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30 Day Sailor Moon Challenge (Day 4)

by on August 4, 2016

May 13th, 2016

Hey there everybody!
How’s it all going? I’m doing all right. I had my last appointment with the dentist in… awhile, hopefully… and, well… I am still working a lot… but hey, I just bought my tickets to see X-Men Apocalypse in a couple of weeks, with Bayleef. I cannot wait, haha. But more to the point: let’s begin our prompt of the day:

Day 4: Best friendship

For this particular prompt, when I read it, it made me think about how I want to talk about Naru Osaka and Usagi Tsukino, because at first, I really wanted my friendships to be the way they were. Especially in the first few episodes. I mean, while Naru was one of the average/smart students – well especially compared to Usagi, that is – she still stuck with her friend, she’s romantic and she’s very nice and protective [I guess it’s too bad that despite their friendship, Usagi couldn’t tell her best friend who she really is and why she does when she abandons her best friend on a date or on something they plan to do together… because man that creates such a rift in a friendship]… and similarly, Usagi is also pretty protective of her friend, and cares a lot for her.

But then… and you’ll probably often hear me talk about this: the deeper Usagi got into her Sailor Moon persona and into her Princess Serenity maturity, she began to pull a little bit further away from her original best friend: Naru Osaka. I mean, it may just be me, and it may just be the fact that I can’t remember much of the anime OR the manga. But to me, Naru was really pushed to the sidelines when it comes to her appearances and how relevant she was in Usagi Tsukino‘s life later on.

I mean, Sailor Moon has these intergalactic fights. The last thing on her mind – probably – is not going to be about her tests or on how her human friends are hooking up – or hooking up with Nefrite for that matter. Oh. Actually I have to skip the beginning of this rant for following reason: I already talk about it in another post which I already scheduled.

I could also talk about how Sailor Mars‘ relationship with Sailor Moon is pretty all right? Especially if you think about how, despite the fact that they bicker a lot and they insult each other a lot… and how Rei was sort of going out with Mamoru at some point, too [oh, lemme reiterate the point: THIS IS BASED ON MY MEMORY OF THE ANIME, SO MAYBE WHAT I’M SAYING IS WRONG and I’m too tired and have no time to look up all of my information]? Despite all of that, Rei will protect Usagi Tsukino with a really fierce determination and even goes as far as sacrifice herself, killing not one, but two big bads in one episodes in order to let Sailor Moon fight Queen Beryl (yes, most of my examples come from the first season, but man, my memories about the later ones are fuzzy at best, but I know the same thing kind of happened the same way when they went against much stronger foes, like Sailor Galaxia, for example) that may tell you just how much she values the Moon Princess’ presence or friendship or… state of being…?

Like my friend Munchlax, though, I won’t nominate this, because I thought maybe Mars was portrayed in the anime as… a bit of a mean girl? And while yeah, for a few episodes in every arc, there’ll be at least a few moments in which Rei will show her affection – and as a person who doesn’t like to show that much affection? maybe? I sort of understand that and admire that – I don’t know if I liked Rei‘s character towards Usagi that much. I mean, she does care for her [going so far as sacrificing herself and reassuring her… and giving up on her relationship with Mamoru? I think? Again, I dunno] but “bullies” mistreats her in their every day encounters? I don’t know. I think that throughout the series though, their relationship may have matured a lot more, and I really liked that – thus the mention into this post.

The friendship I’ll be talking about, then, is about Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter. I guess I’m probably never going to go at least one day without mentioning Sailor Neptune or Sailor Jupiter, but there it is. It’s just so fun to see the smaller, intellectual Ami Mizuno helping out the taller and much brawnier Makoto Kino in her studies, or seeing them interact was nice. Come to think of it, seeing any of the Sailor Scouts interact well between each other was a treat, because man, Sailor Moon values friendships – too bad it’s only with the people who have powers and who share her adventures with her – almost as much as romance (maybe she should value it more, but then again, when you know that your boyfriend right now will be your husband/king in the future and that you’ll have a daughter in the future and that villains are planning to take over your kingdom by trying to kidnap or brainwash your bae, it’s sort of difficult to focus on your friendships, I guess… Man this is why I really like the Pretty Cure series much more… though then again, lately they’ve been going on the route of Omg only our leader can fight the big bad (sort of like Sailor Moon) and not with our help because man she’s so amazing she can even fight him all by herself. All this talk about friendship and ‘united we stand’ b@llcr@ap doesn’t really mean anything).

And there’s really plenty of friendships to go around… Sailor MiniMoon and Sailor Pluto… and the other sailor scouts together… it’s really difficult to choose one, but I like the contrast between these two and how well they support each other as a whole, dancing with each other, because why the heck not… helping each other out with boy troubles, or even just both being the “motherly” figures to their group of friends, but in their own ways [which I guess goes to show to Rei Hino that there’s not just being mean in friendship? I dunno. You also gotta be supportive… and all that. I remember talking to Growlithe – or maybe it was with Munchlax – about how in many girl groups, sometimes, girls just naturally assume certain roles – the role of the “mother” of the group is not a new concept, I think, and we can see it in the Sailor Scouts’ group… and I’d add that friends often rotate the “motherly” role too? There may be one person who’s overall more motherly, but other friends can display their motherly side as well? Note: in our high school group, Pidgeot was our mom].

And with all this being said,
I’m probably gonna have to let you guys go now.
See you all tomorrow for Day 5 of our exciting 30 day challenge!
Gif Sailor Moon Ponyta’s done Gif Sailor Moon 


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