite a bit [I personally blame having to move from city to city… we had to throw away tons of stuff…]. Back in the day, Mulan and Pocahontas were “princesses” I related to very much, because they were not “the conventional” princesses, and could fight and ride horses. I like horses (hence the horse-on-fire pseudonym). or maybe I just liked them because I liked them, and there’s no conspiracy about how Disney is trying to brainwash us into becoming a certain type of “female character”.

2) Flareon, my little sister, got lost while we were lining up to go to through the amusement park. And we had to sit somewhere while my dad and my uncles went to find her. It was a long wait but it was still fun to see the people there. I am going to find that picture again and I’m going to redraw it so that you can see [Update: I’ve found the picture and on it, it was actually Leafeon that was getting lost, but I know that it was Flareon that got lost…].

At any rate, for those specific reasons, I have no recollection of going to Disney park theme shows [it’s even a wonder that I even remember ever going to Florida, to be honest, except for the photos and the fact that I now have a permanent tan]. However, I’ve seen a few shows online [Tumblr is a great way to finding these things, especially around “The Force Awakens” time. I remember seeing this and sharing it to Mewtwo, asking her if this was her future child (it will be)] and let me tell you that there was this one Star Wars show in which there was a Jedi Instructor who taught children how to wield a light saber. During the show [wait, was it a show if the children were taking part? I guess this shows just how much I know about shows, right?], Darth Vader appeared and challenged the children. The instructors told the children to stand back. However, one courageous kid Padawan knocked down Darth Vader’s light saber and the villain was so shocked he walked off, sending his Stormtroopers against the small child, who kept fighting them off anyway. That was one of the best moments I’d ever seen in a video of a show. It was totally improvised, too. Wow. You know, that means his parents probably taught him to hate on Darth Vader and taught him how to sword fight (or he self-taught, through play), for that particular moment: for the moment that he meets the person who ruined Padme’s life (or something).

Munchlax was all: “oh yeah, that’s right, Disney owns Star Wars now, so there’s a show about that“. Yep. I don’t know if there are any other Disney shows that I’ve ever known about, except for the Pirates of the Caribbeans one, but… yeah. No.

All righties,
I guess this is all for this month!
What about you? Have you ever been to Disney World?
I’ll see you next Quiz post, or next 30 Day Challenge!
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