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30 Day Sailor Moon Challenge (Day 3)

by on August 3, 2016

April 27th, 2016

How’s it going? This is the third day, and I still feel like I’m pretty good to continue to talk to you about these. Here’s the prompt for this day:

Day 3: Favourite character recently

I’m personally so set into the ways of my childhood [meaning, and Charmander and my other friends will attest to this, if you haven’t noticed it already: I don’t like change] that I still love Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Neptune the most. That’s right, this is TOTALLY a repeat from yesterday’s post, except I’m probably gonna try and vary what I say…?

I nominate the first – Sailor Jupiter – for her strength and amazing cooking skills, making her one badass and unconventional young woman [and when I say “unconventional,” I mean of the conventions of back in the day? Because nowadays, like back then, I think there shouldn’t have been any ‘conventions’. We are all alike and all different and that’s fine, right?]. I think I also… and that was more of a superficial thing I liked as a child: the rose earrings she had. I really liked them, haha. The only thing I didn’t like so much was that they made her so obsessed about that one sempai she loved. It was like a weird and stupid catch phrase, like a strong female character (let’s not forget that she has her superstrength even BEFORE she transformed into her superheroine self) like she is could not help but be romantic and be fixated on her ex.

But, you see, at the same time, I totally understand the duality of being what society dictates as “masculine” and “feminine”. As a horse on fire with a manly voice, no romantic interests at my age of 25 [and only sometimes feeling the pressure to get one] and with a love for romantic novels [despite not really being romantic], it can be pretty difficult to decide what I am [actually, it’s really quite easy: I’m a living contradiction: horses should not survive while on fire]. So I cut Makoto Kino (and the writers) some slack, and I continue to love the fact that the character is badass and works towards accepting herself as a person – as all teenagers are supposed to do. Again though [and I’ll have to repeat myself throughout these 30 days], I think that most of my memories about Sailor Jupiter – as with all the other sailor scouts and their storylines – really stem from the 90s cartoon more than they do from the manga which, while I read all of them, did not stay in my memory as much as their anime counterpart did – and even then, I don’t remember that much either -, so I’m not sure if her sempai-crush ever was resolved…

On the other hand – and this may be a statement on how contradictory I am – I admire and love Sailor Neptune for her calm [I guess her intuitive mind made it that much easier for her to anticipate things, and thus, be calm about it? Perhaps? I mean yeah, of course, she’s not always calm, especially in times when she fights or when she is going to lose Sailor Uranus or the others, right?], serenity and femininity [she’s really pretty, and she knows how to play on it? I think anyways, I don’t remember much of everything, all right?!]. I also admired how she could play the violin, which is funny because I’m more of a pianist than I am a violonist. Jolteon is the violonist in our Eeveelution family, but her violin definitely does not sound the same as Michiru’s does.

But, I also love this particular sailor scout for how badass she is: I mean, her powers are amazing [POWER OVER WATER/OCEANS?! Like… I know that this was also Mercury’s powers, sort of, I don’t remember the specifics of the differences between their powers at the moment that I am writing this, but on Earth, where there’s TONS of water, her powers are amazing], and I love her strength in the presence of danger. You’ve gotta admire that in characters, no? Even though I don’t think I would be able to withstand much of the pressure that are on the shoulders of these sailor scouts. Not only that, but I seem to recall that she was really badass and fierce when it came to protecting Haruka (Sailor Uranus – aka her lover) from harm [or performing and finishing her own mission, although I believe that while Uranus was the one between them to be the most focused on their missions, Sailor Neptune was the one who doesn’t care as much about the fate of the world, especially since it’s a world where Uranus wouldn’t be in. She would sacrifice that world. It’s just… so beautiful]. I also like how tragic their first arc sort of was [it’s also pretty sad to consider that they are also pretty much used for the same goal: defecting and then returning, but almost always dying in each other’s presence? I mean… what with the last moments when they found the talismans hidden in themselves, and then trying to protect the other sailor scounts by committing treason (again?) in order to get powered up and betray Galaxia – again, IF I recall correctly].

I really have to stop gushing about these two,
because you’ll be hearing about them later during this challenge.
I guarantee it, haha.
See y’all later! 
Ponyta’s out 



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