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30 Day Sailor Moon Challenge (Day 2)

by on August 2, 2016

April 27th, 2016

Hey y’all,
How’s it going on this beautiful second day of the 30 day challenge? I’m maintaining a pretty good advance, I would say, right? So without further ado, let’s talk about the second prompt we’ve got:

Day 2: Favourite character when you were younger

My favorite character when I was young was Sailor Jupiter, because man, I really wanted to know how to cook and how to be just as strong as she was and then, coming close second, was Sailor Neptune, because she was amazing and awesome [but more on those two later, I guess, as there will be plenty of prompts in this 30 Day challenge that will include these two…]. And especially since I already spoke about them in my Day 3 (that’s right, I still do these in the most wrong of orders), I decided that I should talk about a character I actually pretty much liked when I was a kid, but sort of outgrown her a little bit.

Just a little bit. Maybe not just a little bit.

Have you guessed who it is?

Sailor Moon.

I feel like perhaps this will probably one of the only times that I’ll nominate Sailor Moon, haha. As a youngster, I guess it would be great to chalk my admiration for the character as because she was a main protagonist and it is true that she was and that my adoration really was based off that [after all, I guess, who doesn’t at least love the main protagonists? The fact that they are the main heroes or heroines make it that much easier for us to like them – or hate them, if we’re critical thinkers. I was not a critical thinker back in the day… and I don’t think I am right now either, hahaha]. It could also be because of the reason that she got the main guy, I guess [but man, do NOT get me started on how I don’t like Tuxedo Mask anymore and how undeserving of my love he is/was back when I was a child. Do get me started on how bad it is that marketing and today’s society still tries to convince us – and successfully in my case when I was a child – that we have to look forward to having a relationship with The Man (or The Significant Other, if we’re going to talk about more current terms that will include everyone. Also, it really sucks that only the main character had a “happy love story with a dude that everybody – especially villains and Sailor Mars? – wanted to acquire for themselves). You can be happy with or without a relationship, with anyone that you wish to be with (as long as it’s reciprocal), all right?].

But back in the day, I thought she was also pretty relate-able – except that I didn’t have the vocabulary to say something like that, of course. I like the fact that she was somewhat confident in her abilities. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I will anyway: I would probably have reacted the way she did when I first transformed. Back in the day, I thought it was nice that she was maturing into a good and effective magical girl [and again, this is probably just me thinking about it now, because back in the day, I would not have told you about these things in these words. I’d just have said: “I just like her”, haha]. She was sort of maturing at the same time as I was – except I was a kid, and she is apparently a teenager… and very arguably, I’m still not as mature as she was by the end of the series. I mean, man they were very active… especially in the manga… between her and Mamoru… cough my posts are more based on the anime than the manga, though so… at any rate, Sailor Moon has had many more “life” experiences at her age than I have at mine – and right now I am so old, haha (*cough* twenty *cough* something, *cough* for future *cough cough* references *cough*).

On an aside, though, I am sort of finding her somewhat relate-able now too. Especially with how I can understand that she can fail subjects – it was harder back then, because the school subjects when I was a kid were so easy it was difficult to imagine anything in high school being hard. I was mistaken. But that’s a story for another time. I also very much like the fact that she’s got such a great pep. Most of the time. I aimed to be as positive as possible. Of course, that was before I reached my teenager years and then, things got darker, but that’s not Sailor Moon’s fault, haha. And I can even understand the way she is so open about… reverse harems (I mean, if you had the chance to have a relationship with two hot guys – of course, we’re not gonna include my rant about Tuxedo Mask here). Even though she’s pretty monogamous in her more mature form, I totally understand the appeal, haha.

Anyways, it’s unfortunate that this Day 2 concludes with me sort of not cheating,
And also doesn’t have as much word count as I initially thought it might be,
but here’s where I will be leaving you.
See you tomorrow!!
Ponyta’s done.


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